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Chapter 8

"Kimba!" Simba panted. "Can you go—a little—slower?"

Kimba was sprinting extremely quickly, and yet, he hadn't even broken a sweat.

"We have to go there as quick as possible!" Kimba replied. "If we waste any time, who knows what the humans will do?"

"What's—a—human?" Simba asked, exhausted, but Kimba kept pressing onward. He looked like he was used to this kind of thing.

Will I have to do stuff like this when I'm king? Simba thought. Is this what it's like to chase hyenas off the Pridelands?

Suddenly, Kimba skidded to a halt. Simba stopped himself from crashing into the white lion cub just in time. Panting, he laid down, but Kimba seemed on alert. He crawled into a bush, and then poked his head out.

"Follow me," he whispered. "It's safer." Confused, Simba followed Kimba in the bush. When he looked out on the other side, the strangest sight met his eyes. There were four of the strangest creatures Simba had seen in his life. They were all various shades of pinkish-brown, and they stood up, like apes. They were surrounded by odd contraptions. One had a stick lying across his lap.

"Humans," Kimba muttered. "These are humans, Simba. These particular ones come to harm the jungle and the animals in it."

"Are all humans bad?" Simba asked.

Kimba shook his head. "No. Some, like these ones, have harmful intentions. They kill animals, or steal from each other. But there are others who are wise, or brave. They make use of their talents by doing good for others and the environment. One taught us how to read, write, and talk like humans. Now, we teach each other."

"Wow," Simba whispered. "So you can actually talk to them?"

Kimba nodded. "Indeed. But some don't want to be talked to—and I have a feeling these ones fall into that category."

Suddenly, the human with some sort of stick across his lap stood up, pointing his stick at nothing in particular. Suddenly, a great BANG sounded, causing Simba to fall backwards out of the bush, startled. Almost an entire flock of birds took off from the nearest tree to the explosion. One bird dropped out of the air. Simba gasped in horror, while Kimba snarled.

"That goes completely against the Circle of Life!" Simba whispered, horrified, as the human grabbed the bird and carried it to his fellows, who congratulated him.

"Just as I thought," Kimba snarled. "Hunters. They carry big guns—that's that big stick-like thing. And they trap and kill animals, sometimes for the fun of it."

"For the fun of it…?" Simba gaped. "How does anyone think it's fun?"

"Beats me," Kimba replied. "Come on."

The humans had gotten into another contraption, and drove off in it, further into the jungle.

"I'm going to stop them," Kimba declared.

"I'm coming with you," Simba added.

"Well, then, shake a leg!" Kimba responded.


Meanwhile, Kitty and Nala were at a meadow near Kitty's home.

"So, you live in those mountains?" Nala asked.

Kitty nodded. "My uncle Specklerex lives just beyond those hills. He and his tribe are spotted lions, the very last of an ancient breed of lions."

"Spotted lions?" Nala breathed. "Wow, first white lions, now spotted lions! How come you're not spotted?"

"My mother was a normal lioness," Kitty replied. "No spots—though she did have this marking on her forehead like I do. I miss her a lot. She and my father were taken by hunters."

"Just like Kimba's parents," Nala commented.

Kitty nodded. "Some say Kimba and I were meant to be…though I'm not so sure. Kimba's the king of his jungle, and he's probably got a lot of lionesses from higher positions than myself desiring his paw in marriage later in life. I'm just a random girl with no significance…and Specklerex is probably thinking of betrothing me to some random lion when I get older."

"You're not a random girl; not to Kimba, anyway. Did you see how he reacted when you showed up? He's madly in love with you! Though if it makes you feel better, I'm betrothed, too," Nala added. "And to Simba, no less! I mean, he's funny and all, but whenever I think of marrying him, all that comes to mind is…bleeecccchhhh!"

"Oh, I don't know," Kitty muttered, though she did giggle a bit.

"How 'bout we talk about something else?" Nala suggested. "For instance, these flowers are really pretty."

"Oh, yes, they are," Kitty agreed, smiling slightly. "These pink and orange ones are particularly gorgeous. They remind me of the sunset."

"I remember how my little brother Mheetu and I used to watch the sunset together sometimes," Nala sighed. "It's exceptionally beautiful in the Pridelands. The sky turns to bright orange!"

"Sometimes we get spectacular sunsets here," Kitty responded. "But not that much."

"Yeah," Nala replied. "Though, Mheetu and I only saw two sunsets together. He died of sickness pretty early in life."

"That's terrible!" Kitty gasped. "I don't have any siblings myself, but I can't imagine what it would be like to lose one."

Nala looked up to the daytime sky. "I haven't seen Mheetu in the stars yet," she said softly. "But he'll be there someday."

"I've seen dead relatives in the stars lately," Kitty murmured. "But Uncle Specklerex says it's just an old nursery tale."

"What does he think the stars are?" Nala inquired.

"Fireflies," Kitty replied. "Fireflies that got stuck up in the big bluish-black thing, as he calls it. Says he picked it up from some meerkat."

"He'd believe a random meerkat over his own niece?" Nala asked in disbelief.

Kitty laughed. "I know, it sounds awful if you think about it. But my uncle, while wise, is kind of quirky, and can be real fun to be around sometimes."

Nala nodded. "I guess it could be nice to meet him," she commented.

"Maybe sometime you can visit," Kitty suggested.

"That'd be fun," Nala replied wistfully. "If only the Pridelands wasn't so far away."

"Indeed," Kitty agreed. "Come on, we should go back to Kimba and Simba."

"Yeah," Nala replied, nodding. "I wonder what they are doing?"


Both lionesses jumped. "What was that?" Nala asked, her eyes wide.

"Gunshot!" Kitty gasped in reply. "And it's coming from the jungle!"

"Simba and Kimba could be in trouble!" Nala added.

"Come on!" Kitty shouted, and the two lionesses sprinted off towards the jungle.

Author's Note: You know how I said Mheetu isn't going to appear in this story? I lied. A bit. Mheetu himself doesn't actually appear, but he is mentioned. And I think that if Scar didn't take over, Kitty and Nala would certainly visit each other often.

Oh, yes, and a little while back, I was looking through my stuff, and I found an old version of this fanfic. You see, I had already written some of it, but then I scrapped the whole thing and rewrote it. When I look at the old version, it's just…ugh. The chapters were short, the characters were somewhat OOC, and it's overall much worse than the new version you're currently reading.

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