Okay so because someone decided that they were going to enforce rules that the admins don't even enforce, I am removing this story from . It will be posted on my fanfic livejournal account the user name of which you will find in my profile.

Needless to say I am very annoyed and will probably not be posting any more fanfic on this site, but using the livejournal account instead. I find what this and other people are doing not fair to people who have worked hard a fic and find it shut down because people feel they have to do the jobs of the admins for them. There are more important things for the admins to focus on, such as making sure explicit content is properly labeled instead of whether or not I use lyrics in my story.

Those of you who read the story and enjoyed it, thank you. And thank you to my lone reviewer who liked it.


The disgruntled author.