Wukong in Love

Wukong and his friends were resting underneath a tree. Their journey to the west was hard and long. All of his friends and master had their eyes closed, all but him. He was staring into the horizon when a movement caught his eye.

It was near a stream. Something moved again and that's when he saw it….the most beautiful monkey he had ever seen. She had a blue qipao that was modified to allow more movement, black leggings and white combat boots. Her brown hair cascaded to her hips and a crown similar to his was on her head.

All his life, Wukong had never seen such beauty before. The Monkey Girl spun and saw him. She stood rooted to the ground. Her name was Chunli. And never in her life has she seen such handsomeness. She saw the male monkey looking and she blushed.

When Wukong saw the girl monkey blush at him, he felt his heart skip a beat. Chunli walked up to him and bowed politely. "Hello, I'm C-Chunli."she said shyly. "I'm W-Wukong,"he stuttered. Chunli smiled and played with her fur. "Wukong,"said Chunli, trying out his name.

To Chunli, the name suited him. When Wukong heard her say his name, he didn't know why but he wanted to hear her say his name forever. "Chunli. It means Spring Beauty."noted Wukong. Chunli blushed. For some reason she wanted to hear her name by him and him only.

"Why…are you here, Wukong? I don't mean to pry….but I just think…that you're very handsome,"Chunli blurted out. Wukong blushed. "You're very beautiful…and I'm on a quest to travel to the west to get the Buddhist scriptures."explained Wukong.

"Wow!"exclaimed Chunli. Wukong smiled. "Um…I know this is forward but…"Chunli rambled. "But what?"inquired Wukong. He got his answer when Chunli started kissing him passionately. He felt like he died and went to heaven.

Wukong wrapped his arms around Chunli and kissed back with full force. He had never kissed a woman monkey and for his first experience, he liked it. A LOT. 'Oh, hot dang! She's so hot and she's kissing me. This day couldn't get any better.'Wukong thought to himself.

He broke the kiss and stared into Chunli's eyes. She backed away a bit and held his hands near her heart.


A/N: I started writing for this after I heard about it. I kinda felt sad that none of the characters had romance. But the most I was sad for was Wukong. I am a big fan of his and HE'S MINE! That's why I put my Chinese name. More coming soon.