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Summary: James doesn't go after just Renee but Charlie as well they are warned by Victoria seconds too late to do anything tragedy strikes not once not twice but three times leaving Bella broken will a werewolf imprint be just what the doctor ordered?

Warning: Rape, Attempted Rape, Character Deaths, Swearing, mild Jacob Bashing and lots of severe Edward bashing.

Wow, this is going to sound bad. But, honestly, it will be easier to deal with your pain than face mine.

Bella's POV

It had been 3 weeks since my parents were killed 3 weeks since I was raped 3 weeks since I moved in with the Clearwater's. I have not been coping very good I snap at everyone aside from the Clearwater's I broke up with Edward soon after I was released from the hospital the hoovering was just too much I mean he just didn't get it even Emmett understood what I was going through it was like Edward just didn't care I remember the big temper tantrum he threw.


Leah had just dropped me off Rosalie and Alice met me on the porch.

"Edward has been getting on everyone's nerves with his constant 'woe is me' and his constant 'when is she going to call.' I was this close to asking Jazz to hit him with enough calm to knock him out."

"If you didn't know better you'd think he was the one that was raped." I spoke monotonously.

"True." Rosalie said.

The door opened and there stood a disheveled Edward his eyes were pitch black.

"You should go hunt." I said.

"That's alright I'm fine Bella your the one that's been on the mutts territory."

"Oh so your more worried about me being taken care of by my best friend then going to hunt so that I don't become your got damn meal huh yeah your priority is just awesome."

"Love I would never hurt you." Edward said.

"Sure Edward cause I trust your opinion still."

"What does that mean?" His eyes got darker.

I walked into the house ignoring him I sat down beside Emmett and Jasper who tensed then relaxed.

"You shouldnt sit beside Jasper he doesnt have that good of control." Edward growled out.

"I'd rather sit beside Jasper and Emmett then to be near you especially seeing as your looking mighty hungry right now." I snapped back.

"That's it your moving in with us those damn wolves have tainted you." Edward growled.

"The fuck I am! You dont own me Edward they've done a good job."

"They cant protect you!" He growled out.

"And you can? Cause you and your family did such a good job last time now i'm not blaming anyone but you and your family didnt protect me last time you didnt get there until it was too late James was able to kill my father right under your damn noses I was able to slip away from Jasper and Alice so dont...dont tell me what they can and cannot do when you cant do any better! Your this supposed mind-reader yet James was able to trick you supposedly."

"What do you mean supposedly?" Emmett growled.

"I mean if Edward was such a good mind-reader how is it that he assumed that James was going to just plain ole kill me? How come he didnt tell us that James never planned on simply killing me but raping me and turning me? He didnt know you could read minds so he wouldnt have felt the need to think anything other than his true intentions." I growled out.

"Edward would never allow someone to rape you Isabella." Carlisle said.

"I just dont believe that anymore I think Edward is the monster he claims to be and I think its time to end this would-be relationship cause it aint working for me anymore."

"Your...your breaking up with me?" Edward looked pained.

"Yes Edward Cullen I am breaking up with you I am tired of your games I am just done."

End of Flashback

He left and went to Alaska to think poor Edward getting dumped by a human.

"Are you hungry?" I look over to Seth he knows that i'm not a mean person but he still gets nervous that I am going to snap at him.

"I'll be down soon."

"Um okay and uh Sam is here and Leah really doesnt want to see him she wanted to know if you could send him away as quick as possible?"

"Yeah sure." I get up and walk down the steps i've been overly tired lately.

"Bella how have you been?" Sam asks.

"Like a billion dollars."

"Well um I just wanted to warn you that Edward is back as is a few of their cousins 4 females 1 male he is married to one of the females."


"Are you busy today?" He asked.

"Yes I am meeting with Victoria in Forks around 2."

"I don't think that's a good ideal." He growled.

"Good thing I didn't ask you what you thought was a good ideal."

"Didn't you learn your lesson about those type of people?"

"I think its time for you to go Samuel." I whisper out.

How dare he? I was raped and bitten and he throws it back into my face how dare he?

"I'm sorry Bella I didn't..."


"What's going on in here?" Harry asked he was followed by Old Quil, Billy and Sue.

"Me and Bella had a misunderstanding."

"No there was no fucking misunderstanding you implied that it was my fault that I was raped there is no fucking misunderstanding in that Samuel."

"Please Sam say you didn't?" Billy asked.

"I didn't mean for it to be misinterpreted into that I simply meant that some people are dangerous and need to be treated as such."

"But you said 'Are you busy today?' which I replied 'yes I meeting with Victoria at 2 in Forks.' and you said 'I don't think that's a good ideal' and I said 'Good thing I didn't ask you what you thought was a good ideal.' and you replied and I quote "Didn't you learn your lesson about those type of people?' which I took as you implying that it was somehow my fault that a man stronger than me raped me in my old ballet studio."

"Get out Sam and dont come back." Leah sneered coming all the way down the steps.

"Leah this has nothing to do with you." Sam said softly.

"Anything that has something to do with Bella has something to do with me especially when talking about the horror that she went through you don't understand what she went through and to an extent neither do I but you even less then I why are you so interested in Bella now anyways? Planning on leaving Emily now too?" Leah sneered.

Sam stormed out I walked over to the couch and sat down.

"I'll make you a plate." Leah said softly.


When Billy learned that it was a vampire that raped me and killed my parents and that I was bitten he was immediately interested in telling me shit about their legends werewolves who would have thought and Sam just happened to be the Alpha and I really disliked him at the moment I would hope that he wouldnt insinuate that it was my fault I was raped.

I havent met the other 2 Paul and Jared just Sam.

Carlisle didnt tell me until 3 days after I was attacked that Emmett had sucked the venom out of my arms I assumed it was Edward I wasnt told until a week later that they werent able to get it all out so they didnt know what would happened.

So for now I was living on borrowed time simply because I looked like someone's deceased love that they had killed.

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No one might have understood that Bella was indeed bit and Emmett did suck out the venom just not all of it she is still alive she is not dead so the next couple of chapters are possible and she can eat food even though there is venom in her blood and she does not smell like a vampire to the wolves either.