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A young man at about the age of 17 looked out the window of the second story of the school. His black eyes looked out the window with a blank expression on his face. How could he like this? Of all places he could be he had to be here. The young man had short black hair and was 5'9. He had a medium build, though he was not muscular.

He hated it here. He couldn't do anything or else the teacher would tell him to pipe down or quit being the funny guy. Why did he have to be here? Oh yeah, to get a good education and actually do something later in life.

The young man looked so long out the window that he barely even realized that he was dozing off until the loud thwack on his desk made him jump.

"Dozing off again, Mr. Hizaku?" His teacher asked. Sinichi rolled his eyes and looked at the teacher with a bored expression on his face.

"What else am I going to do? Listen to you teach me something that I already know?" He asked her. The teacher frowned as the class snickered. Honestly, he didn't even know why the class was laughing. It wasn't even that funny.

"I suggest, Mr. Hizaku that you listen for once and actually learn something!" His teacher told him, going back to the front of the class. "Now, as I was saying class."

But Sinichi didn't listen; instead he dozed off again, not wanting to listen to his teacher's constant rambling.


A girl about the age of 17 walked the hallways. Her soft blonde pigtails hopped with every step she took. She wasn't skipping class, even though class was in session. No, she was going to the bathroom at least that was her excuse of getting out of class. Sure she should have been in class, but she barely understood what the teacher was saying, even though she was half-Japanese.

She came here just one month ago, having been in England her entire life, and only having to learn English. Sighing, she stopped. She was an orphaned child, her mother dying when she was five, and her father just recently. She moved to Japan because she had family…her grandmother.

She missed England and her friends. She missed her father and wished he was still here. She missed everything that she used to know. Now, in Japan, she had to pick up on an entirely different language, and be able to understand it.

She then walked over to the window, feeling a slight homesickness. She missed her flat in England. She knew she shouldn't dwell on the pass, she knew that, but she did.

"Hey, you, what are you doing out of class?" Someone asked behind her. She turned around and saw a teacher there. She had no idea what he just said.

She tilted here head slightly and frowned.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" She asked. The teacher sighed.

"Oh, the foreign exchange student." He whispered to himself. "What are you doing out of class?" He asked in his best English.

"I, uh, um, I am going to the bathroom, but I got side-tracked on the wonderful view." She lied. She knew she shouldn't be lying to a teacher, but it was the excuse on getting out.

"Hurry up then, you haven't got all day!" He pressured before going to his class. She frowned, and hurried off to the bathroom.


He stretched his arms over his body and then his legs. Today was the day that they all have been preparing for. He was representing his school along with some other students. Fujimi High school against the champs: Kamata High school.

For as long as they could remember, Fujimi high school and Kamata high school had a rivalry, and in sports, Kamata always won. This year, though was different Kuroi could feel it in his bones. His sister was cheering him on in school right now.

He smiled; his little sister was telling him to win.

"Alright, men, we all know that Kamata high school has beaten us since the beginning of time, right?" The coach asked.

"Yes!" The boys answered in perfect unison.

"But this is year is different, and do you want to know why?" The coach asked again.

"Because we got Kuroi," the said together. Kuroi could feel the heat rising up to his cheeks, they were depending on him.

"And are we gonna win this or what?"

"We're going to win this!"

"Then get out there and whoop some sorry butts!" The coach shouted. They all started to yell and run out onto the field.

Today was the day that they were gonna beat them, they were going to beat the champs, Kamata high school, whether they like it or not.


He hated it in class. He didn't know why, he just did. Maybe it was because of the bored mono-tone voice that the teacher uses. Maybe, who knew why he hated it. That was why he was staring out the window once again even though his teacher has told him many times before to pay attention to the lesson. Of course he didn't listen to her, he didn't feel like it.

He ignored orders and let the mono-tone voice lull him to sleep. Of course he will not have his way for the loud whack of the ruler jolted him immediately from sleep.

"How many times have I told you Mr. Hizaku? School is not the place to be sleeping, it is the place for learning; sleep is for home." The teacher told him. He nodded drowsily, pretending he was listening to every word that she was saying.

"Yes, Ma'am, I know you told me at least fifteen times." He told her.

"Then why don't you get it through you thick skull already?" She asked, whacking her ruler on his desk again. He gave her a bored looking face before she left his desk again. He stared out the window, not really wanting to do anything. That is when he saw 'it'. Its skin was gray and decayed and its eyes where glazed over. Blood covered its dirtied clothing. Oh God, what was that?

He continued to stare at it, fear building up, but he quickly swallowed it down again. He raised his hand and waited for the teacher to call on him.

"Yes, Mr. Hizaku?" The teacher asked.

"Can I go to the bathroom please?" He asked. He felt sick to his stomach as the picture in his head popped up again.

"Go ahead." She answered; she defiantly did not want to deal with him today. Sinichi nodded and ran out of the classroom as quickly as he could. Oh God, what the hell was that?


Alice continued down the hall as a young man ran passed her. She didn't know him, and if she did then she never noticed him before. She bit her lower lip and continued to walk down the lighted halls. She didn't want to go back to class, so instead she continued to walk down the hall aimlessly. Sure she was scared that she will get caught skipping, but she rather not listen to a language that she didn't even know how to speak.

Sure, her grandmother taught her some words, but that didn't mean she can have a whole conversation without knowing what was going on.

She then heard the intercom spring to life. The principal, he was talking about something and she didn't know. All she could make out was leave the premises, and then a scream. It was loud, like a scream of bloody murder. Alice was in utter shock. Why would the principal want them to leave the premises? The next thing she knew she was pushing through students to get herself outside.


Kuroi was at the starting line. He was about to take off flying. But then the other team coach came and began to talk to his coach frantically. He couldn't make out what they were saying, they were talking too fast, but he knew it was important.

His coach's eyes widened and signaled to the team. Kuroi went up to the coach and held a questioning look on his face.

"Coach what's wrong?" He asked. His coach looked at him and pointed to the Club bus.

"Get in, quickly before they get us!" He told him. Kuroi looked at him strangely and stayed where he was until his coach called out to them all.

"Hurry on the bus, they're everywhere!" His coach called. Kuroi's teammates looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. "They're everywhere, the dead are."

"The dead, how can that be?" One student asked.

"Who knows, but they're infecting others, so hurry up on the bus, or do you want to turn into them?" His coach asked. The students started to laugh. They all thought that the coach was pulling on their leg. No one believed him.

"That's crazy, Coach!" Another student said.

"Well, if that's crazy, then look behind you!" The coach instructed. The students looked behind themselves and saw them. They were rotting and disgusting with some teeth chipped. Their clothes were bloodied and ripped and their hair was falling out.

The students had to stifle their screams. They were all in a panic, not knowing what to do. Oh God. What were those things?

"Hurry up!" The coach yelled. The students ran to the bus. Some pushed others out of their way and some trampled each other. Kuroi, who was one of the fastest runners, ran with all of his might. When he finally made it on the bus he sighed in relief and grabbed a seat. Soon others came in panic. Then they all came on the bus. Except a few of his fellow classmates; those were the ones who were unlucky and the slow ones, they couldn't get all of them.

Instead, the coach closed the door to the Club bus and quickly sped away.


Sinichi looked around. He heard the announcement, he knew all about it. Blood already covered the walls of the school and the floor. Screams for help was all over the place, and the bored sounding moans followed after.

Everything and one was in panic. What the hell. This place has really become a hell. Why did this happen? And how did this happen? What started this?

Sinichi knew he couldn't stay around and do nothing. He needed to get out of here and fast. But, he couldn't be in a panic like the others where. Rule number one: Stay calm. That was all he had to do. Then again, that was a school rule and no one has ever been in this sort of situation before.

He walked silently down the hall as more screams where heard. He grimaced. He rounded the corner and saw a whole pack of 'Them' in his presence, feeding off of a freshman. He couldn't get out right now, he knew that. He needed to find another escape route, but how?

He looked over his shoulder and saw the school library. Perfect. He could hide in there until the situation dies down. He went quietly into the library. He made sure his steps were quiet and unheard. He then slid the door open and went in, closing the door silently behind him. Next step: a place to hide. Maybe the back room no one ever goes in there or has even tried. He nodded and went to the back. Not knowing what to expect when he went in.


So that's the ending to chapter one. I just introduced the first few characters in the story, so yeah. Okay so I have the final OC's now and I will be posting them below. I will have their OC forms so just in case someone wants to have a little romance with someone then they can. Heck, they can have a romance with one of my characters. In the future they will meet up so yeah.

So here are ALL of the accepted OC's!

Name: Sinichi Hizaku

Age: 17

Birthday: 5 March

Appearance: Short black hair, black eyes, fair skin, 5'9, weighs 65 kg. Medium build, not too muscular. Your average, high school boyish face.

Casual clothes: White, bloodied school uniform, black school pants, and black Supra shoe.

Pajamas: The top changes to a gray singlet. The others, the same.

Weapon(s): Remington model 700 Police (Taken from a dead officer when he was wandering the streets.)

Family: Parents overseas, condition unknown.

History: Just an ordinary sniper rifle otaku, lives a normal life, and occasionally goes to a shooting range owned by his friend's father.

What they were doing before the apocalypse: Zoning out in class. When the outbreak started, he was trapped in school for three hours before being able to leave safely. Wandered the streets and rooftops since then.

Where are they from: Japan.

Special abilities: Not really 'perfect aim' but able to kill a zombie from 850 meters away.

Not good with: Bright areas, close quarter combat and agile maneuvering.

Personality: Sinichi, he is talkative and likes to make jokes, random jokes which makes people chuckle. Sometimes he doesn't realize he had made a joke until people laugh at it. He also has a serious side to him, only when everyone's serious. Will go a long way to help someone if that person is in need. Worries about other people more than himself.

Sexuality: Male and straight.

Best friend: Infected

In a relationship with: No one.

Name: Kuroi Kagizume



Appearance: Short shaggy black skin
Casual clothes: Black short sleeve gym shoes

Pajamas: Black tank top

Weapon(s):Metal baseball.M14 (Main gun shop).CZ75(Side arm got it from dead soldier)

Family: Little sister -soldier

History: When Kuroi was a child he had an apathetic did not care for was like that until his sister was hit by a car and decided to live his days like it was his soon learn how to help take care of Shiro.

What they were doing before the apocalypse: Preparing for a track meet

Where are they from: Japan

Special abilities: Running, Healing

Personality: Kuroi very friendly, enthusiastic, and outgoing personality, and is almost always seen fooling around, smiling, making bad jokes, teasing friends, and hitting on girls. He is shown to care deeply for his friends, going to great lengths to protect those who are close to him.

Sexuality: straight

Name: Alice white

Age: 17 soon to be 18

Birthday: May 14


Eye Color: green emerald

Race: English \ British , Japanese

Height and Weight: normal 17 years old height , 110lbs

Skin : olive skin tone

Hair: soft long blond hair in high pigtails with bangs (her pigtails tied with red ribbons)

Body: olive skin tone , thin , curvy , C cup

Casual clothes: mini black plaid skirt , sleeveless england flag top , black thigh high socks , black high knee combat boots with heels , black 3\4 sleeve jacket ( open ) and black leather fingerless gloves with studs
Pajamas: bra and panties

Weapon(s): CZ 75 hand guns ( she have 2 gun holster on the hips) , chainsaw

( School : metal tonfas (if she will appear in the school ))


Father : dead

Mother : dead

History: Alice was born in London her mother (Sakura) died when she was 5 in a car accident
in japan so she return to England with her dad (Arthur) she who was head of police department he used to take her with him to his work place a lot ( she insist on going there with him so she know everyone he work with ) she learn how to use guns there and her father taught her how to fight . When she became 15 he gave her own pocket knife. When she became 17 her dad passed away so she moved back to japan to live with her grandmother. And to this day Alice always carry the pocket knife with here every where she goes.

What they were doing before the apocalypse: walking in the school halls

Where are they from: England

Special abilities : martial arts ( close combat ) , good eyesight (never miss a target)

Personality: shy girl , calm , nice to everyone , easy to be friends with , don't like yelling at other people don't like using violence with other she just like to talk her way throw them , can snap at any moment in a fight ( rarely happend ) , never tell anyone about her problems but she's a good listener , Stammer when she's nervous or afraid

Sexuality: straight

Best friend: no , not yet

In a relationship with: not yet

extra: she is the leader of the school Disciplinary Committee

Name: Takuya Lockheart

Age: 17

Birthday: October 1

Appearance: Takuya has spiky,messy,brown hair that slightly goes over his eyebrows. Honey brown eyes. He has a body like a model got it from playing soccer for so long. He has lightly tan skin. 5'9 tall. 155 Ibs.

Casual clothes: A white t-shirt under a black dress shirt, dark blue lightly faded jeans, and black air force nikes.

Pajamas: white t-shirt and boxers.

Weapon: Nail gun but only till he gets his M4A1 fully automatic with a silencer strapped to his back.

Father- James Lockheart (infected)
Mother- Yoshino Orimoto (unknown)
Little sister- Rin Lockheart (unknown)

History: Takuya was born and raised in America but moved to Japan because of his father's business making exotic cars which led to his parents' divorce and family's separation, all because his father cared more about making money instead of spending time with his family. Takuya lives with his father in Japan. His mother stayed in America with his little sister. He is captian of his school's soccer team and hopes to go pro after collage but his only obstacle his father who wants him to take over the family business.

What they were doing before the apocalypse:
He was dressing in the locker room after his P.E. class.

Where are they from: America

Special abilities: He knows how to drive a car, pick locks and knows how to handle a gun.

Personality: Takuya is a sweet,funny,smart, brave and incredibly flirtatous person.

Sexuality: streight

Best friend: Doesn't have a best friend he just has good friends.

Relationship: single but only because he wants to find a girl who will like him for him and not for his looks and money.

Name: Katylin Peterson

Age: 17

Birthday: Jul. 14

Appearance: Silky black hair tha reaches just past her shoulders, bright grey eyes that look like Renna's from Higurashi, average height, slender build, slightly paled skin

Casual clothes: Black tank top, grey skinny jeans, black elbow length fingerless gloves, dark ballet flats

Pajamas: tank top and baggy pants

Weapon(s): Baseball bat (temporarily) and bow and arrows

Family: Brother: Tai Peterson, 22, unknown; Mother: Yin Peterson, deceased; Father: Steven Peterson, unknown

History: Katylin was raised by her father for as long as she could remember as her mother had died in childbirth. Her life has been revolved around the various books she read and she tended to keep to herself for most of her teenage years. From ages three to seven she was very hyperactive and loved just going places. Nothing bad happened to her in those years and she had an average upbringing with her older brother, Tai. When Tai got married and moved out while Lin was twelve, she started to do things on her own and read books whenever someone saw her. She became quieter with no one else but her father, who was dealing with taxes and his job, and she stayed like this until she was sixteen. By the time she reached seventeen, she got a phone call from her brother saying that he wanted to catch up. She was due to meet him a day before Z-Day.

What they were doing before the apocalypse: Reading in the local library

Where are they from: Born in England, but doesn't remember living there

Special abilities (I do not mean super-powers I mean like what are they good at: Pick-locking, perfect aim, etc.): excellent aim when firing arrows or throwing things

Personality: Katylin in very quiet and often calls herself a bookworm, for the obvious reasons of her staying in the library most of her free time. She's the kind of person who likes to make small jokes to herself and tends to seem like she doesn't care about something, when she is actually debating with herself over what to do. She doesn't like to ask people for selfish things because she feels she is pestering them and being selfish. She will get giddy when she buys new books, and can sometimes tune out of her current surroundings and escape to her own little world. When she tunes out, she stares at an unmoving spot for a period of time and then she will blink at the sound of something to do with her. Because of her usually relaxed demeanour, she appears to have sort of tired-like eyes

Sexuality: Straight

Best friend: Some quiet like her

In a relationship with: No one at the moment, but would like a guy that will improve her confidence

Name: Yuki Chiharu
Birthday: March 17
Appearance: Yuki has white hip-length hair that's left down with messy bangs that cover her left has sky blue eyes, a thin, slightly pale, body, and is a 39C.
Casual clothes: A long sleeved, off-the shoulder black dress with a blue sash around the waist, blue heeled boots, and a simple blue handbag.
Pajamas: Black shorts and a blue tank-top
Weapons: Twin katanas, chainsaw, bokken
Family: Kaede Chiharu-Mother, Assassin, last known location was in North America
Shiro Chiharu-Father, Self-Defense Force, last known location was heading towards base
Yukio-Twin Brother, Unkwown (Possibly Alive)
History: Kaede and Shiro didn't expect their children to be twins, so when they found out about Yuki, they were surprised, but welcomed her into the twins were taught the ways of the assassin, learning to be able to kill without mercy or learned about close-ranged weapons while Yukio learned about stayed by herself at school, not wanting to hurt always seemed to know what she was feeling and almost always stayed by her side.
What they were doing before the apocalypse: Breaking up with her boyfriend in the cafeteria
Where are they from: Japan
Special Abilities: Agility, an assassin-in-Training ,and Flexibility
Personality: Yuki has DID(Dissociative Identity Disorder),and can hear the voice of Shi, her "other self", is distrusting towards others, not wanting them to be hurt by few people have been able to break the cold, icy walls around her heart, and she is kind and loyal to those that few things cause Shi to come out, but when she does, those who cause harm to her friends will either die or become zombie food.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Best friend: Yukio
In a relationship with: Broke up with her boyfriend on Z-day, so no one right now

Name: Yukio Chiharu
Age: 14
Birthday: March 17
Appearance: Shaggy white hair that gets in his eyes a lot, dark blue eyes, slightly pale skin, and a strong build.
Casual clothes: Black shirt that says, "Mess with My Friends, I Mess Up Your FACE!" with a bloody face beneath it, simple blue jeans, and black sneakers.
Pajamas: Shorts and a T-shirt
Weapons: Bow and Arrow, SMG machine gun(his dad gave it to him for his birthday and he always took it to school with him),nail gun
Kaede Chiharu-Mother, Assassin, last known location was in North America
Shiro Chiharu-Father, Self-Defense Force, last known location was heading towards base
Yuki Chiharu-Twin Sister, Alive
History: Same as Yuki, but he was one of the popular kids, always being surrounded by fangirls and asked questions.
What they were doing before the apocalypse: Being held back by Yuki so he wouldn't kill her ex-boyfriend
Where are they from: Japan
Special abilities: Accuracy, an assassin-in-Training, Observance
Personality: Yukio was the joker in school, slowly building up his popularity through his is a kind, loyal person to those who are close to him, but will do anything to protect his tends to tease his friends to annoy them and make others laugh.
Sexuality: Straight
Best friend: Yuki
In a relationship with: No one right now

So congrats to all that did make it, and to those who didn't then I am sorry! I wished I could put everyone in, but I couldn't. So I won't be updating for a while since I have school (Which is why I didn't update this fast enough) and I wanted to get everyone in character, or at least tot the best of my abilities. Hope you enjoyed it!

Note: Chapters won't be that long and if they are then that means I have a lot of free time!