For the Diversity Competition (poetry) and for Gamma's OTP Boot Camp (Prompt 9 - whisper).



the summer

\ | /

– sun –

/ | \

you are. f r e e

(for once).

Free to just be.

Just be together

(without the whispers)

(without the stares).

Not that

O.o (stares) O.o

have ever s.t.o.p.p.e.d. you.

But, well, you can't deny that whispers *h*u*r*t*.




the sun's –rays–

you don't have to deal with anyoneelse.

It's justyoutwo


(no judgement)

(no disapproval)

(for once).

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

A gentle breeze ruffles ~strands~ of your sandy hair

not already /pinned/ between headandchest

(because you don't /s/e/p/a/r/a/t/e/ from him)

(not in summer)

(Why would you?)

You can feel every [in]take of a i r

as he breathes

because your head moves with his chest

(always as one).

You can feel the {{{warmth}}} of the

\ | /

– sun –

/ | \

on your skin.

You can feel his fingertips tracing


on your arm.

And then.

a whisper:


And you understand more than he says.

Because, really, he means


And you don't know.