Nova816 has joined in. The dessert terrain was rough, and hard to hide in. The sand was hot and burnt your skin if you hid in it for long. The rocks were lit like coal in a barbecue. Nova816 walked the deserts. The players looked at him like he was crazy from under the sand. He reached the beast he was supposed to fight. The beast looked at him. It shot fire at him like he was a pest. Nova816 dodged the massive ball of fire, taking out his toxic sword. The monster looked at the glowing green sword. Nova816 flipped the sword down, its tip facing the ground. Nova816 slammed his sword into the ground. The sand lifted. The players scurried away as the ground broke. ERROR IN GAME. PLEASE GO TO A DIFFERENT LANDSCAPE!

Userchat/16sandbot: What the hell is going on?

Userchat/landscaper76: I dunno! Someone hacking the server?

Userchat/Nova816: Leave now. The landscape is going to kill the monster.

Userchat/16sandbot: How!

Userchat/landscaper: Look to the right!

Ben turned his character 16sandbot to the right. He saw Nova816 cover the beast in the lifted landscape. The beast strugled, firing balls of fire inside. The sand heated, causing the monsters skin to heat. It screached. The server began to pixelate. SERVER CRASH... "What the hell?.." Ben muttered.