Ichigo sighed as he crawled into bed, pulling the sheets up and sighing in content. He reached over and turned off his bedside lamp, pausing to let his eyes adjust to the sudden darkness the room had been submersed in. Once they did, he glanced around his shadow-filled room suspiciously, the back of his neck prickling uncomfortably. Not seeing anything, he yawned tiredly and rolled onto his side, pushing off the foreboding feeling that he wasn't alone in his room at the moment. Thinking it was probably something as stupid as an owl outside his window, he sighed, his honey brown eyes fluttering closed, sleep washing over him almost immediately. Not even 10 minutes after he had gotten comfortable, he was asleep; a few light, almost inaudible snores escaped him.

Just outside of the Kurosaki's house, a pair of cyan blue eyes lifted, lingering on the window to the right. He watched as the light flickered, then went out, and then counted. At the count of 60, the mysterious male advanced, jumping up onto the tree located just outside of the window his interest lay. Once on a sturdy, thick branch, the male slipped over the windowsill, paused, then fully slipped into the darkened room. One quick look around assured him he was in the right room. Letting his eyes fully adjust, the intruding male silently moved towards the bed in front of him, smirking faintly at the male sprawled eagle out on it. Ichigo's blankets were tangled around his feet, having evidentially kicked the blankets off. He was wearing a white wife-beater and a pair of plain blue boxers, which had "Swag" Written in cursive near the bottom. Smirking, the intrusive male moved closer, his cyan blue eyes moving up his body and lingering on the orange haired male's relaxed face. The moon was illuminating it, casting an almost perfect glow across his tanned skin.

As the male neared, something in him softened. His reason for being here in the first place abandoned. He stopped just beside the bed, staring down at the sleeping form. Snapping out of his brief reverie, the shadowed male leaned down automatically, almost as if something was taking control of his own body. Before he could stop himself, he moved closer, his lips hovering just above the sleeping males' forehead, before he pressed down lightly, holding the action for a moment, before almost hesitantly pulling back. He kept a close distance between them, their noses just touching as he aligned their faces. After a moment's hesitation, he leaned closer and pressed his lips against the smooth, rose petal-like ones before him.

He pulled back, breaking the brief, unreturned kiss, straightening fully and staring down at the orange haired male before him. He then turned, and silently made his way across the room and towards the opened window, planning to silently get away. He was stopped, though, by a rather unexpected voice ringing through the silent room. "The fuck...? Grimmjow...?" Now exposed, Grimmjow froze, his cyan eyes glued outside, clearly shocked that he was caught. Ichigo sleepily sat up, rubbing his brown eyes free of sleep, suppressing a yawn. "Why the hell are you here...?" His hands falling away from his eyes, he stared full on at the shadowed male by the window, glaring half heartedly. When he got no response, he slipped out of bed, standing up beside it, full on glaring at the intruding male. "Answer me. Why the hell are you in my room?" Grimmjow, deciding against just leaving, turned around, his previous weakness forgotten for the time being. Cyan eyes met honey brown ones, the gaze held for what seemed like an eternity, before the silence was broken, finally.

"It ain't any of yer' business, Kurosaki." Ichigo blinked, before snorting with false amusement, laughing humourlessly. "Oh, So you being in my room in the middle of the goddamn night isn't any of my fucking business...?" He raised a ginger eyebrow in annoyance at the blue haired male before him, taking a step towards the taller of the two. Grimmjow murmured a light, "Che.", before turning around, facing the window once more, ready to leave, without a word being said. Ichigo, however, grabbing his arm roughly and jerked the man around, glaring heatedly up at him, slamming him against the wall, one arm pressed against the blue haired male's neck, and the other pinning an arm. "Not so fucking fast." Grimmjow just smirked, his cyan eyes narrowing in amusement and light annoyance. Before Ichigo could react, Grimmjow had leaned forwards, their lips crashing together, The sudden actions caused his grip to loosen on the taller male, causing him to be roughly turned and slammed against the wall, the rough kiss not being broken. The initial shock fading away, Ichigo jerked his head away from the taller male, his honey brown eyes as wide as saucers. Grimmjow, the smirk still on his lips, leaned down, biting hard on the exposed area of skin on Ichigo's neck, drawing both blood and a surprised yelp from the orange haired male.

Pulling away, the blue haired male smirked, resisting the sudden urge to reconnect their lips. Ichigo blinked, glancing at the blue haired male out of the corner of his eyes, blinking as he watched the other male move farther away, towards the window. He opened his mouth to say something, but by the time actual words formed, the blue haired male was already out the window, and, as far as he could tell, Gone.

Grimmjow growled under his breath as he jumped off the last tree branch, not turning to look behind him as he left. He flipped the hood of his jacket up over his head as he walked farther away from Ichigo's house, his cyan eyes locked ahead of him, lips curled in a seemingly permanent scowl. Once he rounded a corner, he stopped, letting out a sigh of annoyance. The moon illuminated the street, casting eerie shadows that played tricks on him when he least expected it. 'The fuck just happened...?' He shook his head and glanced around him once more, before turning on his heel and continuing on his way.

Ichigo continued to stare at the window, honey brown eyes still wide with complete shock. Blinking, he lifted his hand and tentatively brushed over the area that Grimmjow had bitten, wincing at the light stinging sensation. Yep, that would leave a mark. His hand then lifted, lightly ghosting over his lips, which were vibrating from the rough kiss. Shaking his head, he swallowed hard and peeled himself off the wall, shakily walking towards the bed and flopping down on his back, staring up at the ceiling. 'What, exactly, just happened?' Hs narrowed his eyes, two fingers still lightly pressed against his lower lip.

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