A Ranma ½ - Sailor Moon Crossover

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Timeline: This story takes place 20 years after the final volume of the Ranma ½ magna came out, and before Sailor Moon starts; After the prologue, the storyline will take place one year after Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. Akane and Ranma are married, as is the rest of the Ranma ½ cast.

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Wings of Fate
Prologue: Birth
By: Sailor Star Moon

~Nerima, Japan ~ Nerima General Hospital, Maternity Ward - 17 years ago~

"Come on Akane! Just try and hold on a little longer! The doctor said all you need to do is give one more push and it'll be all over." a young man's voice called out as he urged his wife on. Ranma sat in a chair next to his wife's hospital bed, gently holding her hand in his own, trying to lend her support as best as he could. "He said that the baby should going to be coming soon."

"That's easy for you to say, Ranma! This is a lot harder than you think." Akane's snapped, moments before she cried out in pain as another sharp contraction hit her. "THAT'S IT! THIS IS THE LAST TIME I'M LETTING YOU TOUCH ME, RANMA!! I AM NOT GOING TO LET YOU GET ME PREGNANT EVER AGAIN!!" she shrieked in pain.

Soon Ranma was shouting in pain, as Akane reflexively gave his hand a hard squeeze, as the contraction hit her, squeezing it so hard that the nurses in the room, could almost hear the sound of bone grinding together.

As the contraction finally past, Akane laid there panting from the exertion, sweat poring from her body and staining her hospital gown. Hearing Ranma's groans of pain she glanced first over at her husband then down at their entwined hands, realized what she had done, and released her husband's hand, giving him an apologetic, yet strained look. "I'm sorry about that Ranma. I didn't mean for that to happen…"

"It's okay, really, Akane." Ranma said instantly, trying to calm down his wife. "Uncute macho chick," Ranma muttered, as he pushed his chair back away from the bed as far as he could, cradling his injured hand closely to his body, as another moan of pain passed his lips, grimacing before he forced a smile to his lips, as he stared back at Akane, "I don't hold it against ya, Akane. I guess I should a expected it. When you are like this, I'd say that you're almost just as strong as Ryouga," he said teasingly.

Akane let out a soft growl of mock anger over Ranma's choice of words, knowing that he was only trying to make her feel better, yet. After being married to Ranma for the last year and a half, their insults had become more of a playful foreplay between the two martial artists, or more like pet names for each other. But before she could retort the doctor came into the room.

"Well hello there, Mr. and Mrs. Saotome." The doctor greeted, sounding cheerful as he walked over to the hospital bed and proceeded to examine Akane. "How are you feeling now, Mrs. Saotome?" he asked.

Akane glowered at the doctor in anger before answering, as she gripped the bedside hand railings so she could sit up. "Doctor Shokaido, just how do you think I feel?! I'm having a baby here, and it hurts like-AIIIIEEEEEE!!!" she demanded just before another contraction hit her hard making her cry out in pain, causing her grip to tighten on the handrails. As the maternity nurses watched in both shock and horror, the handrails bend under her grip, before snapping off all together in her hands.

Dr. Shokaido stood unfazed by the sight, acting as if this was an everyday occurrence, only letting out a sigh and shaking his head ruefully, as he finished his examination "I can see that, Mrs. Saotome. Seeing how this is your first pregnancy, your doing remarkably well. My examination shows me that you are dilated."

Ranma gained a confused look on his features as he glanced over at the doctor. "Is that a good sign or a bad sign, Doc?" he demanded.

Dr. Shokaido let out a chuckle at Ranma's words. "It's a very good sign, Saotome. Being dilated means that the baby is about to come any minute now." He said as he turned his attention back to Akane, he gave her round belly a gentle pat. "You'll be holding your child in your arms soon, Mrs. Saotome. So you should get ready to push when I tell you to, all right?"

Akane laid back against the pillows, flushed and panting as she stared at the doctor with wide unfocused eyes, finally releasing her grip on what used to be the handrails. "That's good to here, Doctor," she said as calmly as she could. "I don't think I can take this for much longer."

"Good. Now, Mr. Saotome, can you move back over here? Your wife may need all of the support that she can get at the moment."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm coming." Ranma said as he stood up from his chair to move back to the bed and once more took Akane's hand with his one good hand, planning to stay by Akane's side even if it cost him the use of his hands, which "I still can't believe that we finally made it this far, without trouble," he thought silently to himself as a bright smile spread across his features. Even as he stood there he allowed his mind to wonder back to everything that had finally led up to this day.

* * *

A year and a half ago, three months after the battle against Saffron, Ranma finally confessed his love for Akane a month before the two were going to graduate from Furinkan High, and Akane had returned his feelings in full, and things went well between them since then.

After the second failed wedding attempt a month later, interrupted by Ranma's fiancé's and rivals, a week later the two got married in a private marriage ceremony in a small church in Tokyo, with only their family members attending, despite protests from Soun and Genma which were ended when Nodako who pulled out her katanna to threaten the two older men with. Even Nabiki helped with making arrangements for free, without letting any of Ranma's other fiancé's know, or else they would have been stopped.

To say the least, when they all got back to Nerima, how everyone else reacted to the news was expected.

At Akane's insistence, they had stopped off at Ukyou's restaurant first to let the ookanamayaki chef know the news first. Luckily for them, Ryouga was already at Ukyou's restaurant eating lunch after having wondered in earlier, so telling him the news wouldn't have had to wait until whenever he found his way back to Nerima. Their first reactions to the news were stunned open-mouthed shock. Then anger settled in, and Ukyou was the first to make her move. She picked up her battle spatula and attacked Akane accusing her of seducing her Ran-chan away from her, by forcing him to marry her against his will. Ranma had managed to stop the attack by catching hold of the spatula before it came close to seriously harming Akane, then had gone over to Akane to see if she was hurt, while casting Ukyou an angry look.

Despite her protests over how much she loved him, Ranma insisted that he loved Akane, and told Ukyou that he'd always only seen her as a friend and nothing else except that. Seeing how Ranma treated Akane and how close the two now were, Ukyou finally realized the truth of what had happened, coming to realize that she had seen all the signs coming since the Saffron fiasco, but had written them all off as her imagination, but now realized that it had not been her imagination. With a heart wrenching sob, Ukyou burst into tears and ran out of the restaurant and up the stairs to her bedroom where she through herself onto her bed and cried. When Ranma tried to follow her, Konatsu who barred the way to the stairs, giving Ranma a look of contempt, only stopped him, after eavesdropping on the conversation between his mistress and her now ex-fiancé.

Ryouga simply sat on his stool staring at the entire scene silently, a depressed dead look settling in on his features before he stood up, left some money on the counter top next to the cash register, picked up his pack and simply left without a word to them.

Akane stood up from her seat and made her way over to where Ranma was and placed a hand on his shoulder, told him that they should come back later on to check on her, then gently led him from the restaurant, to go speak to everyone else.

The Amazons were next. Shampoo could only sit on her stool with tears running down her cheeks as she listened to what they told Cologne, Mousse and herself about the marriage. Shampoo had been ready to leap up off the stool and give Akane the Kiss of Death, and then take Ranma for herself as her husband as Amazon law demanded, only to be stopped by Cologne who only shook her head sadly, a look of defeat on her wizened features, before Cologne finally swallowed her pride and grudgingly congratulated Ranma and Akane on their wedding. Mousse stood nearby, completely ecstatic by the news, with thoughts of how Shampoo was now free to marry him now that Saotome was no longer available, and immediately rushed forward to shake Ranma's hand, thanking him over and over again as he did so, before turning back around to try and grab Shampoo in a hug and congratulate themselves on their good fortune, only to be splashed with cold water and turned into a duck before he got far.

The Kuno's were no better. Tatewaki immediately began spouting off insulting words, accusing Ranma of using his dark magic to enchant Akane, seducing her into marrying Ranma when she could have him instead. And then commented on how now that his darling 'pig-tailed girl' would now be free of Saotome's evil dark influence and would now be his. That was when his long-winded tirade was immediately cut off as both Ranma and Akane punched and kicked him in the gut, knocking him out instantly.

Kodachi seemed to take the news a lot calmer than her brother did, even though a few tears leaked out from under her eyes to fall and hit the wooden floor where she sat. She claimed not to have been as crazy as she let a lot of people believe. Despite how she had felt about Ranma, she had known all along that he was in love with Akane, and that she was now willingly handing him over to Akane without a fuss. Saying so she simply stood up without another word and left the room.

After that, things calmed down enough for the couple to start enjoying their marital bliss, for awhile. Over the next three months, several different families came to the Tendo dojo looking for Ranma and Genma, seeking to call on the pledge made by Genma Saotome for Ranma to marry their daughters, or to collect on debts that were owed to them by Genma that he had made over the years during the training trip.

Some of the families simply left town after finding out that the potential betrothed husband they had come searching for was now already married to another girl, giving up without really putting up a fight. While others that came tried to force the issue by threatening to sue the Saotomes if they didn't pay back the money for stolen food, teaching scrolls, dowries, etc. Since most of the debts had been made in Ranma's name by Genma, the debtors went straight to Ranma demanding that he pay up, hounding him from weeks on end, until Nodako put a stop to it, and insisted that the only one responsible for the bills was Genma and not Ranma, whom she then pointed out as, having been too young all those years ago to be legally held responsible for any of the things Genma did in his name.

After that statement, the debtors change route and started hounding Genma. Nodako used money out of an inheritance she had received from a relative years ago to pay off most of the debts, while she force Genma to get a job so he can pay off the rest himself.

Ranma and Ukyou got back together and settled their differences, becoming best friends once more. And Ukyou had started dating Ryouga who had broken off his relationship with Akari Unryuu. And were now planning to have a spring wedding coming up.

After Nodako moved into the dojo to help around the house, Kasumi moved out and into her own apartment, where she decided to re-enter school, to take courses on medicine with Dr. Tofu's help, and the two started dating soon after.

It would be another three months before Akane found herself with child, and a sonogram showed that she would be expecting twins. But after a little debate (and a whole lot of arguments and protestastions from their parents) the two decided to wait until the twins were born to find out what gender the two would be. They just wanted to be surprise was all they told their family.

For the next six months, the Saotomes spent the rest of the time preparing Kasumi's old room, transforming it into a nursery to place the babies in when they were born. On opposite sides of the room, there were two matching baby cribs and a dresser filled with baby things. A double stroller was leaning against the wall in the closet waiting the day when it could be put into use. During the decorating of the babies room, they had argues over what type of wallpaper they should use, before finally compromising. The wall area near the balcony, had been painted over with blue paint, and ultra cute multi colored duck and pig wallpaper glued to one section of the room where one crib was, while wallpaper with robots painted on were adorning another section of the room where the other crib was.

* * *

"… all right now, Mrs. Saotome. Now, I'm going to need you to push. Mr. Saotome, we'll need your help now, if you please."

Ranma's mind comes back into focus as he hears the doctors' words, and turns his attention back to the task at hand. The doctor was now positioned in between Akane's legs ready to receive the first baby. "Huh?" Ranma asked distractedly.

"Ranma the babies are coming now!" Akane shouted.

Immediately, releasing Akane's hand, he moved his arms behind her back to give her a supportive hug.

"Now when I tell you to, I want you to start pushing." Dr. Shokaido said as he positioned himself in front of Akane.

15 minutes later, the maternity ward was filled by the double soprano sound of babies crying, as Akane gave birth to first a baby girl with a soft red fuz of hair sticking out on its head, and then a baby boy 6 minutes later, with black hair.

"Well done, Mrs. Saotome. As far as I can tell." Dr. Shokaido exclaimed incouragely, as he held the small squirming, wailing baby in his arms. Cutting the umbillical cords off, he turned to hand the twins to the waiting nurses to wash off, and dress.

"Nice job, Akane." Ranma placed a kiss on his wifes cheek, as another nurse tended to his injured hand. "You did great. You couldn't have done it any better."

Akane smiled slightly at the news, wanting to do nothing except just lie down and rest. "Thanks Ranma." she said, just as a sharp gasp filled the air coming from where the two nurses were. Both Akane and Ranma turned their attention to the nurses, as fear filled them as the sight they saw before them. The two nurses that Shokaido had given the twins to were standing over the small tubs that they had placed the babies into in order to wash off the extra blood and grime..

"What the hell!" one of the nurses cried out as she stared down at the baby she held in her arms, which she had

"How did that happen." The other nurse exclaimed.

Dr. Shokaido hurried over to the bathing area as fast as he could. "Here now, what's going on? What happened?!" he demanded.

"Doctor, the babies, they both..." the nurse began, only to stop in midsentence to glance over at the Saotomes worriedly, before dropping her voice down to a whisper. The other nurse joined in the conversation, and soon their voices rose, as the doctor reprimanded the nurses for something.

Ranma and Akane shared worried look, before Ranma spoke up. "Hey, doc!" he said, as he made his way over to the group. "What's up? Is their something wrong with the babies."

Dr. Shokaido broke off from the two nurses, who quickly took the babies out of the tubs, and began drying them off. He took Ranma's arm and led him out of the room to speak with him in private. "Just a mixup. Mister Saotome. These two nurses just told me an ouragious tale over what happened when they gave your son and daughter a bath."

A sweatdrop rolled down Ranma's head. "What kind of story?"

Shokaido merely shook his head. "It's nothing really. They just said that it seems that the twins changed when they touched the water."

"Changed?!" Ranma exclaimed, his voice rising. "What do you mean by changed?!

"Like I said before, it couldn't be true." He said, trying to placate the young father. "What they claim is impossible and…" his words are cut off as Ranma grabs him by the collar and lifts him up off the ground. "Mr. Saotome…"

"Doc, I don't want to get rough with ya, but you better tell me what happened now!" Ranma said, a deep growl of anger touching his voice as he spoke, "Just what do you mean by, 'they changed'?"

One of nurses that had been tending to the twins stepped forward shakily, as she held the small baby in her arms, which was now wrapped in a small pink blanket. "I will tell you, Mr. Saotome. When both Minmei and myself bathed your children, they changed forms."

Minmei only nodded her head in agreement. In her arms she held the other baby, which was wrapped in a blue blanket. "If I didn't know better I'd say that they changed into each other." She added, her voice shaking from the shock. "When I placed your son into the tub, the water was supposed to be lukewarm, but it had turned cold while we waited for your wife to give birth. I can't explain it, but as soon as your son touched the water he changed into a girl. A red head little girl."

"The same happened to your daughter, except her hair became black, and the obvious male body parts appeared." The other nurse added in.

Ranma released his grip on the doctor, allowing him to slide down the wall to the ground, as Ranma leaned against the wall, placing his face in his hands, and lets out a loud groan, before punching a nearby wall in anger, leaving fist sized dent in the wall. "Ah man! I don't believe this! It cursed them!"

The two nurses jumped back at the sight of Ranma's angered reaction, staring at him cautiously as they both bounced the fussing babies in their arms.

"Mr. Saotome? Are you all right. What is this about a curse" Dr. Shokaido asked cautiously as he slowly stood back up, watching the young man warily, "As I said before this is nothing but a hoax dredged up by these two. It is impossible No one is able to change genders when splashed with cold water, and we'll have this matter fixed—"

"Don't bother." Ranma said calmly. "There's nothing to fix."

"Excuse me?" Shokaido said.

Moving his hands away from his face and down to his sides, Ranma let's out a sigh as he stared directly at the three hospital workers. "If they say that's what happened, then it must be true. Because if it is, then they got it from me. The only way to prove it, is if one of you could get 2 cups of warm water if ya don't mind."

"I don't understand what's going on, but I'll get it. If you'll take your daughter for a few minutes, I'll go get the water." Looking skeptical, the nurse that had informed Ranma of what had happened, she handed his daughter/son over, before heading down the hall towards the lounge.

Ranma clumsily held the baby in his arms for a few moments, before finally finding the right grip to hold her without risking dropping the baby, and he gazed lovingly down at the small body in his arms, only to find a pair of matching sapphire blue eyes staring back at him with a curious look within. Without really thinking, Ranma shifted the baby to one arm, and then reached out a finger with his free hand towards the baby, and as he watched, the baby reached out from under the blanket to get a firm grip on his finger, pulling it towards her small mouth to suck on.

"Will you look at that," he exclaimed proudly at the speed the baby had used to grab his finger, a big smile spreading over his face "Looks like this one will make a great martial artist one day."

"Mr. Saotome. Can you explain what you meant before, when you said that the twins inherited it from you? Exactly what did they inherit from you?" the doctor demanded incredulously.

Before Ranma could answer the nurse returned with the required glasses of water.

"You'll see in a moment, doc." Ranma responded as he began unwrapping the pink blanket from his daughter. "Give me one of those glasses will ya?" he said as he reached out for one of the cups.

The nurse silently handed the cup to Ranma without a word.

"This is the one who turned into a boy, right?" Ranma asked.

The nurse only nodded.

"Good. Now watch. You'll see the change happen immediately, when her hair changes color." Ranma said just before he poured some of the water onto his good hand, then allowed a few drops of the warm liquid to hit the baby before him. Almost instantly, the pitch black fuzz of hair on the baby's head, changed from black to a bright red.

Gasps from the doctor and two nurses surrounded Ranma as he bit back a curse. 'Damn, I was really hoping that it wasn't true after all." He thought angrily as he reached for the other baby, and spilled the water on that one, with the same results.

"That's impossible! It's scientifically impossible!" the doctor exclaimed as he examined the babies himself, to make sure that he wasn't seeing thing, finding out that the babies had indeed changed genders. "How."

"They got it from me." Ranma said quietly. "Here let me tell you a story that happened to me a couple of years back." He said before turning towards the two nurses, with both babies in his arms. "You should take them to my wife. They must be hungry by now." He said as he handed the babies to the nurses, then turned and grabbed the doctors arm and led him away.

~Awhile later~

Ranma returned to Akane's hospital room after having a lengthy conversation with the good doctor, explaining about the curses and showing the doctor his own curse to help prove that what he was saying was true, before finally getting both the doctor and two nurses to agree not to tell anyone what happened.

Akane sat up in her bed, reading a book quietly, waiting for him, with the twins sleeping on both sides of her. Hearing the door open, she glanced up and then put the book away when she saw her husband. "Ranma?"

"Akane I'm sorry," Ranma began as he sat down on the bed, only to be quieted as Akane placed a hand on his lips to quiet him.

"I know, the nurses told me what happened." Akane said sadly. "I can't believe this happened. I was really hoping that they'd live normal lives without having to worry about telling them about your Jusenkyo curse until they were old enough to understand it. But-"

"…But they've been born cursed. Damn Jusenkyo. Why can't it stop complicating things. First it dried up after the battle with Saffron years ago, and now this." Ranma said angrily

"Well they'll have to live through it, and get used to it like you and the others did." Akane said as she sat up fully to stare up at him.

"Yeah I guess so," Ranma said solemnly.

"It'll be okay Ranma, really." Akane said, as she moved in closer for a kiss.

Just before their lips met, they break apart in surprise as they hear someone suddenly clear their throat loud enough to get their attention.



Standing at the entrance of the room was a nurse holding a clipboard. "Mr. and Mrs. Saotome. I hate to interrupt you but I will need to know the names that you will give the twins in order to put it down in county records."

Ranma and Akane stared at each other for a moment before glancing down at the babies.

"We'd talked about it a lot during the time I was pregnant with the twins…" Akane began.

"… and we've really thought about it." Ranma said before he reached over to pick up his daughter, being extra careful not to wake her. "If one of them was a girl, her name will be Ranko…"

"… and if the other was a boy, his name would be Sanma." Akane finished, as she lifted up her son.

The nurse smiled good-naturedly, as she wrote down the on the clipboard. "Those are good names for them. I'll take this information down to the records office right now, so don't let me stop you from what you were doing before." She said with a sly smile, before shutting the door behind her on the way out.

Ranma and Akane sat staring at the closed door, as matching blushes spread across their faces, before they broke off into laughter, that woke up the twins.

"Maybe this won't be as bad as we're afraid it would be, Akane." Ranma said as he tried to soothe Ranko as best as he could, before the infant finally settled down into soft hiccupping sounds as her blue eyes stared up at Ranma. Ranma held out a finger towards Ranko who immediately latched onto it with one of her small hands, and began making soft baby cooing sounds.

"We'll have to see, before we come to that conclusion Ranma," Akane said as she stared down at her son.

As the two babies drifted off back to sleep, the two proud parents gently placed kisses on their small foreheads.

"Welcome to the world, Ranko and Sanma." They whispered quietly at the same time.

To Be Continued…
Authors Notes:
Well how do you all like my new crossover?? Do you like it or hate it? E-mail me. I know, it's both weird, and maybe a little cruel, to curse both babies, but I couldn't help it!. I couldn't get rid of the picture I got when I imagined Ranko and Sanma.

As you already saw, when Ranko turns into a guy she turns into a brunette, while Sanma turns into a redhead girl. What if they two could pass as identical twins when they are together in both their cursed and original forms (depending on which twin is in which form at the time.)

Anyways, Sanma and Ranko are my characters, so don't take them! Oh the plans I have for these two in the future. ^_^