Prompt: Flowers

The flowers on his desk continued to befuddle him.

More often than not, he found himself staring at them, wondering what she was trying to do. When he'd posed the question to her as she held out a bouquet of flowers to him, she'd smiled. Maybe I'm trying to woo you, General.

The idea was preposterous, of course. Courting someone was an outdated idea, long ago left behind with old traditions and customs. Especially in a place such as Republic City. The Fire Nation, however, still clung to the old ways.

At that point, General Iroh usually found himself deep in thought whenever the flowers caught his eye, pondering old customs and why some things were let go. His men would come into his office, hesitating when they saw the furrowed brow of their General.

After a week of being distracted, he decided turnabout was fair play. She managed to fluster him, so it was only appropriate that he woo her back.