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Melody was running toward her sister's boat so that she could go save Ash. He had just gone off on another boat during the storm to fulfill the island's legend, and Melody, who had chosen him, was responsible for his safety.

She looked behind her as she was running in the rain and noticed that Misty and Tracey were following closely behind.

"What are you coming for?" she asked Misty accusingly.

"To find Ash," she replied, determined. "And before you start saying it's because I secretly like him, don't! 'Cause I don't!"

"Hey, chill out!" Melody smirked. "You sure are sensitive about somebody who's not your boyfriend."

As they continued to run in the storm, Misty yelled. "He's not my boyfriend! He's my boy and he's my friend, but he's not my boyfriend!"


Melody laughed out loud. "Your boy? I guess you do like him."

Misty's face got red. "Wrong word, okay?" she said, annoyed and embarrassed that Melody had figured her out.

Suddenly, Tracey ran faster to join them. "You talking about me?" he asked, smiling.

"No!" Misty yelled, frustrated.

"We're talking about Ash, Misty's boyfriend," Melody answered.

Misty blushed as Tracey said, "Ah, that makes more sense."

"He's not my boyfriend!" the redhead yelled.

But it was too late.

Later, once the storm was over, the world was safe, and the bad guys had been defeated, Melody walked up to Ash. "Thanks for saving us, Ash. I'd give you another kiss, but you're Misty's boyfriend, so I can't."

Ash just stared at her.

"Hello, earth to Ash?" Melody said after a minute, waving a hand in front of his face.

"I think he's broken," Tracey said. "The fact that he's Misty's boyfriend must have shocked him."

Ash turned to Tracey. "I'm what?"

"Misty's boyfriend," Melody repeated.

Misty stood nearby, blushing. "He is not!"

Ash turned to her. "I'm not?"

A simultaneous yes and no were heard.

Ash turned to Pikachu. "Pikachu, buddy, you wouldn't lie to me, right?"

"Pika!" Pikachu answered in confirmation.

"Am I Misty's boyfriend?"

"Pika pi pika chuuu!"

Ash looked at him, puzzled. Finally, Maren, the boat's captain, said, "Ash, they're all teasing you. Misty never answered you when you asked, remember?"

"WHAT?" everyone said.

"Misty, why are you confused?" Maren asked.

"I didn't hear him ask me!" she replied, frazzled.

"Well, he asked you, all right. Didn't you, Ash?" She looked at him and winked.

"Uh… sure, yeah," Ash said, confused.

"Oh," Misty responded.

Before she could answer, Melody asked, "So, Misty, are you his girlfriend?"

Still angry with her, Misty forgot herself and yelled back, "I am not! I'm his girl, and I'm his friend, but I'm not his girlfriend! Hmph!" she said, crossing her arms.

"Oh, his girl? And you said he's your boy? Well, I think that answers that," Melody spoke, smirking once again. She looked at Ash, who was grinning happily at Misty, who was blushing and glaring at her.

Some things never change.


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