A Couple of Flakes

"Flake, please."

One of the men in the van pulled out an ice cream cone, while the other leaned against the back wall and closed his eyes.

"You wouldn't…" The customer lowered his voice conspiratorially. "You wouldn't give me… two flakes, would you?"

The man serving the ice cream nodded his head, but the other said "No!" quite loudly without opening his eyes. The first just rolled his eyes and picked up another flake... and cursed when it snapped in half.

The customer grinned. "Having an ice cream van must be brilliant! Do you drive all over the country?"

"I don't know, we only just bought it."

"BRILLIANT! We almost bought an ice cream van once. I would love to be in a van with ice cream all the—"


"Sorry chaps, that's my mum. Thanks!" And he dashed off. "COMING, MUM!"

"Well, that's three customers now. Enough data yet?"


Crossover with Cabin Pressure.