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The post-lunch activities involved golfing, shopping, and dinner. Hank fought the first tooth and nail, his golfing abilities being less than superior, but it turned out that Evan had planned 'mini' golfing, far more the doctor's speed. The second dragged on far past Hank's enjoyment of the activity, but his brother was in his element and there was no stopping him.

Dinner meant a stop at the grocery store where Evan picked up the necessary ingredients to create a gourmet meal. Before long Hank was sitting on the couch watching a ball game. He'd offered to help with the cooking but Evan had flat out refused him. "You don't know the difference between a spatula and a spoonula," he'd said in a pained voice.

So Hank had settled in, content to let his brother do all the work. The doctor's phone hadn't rung since the incident with Olivia and he finally felt himself beginning to relax.

Dinner had been cooking for about half an hour when Hank got a text:

Clinic patient. Can you come?


Hank glanced over his shoulder where Evan was humming while happily ensconced in meal preparation before texting back:


"Mmm!" Evan groaned happily. "I love basil!"

Hank rolled his eyes and glanced back at his phone:

A couple stitches. No big deal.

Hank thought for a moment, debating with himself. Finally he texted once more:

Be there in 10.

He rose slowly and crept toward the stairs where he had set his bag. Picking it up, he turned around, and nearly fell over. Evan was standing two inches from him, arms tightly folded across his chest. "Where are you going?" he asked quietly.

"Just…out for a walk," Hank said, attempting to side step his brother.

Evan blocked his path, arms still folded. "With your bag?"

"Yes?" Hank replied, his voice indicating he knew he was caught.

"Put the bag down, Henry," the younger Lawson ordered. "Go on. Put it down."

Hank slowly lowered his bag to the floor as Evan pulled out his phone and dialed. "Hey, Divya. Yeah, Hank has something he needs to ask you."

Evan put it on speaker phone and held it out towards his brother. Hank reached for it and Evan pulled back. "No, no. Speak Henry. Don't touch."

Hank reluctantly leaned in toward the phone. "Hi Divya."

"Hi Hank. What's up?"

Hank looked up at his brother. "Go on. Tell her," Evan directed impatiently.

"Divya, Jill has a clinic patient who needs a few stitches. Do you think you could go over and take a look?"

"Sure! No problem!"

"Thank you Divya," Evan said loudly. "We'll text you the address. Buh-bye!"

Evan hung up and looked at his brother. "Do you not want to spend time with me? Because that's what I'm starting to get here."

"Evan, no," Hank sighed.

"If you didn't want guy's day you could have just told me," Evan said, going back into the kitchen.

"Evan," Hank followed him, "Ev, look, I'm sorry. I've loved guy's day. I just can't help…helping people."

Evan turned back with a heavy sigh, placing his hands on his brother's shoulders. "I know. You have a problem, Henry. And that's why I'm here. That's why we're having guy's day. So you don't spend all your time working."

"And I appreciate that," Hank said. "I really do Ev. And I promise to keep trying to be better."

"Good," Evan clapped his hands on the doctor's cheeks, causing Hank to wince. "Now go sit over there and relax. Dinner will be ready in twenty minutes."

It was after 11:00 when Divya stopped by. "Hey, sorry to interrupt," she said as she came in.

"Hey," Hank whispered, waving her over to the couch as he muted 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.'

Divya came around the corner and stopped, a smile playing on her lips. "You wore him out."

Evan was sleeping on the couch underneath a blanket, cuddled up against his brother's body. "He wore himself out," Hank replied with a smile. "How did the clinic patient turn out?"

"Six stitches and you have a follow up scheduled for Tuesday."

"Thanks," Hank said. "It really meant a lot to him, this guy's day stuff."

"I'm happy to help," Divya said. "Olivia's doing great, by the way. It was salmonella and she's responding to treatment as well as she possibly could."

"Good! I'm sure her mother is relieved."

"Definitely," Divya yawned. "Well I should probably get going." She studied the younger Lawson for a moment. "You know, he's almost ok when he's sleeping. So…quiet."

"You know I can hear you," Evan mumbled.

An amused smile crossed Divya's face. "Bye, Evan." She rolled her eyes at Hank. "Business as usual tomorrow?"

"See you at 8:00," Hank promised.

Divya let herself out, leaving the boys alone with Harrison Ford. "I can't move," Evan said, not even opening his eyes.

"Well you did have a busy day," Hank conceded. "Was it worth it?"


"Do you want to go to bed now?"

A snore was his only answer. Hank knew his brother would be sore in the morning if he slept on the couch, but there was no way the doctor was hauling him up the stairs. Instead he chose to disentangle himself from his brother's sleepy embrace, tugging the blanket a little higher over the CFO's chest. "Night Ev."

Evan grunted and rolled over. Hank smiled and turned off the light as he went up the stairs. It might not have been what he'd expected, but he had to admit, guy's day had been pretty fun.

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