Daisy and Toadette spotted a tired Moto Bug chilling under several palm trees near the beach on the western side of Seaside Hill. The two girls approached him, with Toadette still holding the yellow shell in her position.

"Excuse me, mister," Daisy greeted as she folded her arms, "But do you know where we can go to cash in this shell?"

The Moto Bug opened his eyes as he looked up. "Eh? What?"

Toadette moved the shell in the Moto Bug's face. "We found this shell, and it said in a flyer that we can get a party if we handed this in. Do you know where we can deposit this?"

The Moto Bug scratched the back of his head. "Err... not really. You might wanna see Vex, he might know something about this."

Daisy and Toadette shrugged as they turned back to the Moto Bug. "And we're do we find Vector?" They asked in unison, figuring that the Moto Bug was referring to Vector The Crocodile.

The Moto Bug pointed to his left. "Well, he went into the jungle just north of here. I'm sure he can help you with your yellow shell."

Daisy turned to Toadette, raising her arms. "All right! Let's go find Vector!"

Toadette nodded in agreement. "Yeah! He'll be able to help us!" She then dashed northward with Daisy, still holding onto the shell.

The Moto Bug sighed as he went back to his slumber.