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Five years later...

"Daddy! Daddy! Save me from the tickle monster!" Riley cried out as her bare feet ran across the sand and towards her father's outstretched arms.

"I got you Riley, you're safe now," Michael murmured as he held his daughter close while his best friend headed towards them.

Sam slowed to a stop in front of Michael and tried to catch his breath. "That little darling is going to give Uncle Sammy a stroke one of these days," Sam huffed out.

"Well you're the one who insists on playing tickle monster with her. You know she's got more energy than all of us combined," Michael chastised before he kissed his daughter's cheek and set her back down.

"Rawr!" Riley growled as she raised her hands in the shape of claws towards Sam. "I gonna be the tickle monster now Uncle Sammy and you run away!"

Sam looked incredulously at the five year old girl before he backed away in mock terror. "Oh no! Not the tickle monster!" Sam cried out before he turned and trotted through the sand, Riley hot on his heels as she continued to roar. Sam let her catch him and he tumbled to the ground. Riley jumped on top of him and started to tickle him as Sam laughed and cried out, "Mercy!"

"Don't worry Sam, I'll save you!" Jesse bellowed out as he pulled Riley off of Sam and up into his arms. Riley squealed out as Jesse blew raspberries on her stomach.

"Uncle Jesse stop!" Riley cried out and Jesse dropped her back to the ground.

Michael watched them play for another minute before he made his way down the beach and into the warmth of the ocean. Fiona stood in waist deep water with her back towards Michael when he slithered up behind her and wrapped his arms around her body, causing her to exhale a long sigh as she snuggled back against him.

"Is Riley having fun with her uncle's?" Fiona questioned.

Michael looked back to see Riley pouncing on Jesse and Sam while his mother sat under an umbrella laughing. "Yeah, she's having a blast although, Uncle Sam and Uncle Jesse might need a nap time soon," Michael chuckled.

Fiona giggled before she swiveled in Michael's arms to face him. "Who would've thought that this is how our life would've turned out? We're married with a daughter, a beautiful house, and a wonderful family. We've had no threats, no government agencies interfering, no rescue missions."

"Are you happy?" Michael questioned.

"Very much so. Are you?"

"More than you can imagine," Michael murmured before he lowered his head and captured her lips in a heated kiss.


Fiona laughed as Michael pulled out of the kiss and groaned.


"Your daughter demands your attention," Fiona whispered.


"And yours too," Michael countered before he chuckled.

"She's heading your way!" Jesse shouted out towards them.

Michael turned around and watched as his daughter walked purposely into the water with Sam and Jesse running up behind her. He quickly made his way over and scooped Riley up before it was too deep for her little body. Seeing Riley was safely in her father's arms, Sam and Jesse stopped to catch their breaths before they turned to head back towards Madeline.

"You know you're not supposed to come into the water without an adult," Michael lectured.

Riley crossed her arms and pouted in a very Fiona-like manner. "Well, I called you and mommy's name but you not answer me so I come get you."

Michael laughed as he walked his daughter deeper into the water until they reached Fiona's side. Riley climbed into her mother's arms and Fiona shook her head.

"She has my attitude and your stubbornness," Fiona explained before she tapped Riley's nose. "You're going to test our parental limits, aren't you?"

"Yup!" Riley praised happily and her parents laughed.

"Well, I wouldn't have it any other way," Fiona countered. "Would you like to practice swimming again?"

"Yeah!" Riley cheered.

Michael watched as Fiona walked away from him to put space between them. He looked up to see Jesse and Sam had settled next to his mother as they sipped on their much needed beer. Michael waved a hand and watched all three wave back before he returned his attention to his wife and daughter.

"Alight Riley, you know the drill. Swim to Daddy," Fiona explained as she lowered their daughter into the water.

Riley's little tongue stuck out as she focused on moving her arms and kicking her legs. Michael smiled proudly as Fiona walked along side of her but didn't help. He could see Riley was getting tired out but she refused to give up. When she reached her father, Michael lifted her out of the water and high above his head.

"You did it all by yourself!" Michael praised before he lowered his giggling daughter to sit on his hip.

"I tired now Daddy," Riley confessed as she lowered her head onto her father's bare shoulder.

Michael planted a soft kiss to her head before he enveloped Fiona against his other side. The trio remained like that for a few minutes before Michael let out an audible sigh.

"What was that for?" Fiona questioned.

Michael looked down at his wife and shrugged. "My life just seems, I don't know...content right now; more than I ever imagined it would be."

"Thanks to our daughter, we're finally living a somewhat normal life," Fiona murmured as she rested her head against Michael's shoulder.

Neither of them cringed when a nearby patron splashed them and apologized.

Nobody pulled a firearm out when a car squealed its tires on a nearby street.

No one was making plans in the now empty loft for the newest client or buying materials to blow up a building.

Instead, Michael and Fiona watched the boats sailing in the distance with their daughter as Sam, Jesse, and Madeline dozed off in the beach chairs nearby.

For the first time in his hectic existence, Michael was content to be nothing more than a faithful friend and son, a devoted husband and a doting father.

The End

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