Carlos sighed dreamily as he stood on his school's front step, watching three guys chatting by a huge black car. They were all good looking guys but Carlos only had eyes for one. Kendall Knight. He was the ultimate bad boy at the school. He often skipped class, sported many tattoos, got into fights and smoked frequently. He was definitely what Carlos' mom would call a bad influence but Carlos still wanted him.

"Just ask him out already!"

Carlos turned to see his best friend, Dak, coming out of the front doors. Dak had known about Carlos' huge crush for the past year. It wasn't that hard. Carlos seemed to stare at Kendall whenever he got the chance. But what he didn't notice, but Dak did, was the blond would also stare at him hungrily in the halls.

"I can't do that," Carlos retorted. "He's way out of my league!" Carlos thought this was true. He didn't' even have popularity on his side. Dak was his only friend.

"I think you should at least talk to him! At least you would have a new friend. Maybe try to get a little flirting in!" With that Dak gave Carlos a little shove. Carlos glanced over and gave him a small smile, before straightening his clothes and smoothing his hair.

But both boys had overestimated Carlos' confidence level. As soon as he made it to the car, he opened his mouth to speak and no words came out.

He immediately turned red as Kendall's friend (James and Logan, Carlos remembered) burst out laughing.

Tears filled Carlos' eyes and he took off, not hearing Kendall telling off his friends.

The next morning, Carlos saw Kendall by his locker, smoking no less, which definitely wasn't allowed. He wanted to turn around and run away again but he really needed to get his books.

"Hey cutie!" Kendall said as Carlos approached. Carlos looked over his shoulder but no one else was in the hall.

"Areā€¦are you talking to me?" Carlos stuttered out. This was too good to be true. Carlos felt like he was in a dream.

"Ya you took off so fast yesterday, we didn't get a chance to chat."

"Well we don't really have a chance now," said Carlos nervously. "The bell is going to ring."

Kendall smirked; loving that Carlos cared about stuff like that. He leaned so close that Carlos could smell the leather on his jacket.

"Ok I won't force you to skip," Kendall said, knowing he probably could convince the shaking boy to do so. "How about going for pizza with me after school instead?"

Carlos nodded quickly, a huge smile on his face as he thought of going on a date with the school's bad boy. Who knew Kendall could be so normal?

Kendall licked his lips at the happy sight and leaned in to give Carlos a quick peck, before sauntering off.

"See you later, boyfriend!"