All was silent. I glared at the girl with blue hair. She had a smirk stretched across her face. "well,what are you going to tell everyone now?" I snapped, putting my shirt down. Bluebell laughed "Of course not but that doesn't mean I wont use you." she said.

I raised a delicate eyebrow, "what do you mean?" I asked. She put her hands on her hips and leaned forward "you're little friend,Tsunayoshi,Is friends with a Little someone I want." She said She frowned and hid her eye's with her bangs.

"That damn brat...took the only person who cared about me I want him to pay." she said darkly. I glared harder at her "No." i said,simply. The air in the locker room suddenly turned thick.

She had a dark look in her eye's."No?" she scoffed "Fine, I'll let it be for now...but just you wait, that little tuna brat is going to hurt you just the way he hurt me." she said,turning around and walking out the door. But not before saying: "but don't worry,you're gender will be our little secret." and with that she left.

I looked at the empty space she once was in,'what does she mean? what did Tsuna do?'. Sighing in defeat I quickly changed and walked into the gym.

Quietly, I gathered my items from my locker and slung my bag over my shoulder and walked down the hall,I bumped into someone and fell to the ground Letting out an unmanly yelp.

"s-sorry!" the person as I looked up to glare at the person I realized he was that boy that Tsuna was friends with, he had Tan skin with messy,spiky hair and light brown eye's.

"Ah,Hayato!" He said, Hearing my name should be normal, but for some reason when I heard him say my name I felt annoyed.I grabbed my backpack and was about to get up before i noticed that his hand was held out for me.

For some reason, I felt even more annoyed, My eye twitched and I smacked his hand away and stood up. "I can stand up on my own." I said roughly Fixing my skirt and shirt.

I slowly blushed "but thanks anyway..." I mumbled. I walked past him, And walked out the front door. As i walked out the door I heard footsteps behind me. I turned and saw he was following me. I glared at him "why are you following me?" I growled.

He flashed a million dollar grin that would make any girl faint, But luckily I'm not a girl.

"well, Technically i'm not following you, our houses just happen to be in the same direction." he said Walking up to me and walking next to me. "mind if i walk next to you?" he asked. I felt my face heat up I and looked away "no." Quickly walking so i walked fast so i was in front of him.

I heard him run up to me "You know you kinda remind me of a Tsundere." He said. I Turned to him and glared "A what!?" I shouted "You know Someone Who's mean at first and then becomes nice to the person over time." he said, Grinning "I bet if you knew me better You'd show me you're nice side." he said laughing.

I blushed and Looked at the ground. "I don't have a nice side." I said walking faster. "sure you do, I mean everyone has to have a Nice side." he said "even you."

I stopped walking and looked at him,He grinned, he was was he?

"you're really weird you know." I said. He looked at me Suprised and laughed "only a weird person would call another weird." he said "I don't think I actually introduced myself. I'm Takeshi yamamoto." he said " you can call me Takeshi." he said. "e-eh? W-why would i call you by you're first name stupid!" I shouted starting to walk again

"well...were friends aren't we?" He said scratching his cheek. "we are not friends!" i shouted. We..well me walking home and him following me, silently. After a while We came across A sushi shop "well this is my stop...hey, why don't you stop by for some sushi?" He asked,smiling.

"W-what!? No!" I said Walking quickly away, but I felt his big hand grab my wrist "come on!, it'll be fun!" he said pulling me to the shop. I tried to pull my wrist out of his hand , while i was doing that i also noticed how small I actually was.

My wrist was really small...I felt and looked...like...such a girl!

I shut my eye's tightly and pulled on my wrist harder but I lost as I realized we were already inside the shop. Many customers Looked at us Weirdly. I blushed at all the eye's that were on me.

I walked to one of tables and sat down

"AHH! YAMAMOTO! you're finally home!Eh?, who's this." An old man asked. He had tan skin and brown eye's "pop's! this is my friend Hayato!" He said Cheerfully. I felt my eyebrow twitch at the way he said my name.

"oh? You made Another friend!? another Girl?" the old man said i looked at him Weirdly. 'A girl...yeah,right.'.

"Yup! and she's hungry!" he said. I felt my eyebrow twitch again.

"alright!I'll go fix you up something." he said. The old man left and Yamamoto quietly sat down to resting his head on his hand, slouching, while i was sitting perfectly straight with my and on my lap.

He looked at me and smiled "doesn't Your back hurt sitting like that?" he asked. I raised an eyebrow at him "No, my mother told me a girl never slouches no matter how comfortable she feels." I stated. this time he raised an eyebrow. "really? because all my friends who are girls slouch all the time." he said. I 'humphed' "then there not really ladies." I said

'but are you one?...'

I gasped but covered it with a cough. "are you alright?" He asked, I cleared my throat "i'm fine." I said. Yamamoto laughed you should really relax,you look really stiff." He said.

I blushed "What!?" i shouted he laughed. "here lean down a bit." he said "What? Why wou-.". i felt a hand on my shoulder "i blushed at the heat come off the hand "trust me, Now lean forward." he said.

I complied and leaned forward a bit. "good now slid down you're chair a bit." He said. I did as he said And slid. I instantly felt my back muscles relax, "it feels...good." I whispered.

"now, doesn't that feel better?" He asked. I blushed and nodded. When the food came it looked delicious, but i refused to admit that when he asked how it tasted.

I felt my heart beat get faster, as i watched him laugh and smile. I griped the Front of my shirt 'why? I don't want to feel this!' I thought.

"oh, looks like the sun is setting." he said looking out the window.

My eye's widen, I gasped "W-what time is it!?" I asked "it's 8 o'clock..why?"

"Ohmygosh! I Have to go!" I said quickly grabbing my Bag and coat and running out the shop "Wait!Hayato,I'll see you at school tomorrow." He shouted I turned and looked at him.

"yeah!" I shouted and turned around and ran to my house "Let's hope so..." I whispered

I Quietly climbed the gate of my house and ran to the backyard and climbed the ladder like wall on the side of the house and opened the window to my room.

I climbed in and Closed it as Quiet as I could when it all closed I sighed in relief

"success..." i whispered i turned around And walked to my king sized bed in the room and Laid down And stretched my arms and legs.

I grabbed my pj's and quickly changed into them I let my hair loose from my pony tail. I brushed my hair, it felt like girl hair...but i'm not a girl..

I put my brush down. I heard my door open, I froze as i saw my angry mother in the mirror.

"M-Mother?...You're still up?" i asked nervously. " she stormed into my room i turned in my chair

She tightly grabbed my Arm

"Gokudera Hayato...Are you SLOUCHING!?" She screamed the last bit. I felt so relaxed I didn't even notice I was slouching

"M-Mother, I-I-" Icouldn't say anything else as I felt her hand hit my cheek with great force

"I DID NOT RAISE MY DAUGHTER TO SLOUCH!" she screamed. Her hand tightened and she suddenly let go. "stop slouching and tell me were you where. Now." she growled

I gulped And suddenly sat up straight, Causing my back to feel a bit sore. "good now were where you?" She asked Crossing her arms "I-I was at a friends house, He di-"

"He?HE!?" she shouted angrily "what! you suddenly go to A public school and you try to lose you're virginity!?" she shouted

I looked at her shocked "W-WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?" I shouted. She glared "I know what boy's are like in public school! they all run around sleeping with girls when ever they can!" She said

"W-WHAT THAT'S NOT TRUE!...Is it?" I asked. I 'was yamamoto just trying to sleep with me?' I wondered. I grunted and shook my head "WHAT DOES IT MATTER! I'M A BOY TOO!" I shouted. My mother suddenly froze.

I gulped "You are a girl." she growled. she grabbed the nearest thing she could find and hit my back with it "AND STOP SLOUCHING!" she said

I cried at the sharp pain in my back, she threw the item on the floor and it instantly broke. she pionted her finger at me "YOU ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE HOUSE ANYMORE! YOU ARE GOING TO BE HOME SCHOOLED AGAIN! AND IF I OR ONE OF THE MAIDs OR BUTLERS SEE YOU LEAVE TO GO VISIT THAT 'BOY!' YOU ARE TO BE PUNISHED, DO YOU UNDERSTAND!" she shouted I looked fearfully at my mother, I have never seen her this angry before...

"do you understand?" she asked again

I nodded " yes, i understand." i said. She glared at me and smacked my back

"stop slouching and go to bed now." she said stomping out the room slamming the door

i cringed at the loud noise and went and laid on my bed ignoring the pain in my back

And quietly cried myself to sleep.