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When he saw Andrew up on that stage with Kaydee and her father, his world came crashing around his head.

All those years. He had made himself ignore the poisonous worlds dripping from his step father's mouth.

All those months. Cleaning the restaurant everyday from 5am to 6pm, working his hands until they bled.

All those days. Standing tall underneath the blows that fell upon him like rain.

He packed, tears slowly making tracks down his face.

He erased all trace of the tears from his face. It wouldn't do for his family to know that after all these years they had finally broken him.

"You can't leave!" "I can't stay. I'm sorta done with this place."

Those words ricocheted around in his head, causing irreparable damage as Kaydee ran up to the stage.

He slung his ukulele around his back and started to walk out that door. As he heard Kaydee start to introduce his step brother as Rags he felt his heart break a little bit more.

Just another day in his life

Just another blow to weather

Just another repair job on his heart

The thing is; he was running out of duct tape.