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A Perfect World

Chapter 1:



That was definitely one way to describe Man's World, I thought to myself as I flew towards my quarters at the Themysciran Embassy. I had just finished my daily exploration and was in desperate need of a bath.

Ever since I decided to stay here in Man's World, I liked to go out each day and learn about the new society that I was living in, if there were no disasters or trouble, of course. And despite the fact I had been living here for 5 years already, I still felt as though there was so much to learn about this world. Different from Themyscira it certainly was, but this place has its own allure to it. Here, I felt I had a purpose, to promote peace around the world, where in Themyscira I just followed the orders bestowed upon me by my mother. I know that Man's world can be corrupt and unforgiving, but I felt I had a lot to offer here and I still have hope that I will accomplish my mission in spreading peace across the globe. And despite all its shortcomings, I felt that this new home had a lot to offer me as well.

Today, I actually got my first taste of coffee. It was amazing.

I was walking on the street searching for the latest phenomenon in Man's World that I could experience, while trying to ignore all of the people staring at me. Especially all the males. They seemed to look at me like I was a piece of meat. Disgusting.

I have no desire to be worshipped for my physical attributes. I believe that true beauty comes from character, not just physical appearances. Hopefully these people will learn that someday.

As I walked on the street, I saw a sign, green and vibrant, with what looked to be a lady on it. In its circular pattern, its letters read "Starbucks". For some reason, I felt the need to enter the store and find out what this place was. Upon entering, a delightful aroma encased my senses, exciting me to the discoveries I would make here. There was a short line not too far way and I decided to get in the back of it. While waiting, I noticed that, although there were foods on display, most of the customers decided to get beverages, then sit down and enjoy them with some friends. So, I decided to try a beverage. Finally looking forward again, I noticed the young woman in front of me. She was staring at me. This happens almost all the time, but I don't want the attention.

I'm here just trying to learn and experience new things, just like any other normal person. However, it seems that no one believes I want to be treated as normal, so instead they treat me like I am above them.

"Wonder Woman…" The lady in front of me said.

"Yes?" I responded, acting as polite as I could be.

"Would you like to cut in front of me?" She asked hesitantly, it seems as if she is in awe of my presence.

"No. Thank you for your offer," I told her. "But, I would like to wait in line patiently, just like you and everyone else."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive." I reaffirmed.

When it was my turn to order, I asked for their most popular drink. After paying, I was handed an iced mocha. It smelled fantastic, and brimming with anticipation, I took a large gulp. It was the most delicious beverage I had ever had!

"Mmmmmm…." It was sweet, chocalate-y, and it seemed to give me bundles of energy. After downing my first cup within minutes, I decided to get two more and call it a day.

Experiencing an iced mocha was definitely the highlight of my day. How could I have gone 5 years without having one?

Opening the doors to my quarters, I stepped in my room and took off my boots. Drawing a bath, I decided to turn on the T.V. and listen to the news.

It always helped to be caught up in what was going on with this country.

After my bath was ready, I stripped out of my armor and slid into the bathtub.

"Ohhh..." The bath felt so good.

Just as I was relaxing myself, the topic on the T.V. switched from politics to a Steve Trevor. To be more precise, the "sudden non-relationship" between one Steve Trevor and a certain Amazon Princess.

"Colonel Trevor!" One reporter exclaimed as Steve walked out of the liquor store, booze in hand.

Soon he was being recorded and photographed by two men, demanding answers.

"Drinking your blues away?" A cameraman in a Batman t-shirt asked. This reporter might have wanted to know if there was anything going on between his favorite Superhero and the hottest woman in the world.

"Oh, come on, guys. Not again. Go find a real celebrity." Steve snapped, clearly infuriated by the never ending questions and annoying reporters.

"You are a real celebrity, Colonel Trevor!" The cameraman shot back. "You're a super-secret agent. The world's liaison to the Justice League!"

"Forget that! He used to date Wonder Woman!" Another cameraman cried out. "Give us something juicy, Colonel! What was really going on between Superman and Wonder Woman? Or was it Batman and Wonder Woman?"

I heard a grunt as Steve, clearly angry, tried to push his way past the two reporters.

"Did you ever catch them, y'know, together? Is that why it ended?"

Done with this interrogation, Steve growled, "Get the hell out of my face!"

His only response was another inquiry, "How's it feel to get dumped by the hottest woman in the world?" Ouch.

I groaned aloud. How many times were they going to go on and on about a romantic relationship that never even started! Steve and I are just friends, and even though Steve wishes it were different, that was how it was going to be. We never even kissed. Not once! Not even one on the cheek! Yes, Steve was the first male I ever laid eyes on. Yes, he was kind. Yes he loved me. But the only feeling I have towards Steve are entirely platonic. Friends, nothing more. There never will be anything more.

I did feel sorry for Steve though. He clearly doesn't want the attention. But it was his fault in the first place. Instead of just ignoring the questions about him and I early on, he should have just stated the truth. We weren't together. Never were. A part of me feels like he never wanted to say it out loud and in public because he never wanted it to be true. I had known early on of his affections towards me. Maybe I should have just let him know from the beginning that we weren't going to be together. I sighed aloud.

It's such a shame. After our last few encounters, Steve and I drifted apart. I liked spending time with him, but I guess he couldn't handle being with me while not being with me.

A couple of weeks ago…

Steve and I were walking around in Washington D.C. since he decided it would be good to get some fresh air and talk.

We were walking next to each other when I saw two people in front of us, a man and a woman, walking the opposite direction holding hands. That action seemed odd to me, and like always, whenever I didn't know something I asked Steve.

I turned to him and wondered aloud, "Why are they holding hands Steve?"

"That's how some people show everyone else they're…together." He stated.

And without warning, he took my hand in his, rubbing my bracelet with his thumb.

Still confused, I asked, "What do you mean together? Do you mean together as in friends? Like you and I?"

"No," He proclaimed, slightly annoyed. "Together in the sense that they are dating, are attracted to each other, and want to have a future together."

This is awkward.

"Steve…" I began, as I slipped my hand out of his grasp. "You are a great guy, but you know coming from Themyscira, that I am not looking for a relationship. I'm sorry. I hope that you continue to be my friend."

I watched his face drop and couldn't bring myself to tell him that I wasn't attracted to him, that I saw him like an older brother.

Then he mumbled something about being late and needing to go. I watched as he walked away, angry with him for putting me in that situation, but mostly at myself for letting things get that far, and for not telling him the truth.

Sighing, I decided to fly into the air and think for a while. I always did love the feeling of sunshine on my skin.

I groaned again at the memory. Why didn't I just tell him then. Hera, it would have made things so much easier, and he wouldn't have misunderstood me. Now I feel as though he doesn't even want to be friends anymore. I haven't seen him since…

One week after the hand-holding incident…

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I picked up my communicator and placed it in my right ear, "Hello?"

"Diana. It's Steve," He sounded excited about something. "Listen, you wanna go walk with me around the White House? I don't think you've ever been there, and I could show you around."

He's right, I've never been there. I've wanted to see it for a while. But, I was just happy that everything seemed to be back to normal. Back to being friends. Back to him showing me around. We hadn't talked much after the "hand-holding incident" and I was beginning to worry that he would be upset with me.

Relieved, I answered, "Sure, I'd love to. What time?"

"How about at one o'clock? I'll swing by and pick you up."

"Wait, Steve…." I didn't want him to pick me up. "I can just..."

He hung up. Sighing, "Fly."

At one, Steve arrived at my door. He didn't bring any gifts, for which I was glad. I don't know how I would've reacted is he got me flowers and recited a cheesy line he heard.

We arrived at the White House and walked around for a bit. He explained to me the history of the landmarks. The one with Abraham Lincoln was very impressive. He must have been a great man.

As we walk down some steps, with the Washington Monument and the man-made fountain in front of us, Steve stopped.

"What's wrong?" I asked, wondering why he stopped walking so abruptly.

"Nothing," He replies. "At least not after this."

"Steve, what are you talking about?" I was suddenly nervous. He seemed to be really confidant, and I had a feeling that what he was going to say next would not bode well for me.

"Diana…angel…" He starts, "I know you told me Amazons don't want to be in a relationship with a man, but I think I could be an exception. Angel, I love spending time with you, and I want to make you happy. And I promise that if you give me a chance, I can do that. Diana, I love you. Just say it back and we can start our journey together."

I'm speechless. Stupid Diana. So Stupid. Should've told him last Week. Arrrgghh…so stupid.

I can't respond the way he wants me to, so I try to calm myself, and carefully choose my next words.

Unfortunately, he must have saw on my face, that I wasn't going to say "I love you" back to him.

How should I do this? Hera, help me.

Finally, after a few extremely awkward moments, "Steve-"

He cuts me off before I can say anything else, "If you're not going to say it, don't say anything."

He starts walking down the steps, throwing his hands in the air while letting out a dramatic sigh.

I float to him to try to explain, "Steve. I'm sorry. But I don't have those kinds of feelings towards you. I hope we can still be friends."

"Yeah. Friends. Great." He mutters as he walks away.

Sighing for what seems to be the hundredth time since I got into my bathtub, I lift myself out to dry myself off.

Leaving the bathroom, I turn off the T.V. and then I lay down on my bed to think. I let my head drop to my pillow and I put my arms behind my head. I contemplate the most infuriating people I have ever known.

Men. Hera, when did I get so interested in men?

I've never felt any attraction towards Steve. In fact, I've only been attracted to two men in my entire life. It's ironic, that both of the men I've been attracted to, were the ones the reporter mentioned when talking to Steve.

The first being my colleague, the one known to the world as Superman.

I remember the first time I saw him.

5 years ago…

After experiencing ice cream for the first time. I started walking down the street again, looking for the harpy so I may slay her.

I heard someone call out my name, and I turn to see Steve running towards me. He starts saying things about listening to orders, and fighting and someone getting hurt. I didn't really focus on him.

There was a fight coming soon. A good one. I could feel it in my blood.

I heard a loud BOOM noise, and looked up to see dozens of enemies coming after me.

A glorious fight indeed.

These winged beasts charge at me and I begin to immerse myself in the action. Slicing my way through the first waves to get a better look at what I will enjoy defeating. As I get farther away from the people, I hear others fighting as well. I make my way over to see four men, dressed in colorful costumes engaged in battle with the winged beasts.

Well, three colorful costumes. One man seems to have an affinity for the color black.

Seeing as though we are on the same side. I decide to observe. Just for a moment.

I see the green man conjure up constructs with his ring to defeat his enemies.

I see the one in red run has super speed. He zooms through the waves, knocking them out in a blur of scarlet.

I see the one in black fighting…hand to hand? Odd. He must be hiding his powers from the enemy.

Good strategy.

Then I see the man in blue. He lifts the bus with ease and sends a wave of the demons into the ocean. A moment later I see him shoot lasers out of his eyes. That could be useful. Needless to say, I was impressed.

Deciding I had seen enough, I leapt back into action, screaming, "Creatures of Evil! Back To Hades!"

I launch into one enemy, kicking him in the face while drawing my sword and my lasso. After the two civilians behind me are safe, I move on. I start slicing my way though the hordes. This has turned out to be a very enjoyable fight.

I seem to have caught the attentions of the three bright colored men. The one in black seems to have ignored me. Why does that irk me?



"You're strong."

My only reply is, "I know."

Confident? Yes. Arrogant? Maybe. Smug? Definitely.

We then proceeded to send the enemies back to where they came from, defeat the evil Darkseid, and form an alliance sanctioned by the US government. From that day forward, we were known to the world as the Justice League. I felt a strong sense of belonging and purpose. Humanity depended on us to protect them and we would not fail them.

I laughed at myself now. Yes, Superman is strong, but he is no longer a person I wish to pursue a relationship with. He is attractive, kind, and powerful, but that's about it. I only feel a physical attraction towards him which is what I disapproved of in others. He doesn't really interest me. Besides, rumors have it, that he is spoken for. He seems to be interested in a reporter from Metropolis. Good for him.

I would never try to take something my fellow sister has claim to.

I picked up the lasso of the floor and wrapped it around my waist. I like to do this daily to rid myself of impurities and lies. It forces the truth onto me, whether I'm willing to confront it or not.

I was momentarily caught up by his powers and strength. It just shows how people can be blinded by power. False feelings should not be acted upon.

It really helps to have a lasso of truth, if I say so myself.

With the lasso still wrapped around my waist, I stated the truth that I already know in my heart.

There is only one person I am attracted enough to, to start a relationship with. He definitely intrigues me in ways no one else does.


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