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April 2nd

Rose was rubbing my back while I lay on my side, cuddled up with a body pillow. Alice was massaging my feet.

"Any better?" Rosie asked, kneading her knuckles along my spine.

"No,." I answered honestly. I was so fucking uncomfortable. "But thank you for trying."

"Oh, I'm not giving up yet." She dug a little deeper and it did feel nice, although my back ached so badly I wasn't sure a rubdown was going to help.

"I want this thing out!" I cried. Eight more days until my due date but I was showing no signs of progress. The baby was perfectly content in its little cave. I was perfectly miserable. At my doctor visit shortly after the baby shower, I found out my blood pressure was a little high so now I was stuck on bed rest. Rose, Esme, and Alice had been taking turns watching over me.

The attic was complete, so Edward and Emmett had moved everything upstairs and included a small fridge within reach. My new room was a lot more cheery and didn't have grief hanging around it. Edward had plans to take over my old bedroom, but as far as I knew, he hadn't made the move official. When he didn't sleep in the recliner in my room, I was almost certain he was still sleeping on the couch. I wasn't sure; I hadn't been downstairs since I had been put in bed rest.

I scrunched my face in pain and both girls immediately stopped what they were doing. Braxton Hicks contractions had been bothering me quite a bit.

"I never want to get pregnant again." I complained as soon as the pain passed.

"Yeah, you forget that once you hold your baby. Trust me. I'm pretty sure I said that during each pregnancy and now I'm doing it again,." Rose said as she patted her stomach.. Alice and I both stared at her.

"Again? Jesus, Rose. You and Em are like rabbits." Alice rolled her eyes but she was clearly happy about being an aunt again.

"Congrats, Rose, although I think you are insane for wanting to go through this again." I squeezed her hand.

"I like babies. And I like making babies with Em." She was glowing. Except for Angie, she had amazingly easy pregnancies, even the twins popped out like nothing. She was a baby making machine.

I rolled over to my other side, trying to find something of a comfortable position. I was puffy and sweaty. I hadn't had a real shower in a week because it was too much effort. I was limited to sponge baths and every other day Alice washed my hair in a little tub.

"So, how are you and Edward doing?" Alice asked cautiously.

"Good. Things are good."

"Are you guys, like, officially dating now?"

"I don't know what we are. But it's nice. It's working." Edward and I had been taking things slow, and by slow I mean slow. We kissed maybe two or three times since that night in February. We held hands while watching TV—I , I liked to rest against his chest. That was as far as we had gotten. We liked to talk for hours. Moving out of the downstairs bedroom had made things easier. There were too many memories in that room. I wasn't allowing myself to let Jasper go, I was holding on to his ghost, and it was affecting my health. The baby's health.

There were still times when I missed Jasper so much it took my breath away but Edward understood. He gave me my space. I think sometimes it took his breath away, too. Edward went out one day and got Jasper's name tattooed over his heart. He said he would get the baby's name under it, whenever I decided what it was.

As soon as I stopped fighting it, I realized that it didn't feel wrong curled up against him. It didn't feel wrong to have his lips pressed against my hairline or his arm draped around me.

"Hey! I'm home!" I heard Edward's voice call from downstairs. A smile spread across my face and for a brief moment, I felt relaxed. He stomped up the stairs quickly. "Hey, sis., Llittle sis." He greeted his sisters and sat down next to me on the bed. "Hey, you,." hHe whispered in my ear. "You doing okay? I brought you some ice cream." Edward pulled out a pint of the Stephen Colbert Ben and Jerry's ice cream and instead of handing it to me; he pressed it against my lower back. The cold felt nice against my aching back but it was short lived. He stuck the ice cream in the little freezer section of the mini fridge.

"The doctor is coming to see how you're doing this afternoon,." Edward announced.

"I don't have an appointment today."

"Dad said he was a little concerned about something he noticed when him and my mom visited the other day. So he scheduled one." My doctor, Dr. Greene, was a friend of Carlisle's and he delivered Rose's babies. I believe he delivered all the Cullen children, including Jasper. He came to Jasper's funeral, too. He made home visits, which being from Seattle was a foreign thing to me but Esme explained it was quite normal for Dr. Greene to make house calls, especially to pregnant women on bed rest.

"Okay, did he tell you what he thought was wrong?" I asked, worried. Being bed-ridden I had Ggoogled too many things that could go wrong during the last trimester.

"No, but I'm sure it's nothing major." He said it in a reassuring way but he tugged on his damn spacer which was a dead giveaway. Rose saw it too, and she frowned. She reached out and gave my leg a squeeze.

"Do you care if we stick around for the appointment?" Rose asked, glancing towards Alice. "We want to know when you're gonna pop this thing out and we can stop being your personal slaves, right Alice?"

"Umm, yes. Yes! We want to know that." Alice and Rose were sending looks back and forth, communicating in a way only sisters would understand. That did not calm my nerves.

While we waited for the doctor, Edward took over rubbing my back while Alice told us some hilarious stories about a party her and Vic went to where some underage girls showed up but the people throwing the party gave them virgin drinks instead of mixed ones but failed to mention that to the girls.

"The one girl was running around in her underwear yelling, 'I'm so drunk!' and using that as an excuse to try and make out with like, half the women at the party. I wonder when she's going to realize she's a lesbian." We all laughed but it died when there was a knock on the door.

Edward went down to answer and quickly came back up with Dr. Greene following. He winked at Rose and ruffled Alice's hair, and asked how they were all doing as he set up. Edward refused to leave during the exam but was careful to only pay attention to my face.

"How long have your hands been swollen, Bella?" Dr. Greene asked as he drew some blood.

I flexed my fingers as I answered,. "I'm not sure. I stopped wearing rings a few months ago, because they were irritating my skin. Maybe few days?"

"Any headaches?"

"Nothing bad. Just an ache in my temples but my whole body aches, so I haven't though much about it. Is something wrong?" Fear tingled down my spine as I wrapped my free arm protectively around my belly.

"You may have preeclampsia, but I would need to finish some tests at the hospital to make sure." Before I knew it, big fat tears were rolling down my cheeks. He pulled a tissue out of his bag wiped them away. "Don't worry, Bella, it's not uncommon for a first pregnancy. Either way, I'm going to admit you today, and with luck we'll get that baby out tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" I grabbed on to Edward's arm, probably hard enough to leave marks.

"If you have preeclampsia, the baby needs to come out ASAP. If you don't, well it's clear that the pregnancy is becoming a hindrance, and I feel that if you were to go past your due date, other problems might evolve."

"Okay." My voice was so small.

"Do you want me to call for an ambulance?"

"No, I'll take her,." Edward offered. Dr. Greene nodded, and once Edward pried my fingers off his arm, he walked the doctor downstairs discussing my admission while Rose and Alice helped me pack a bag and get dressed.

"It's gonna be all right, B." The girls reassured me. I was shaking so bad, I couldn't brush my hair. and Rose did it for me, quickly braiding it so I wouldn't have to bother with it.

Edward returned and stretched out his hand to help me stand. "Ready?"



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