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Rose stood there shocked while looking at both Adrian and Sydney completely and utterly bewildered. Her mouth closed, but stopped as if she wanted to say something, but nothing came out.

"Were you two just making out?" She finally asked after a few moments.

Sydney unsuccessfully tried to cover her embarrassment while Adrian looked like nothing happened at all and they weren't just caught making out in between cell bars by his ex. In fact he looked the happiest she's seen him in a while.

"Why, yes, yes we were." He replied nonchalantly. "Now if you don't mind, we would like it if this stays between us three."

Rose put her hands out in surrender, "Hey, I'm the poster woman for secret and forbidden relation-"

"We are not in a relationship!" Sydney interrupted automatically. They both gave her a look, Adrian's seemed more of disappointment and Rose looked like she didn't believe it. "Well we're not."

"Well, whatever this is, it explains the jealous Sydney I met just a little bit ago."

"You were jealous? Really?" Adrian asked getting excited.

"No, not really, I was merely concerned for Dimitri's sake since Rose was spending so much time with you." Sydney said with her hands on her hips.

"Awe Sage! You were jealous. That's so sweet." Adrian said.

Sydney felt panicked she felt like the whole room was going to cave in she had to change the subject before her head exploded.

"So, Rose, good news Adrian agreed to plea Spirit Insanity." Sydney said trying to sound as business as usual as possible.

Rose could tell she wanted to change the subject so bad, which kind of sucked for her since she had about a billion questions she wanted to ask both of them. She saw the panicked look on Sydney's face and conceded with her change of subject.

"I'm sure you were very persuasive." She said with a playful glimmer in her eye.

Sydney rolled her eyes and said, "We better get going."

Rose started to say something but chose not to.

Then Adrian asked, "What no goodbye kiss?"

Sydney glared at him and left without saying a word.

Rose looked between both of them and finally turned to Adrian and said, "Good luck with that."

"Gee, thanks." Adrian said sarcastically with a grin Rose hadn't seen on him in a while.

Then Rose followed Sydney out of there.

Sydney walked out of the jail area and looked around lost.

"Oh, right. Where am I staying?" Sydney asked.

"Oh, with Dimitri and me follow me I'll show you the way." Rose said.

Sydney just nodded and waited for Rose to lead the way.

They walked for a little while in silence.

Then Rose stopped abruptly.

"Alright, Sydney, it's killing me."

"What?" Sydney asked.

"What do you mean what? You and Adrian!" Rose blurted out loudly.

Sydney quickly looked around. They were alone. It was the middle of the day but to Moroi it was night. No one was out.

"One, keep it down, you just promised you would keep this a secret and two there isn't a 'me and Adrian' and three I'm sorry if I broke the girl code or something."

"The girl code?"

"Well, I'm not that versed in relationships even between girl friendships but according to these two girls I hang out with back at school there are all of these rules of propriety when it comes to being friends and dating and there's one about girls not kissing their friend's ex-boyfriend. So I am sorry if I hurt your feelings."

Rose laughed and said, "Relax Sydney you didn't hurt my feelings. "

Sydney looked at her for a while seeing if she was telling the truth.

"Good." Sydney said ready to end the conversation and get to Rose's apartment.

Sydney started walking again but Rose kept her feet planted where they were, folding her arms stubbornly.

Sydney turned around annoyed as she saw that tough brunette was not moving.

"Rose, I don't know where you live. You have to show me the way."

"Nope, not until you tell me."

"Tell you what?"

"Quit playing dumb, Sydney! Tell me, how did that happen? Whatever that was."

Sydney sighed in frustration, her heart beating a mile a minute. "Fine, do you really want to know what 'that was'? It was a fluke! Nothing more than just being in a heat of the moment fluke. That's it. It was just a-"

"A fluke? Yeah you are already said that." Rose replied at her flushed and exasperated friend and gave her a soft smile. "Look, I may not know the story of how 'Sydrian' came to be, but I do know that that was a hell a lot more than some random kiss. First off, it's you Sydney, you don't have random 'flukes'. And second, I saw how jealous you were earlier, don't you dare say you were just trying to look out for him because I know you, and thanks to me seeing you guys have a good old fashioned jail make out session like there was no tomorrow, I can tell you guys both have feelings for each other."

"We do not have feelings-"

"Yeah, yeah, save it. Look, I know this is something foreign and incredibly scary for you, especially since your guys' forbidden love is like a hundred times worse than mine and Dimitri's." This earned a 'you're not helping' look from Sydney. "But Sydney you can talk to me. I know what it's like to keep a secret like that all to yourself. When I was secretly in love with Dimitri I felt so alone and desperately wanted to talk to Lissa about it or anyone really, but I kept it to myself and it really tore me up inside. So if you need someone to talk to, you can talk to me. If anyone gets it, it's me."

Sydney smiled, "Thanks, but I'm not secretly in loveā€¦"

Rose scoffed, "Right, and denial isn't just a river in Utah."

"It's Egypt." Sydney corrected.

"Whatever." Rose said.

"Can we just go please? I am jet lagged and I just want to get some sleep." Sydney pleaded.

Rose smirked and teased, "Can't wait to dream huh?"


"Do you and Adrian have some sexy Spirit Dream rendezvous?" Rose asked cooing.

Sydney looked at her appalled shaking her head at Rose's brashness. Spirit Dreams always freaked her out like most magic did. It felt her with dread. She remembered the time that Adrian had entered her dream and how she cuddled in the fetal position in a ball of fear it freaked her out that much. A lot has changed since then she wondered if it still would freak her out. It was one of those mysteries she feared. She knew that Adrian had appeared in Rose dreams when they were on the run and Rose would give her information. Then the horrible thought occurred to her.

"Why? Did you two have romantic Spirit Dream rendezvous?" Sydney asked.

Rose smiled mischievously she was about to say something and Sydney stopped her embarrassingly dreading the answer and said, "I can't believe I just asked that, please I don't want to know."

Rose laughed and said, "Of course you don't. Well, come on what are you waiting for? Let's get you settled in."

Sydney nodded and followed Rose to her and Dimitri's apartment.