Amalthea: This was inspired by the Story called OOPS by Thylacina2005 and Strays by Eskimoq. You guys get to vote for which two gets paired with Jade Potter in this one! Orihime won't exist in this fic but Jade has Orihime's abilities! Here are the animal forms

Aizen: Pure white Panther cub with a tuft of brown hair

Grimmjow: White Panther cub with Black tipped paws and blue tuft of hair

Gin: Silver Fox cub

Ulquiorra: A small white and black Kitten

Tousen: a black wolf pup with milky brown eyes

Here are your choices:

Aizen: 1

Gin: 4

Grimmjow: 2

Ulquiorra: 4

Tousen: 1

The first Two to 8 VOTES will win! Now with no further delay, KON HIT IT!

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Aizen and the others froze at that bit of news causing Jade to look worried as she asked "Szayel-san? You will be able to cure them though, won't you?"

"Well…that's another thing I need to talk about. It's seems the change is only temporary but when it will wear off, I can't say…"

Aizen gave him a look that Szayel read correctly and he then said "Well it could be anywhere from two weeks to…4 months for the Spell to wear off.

Grimmjow hissed as he said "NU UH, I'm NOT staying a Panther cub for that long! There has to be something you can Fucking do!"

Szayel took a step back from the cub as Grimmjow hissed angrily then wheeled around on Aizen and tackled him to the floor, Jade moved to stop them and easily pulled Grimmjow away from Aizen as she gently bonked his nose and said "No fighting! Grimmjow-san, what happened was an ACCIDENT. Aizen-sama didn't mean for this to happen so please let it go for now…"

Grimmjow grumbled but nodded as he was placed back on the ground and she gently checked Aizen over for injuries from the brief scuffle, Aizen stayed still as she ran her hands down his ribs gently and she found no injuries causing her to sigh in relief. Aizen could feel a blush on his cheeks as she stood up from checking his ribs; he had to suppress the urge to purr when she ran her hands down his ribs because it felt so good to him. Aizen then heard a small familiar voice then ask "Aizen-sama, Are you alright?"

Aizen looked at the black and white Kitten that was Ulquiorra and nodded as he softly meowed "It's hard to suppress these cub instincts….I keep getting the urge to just act like a small cub would."

"Szayel did say that would happen, Aizen-sama…if it helps, I have the urges to act my body's current age as well."

"That does make me feel a bit better…"

Two hours later…

Gin was lying on Jade's bed and taking another nap as he tried to suppress his instincts telling him to play, he felt someone sit on the bed near him and gently rub his fur causing his fluffy fox tail to wag happily. He nuzzled the hand gently then looked up to find it was Jade; he nuzzled her hand again in thanks causing her to smile. Just then Jade and Gin heard a LOUD crash from her vanity and Jade quickly ran over to see what happened, she found Grimmjow, Aizen and Ulquiorra all covered in various shades of makeup and reeking of perfume. She noticed that Ulquiorra was standing between Aizen and Grimmjow and asked "Did Grimmjow try attacking Aizen-sama again?"

Ulquiorra nodded as Grimmjow hissed at him causing Jade to sigh, she gently scooped up the three small cats and headed to the bathroom with Gin following with Tousen. She then closed the door so none of them could escape and said "Time for a bath you guys, unless you want to stay covered in makeup…"

The three "Kittens" shook their heads as Jade filled the tub with nice warm water; she stopped the water only about four inches off the bottom and gently lifted the three into the tub. She then began to gently scrub them down when Szayel came in with a vial and accidently tripped over Tousen, Szayel tried to catch the vial before it hit the tub water and broke causing the Liquid to mix with the bath water. Aizen yowled along with Grimmjow and Ulquiorra as smoke filled the room, they could feel their bones popping and cracking as they shifted into a new shape.

Jade and Szayel stared in shock at the three somewhat HUMAN, shivering two year olds in the tub. Aizen then realized he was naked and mostly human except for his ears and the small kitten tail on his backside; he squeaked very much like a kitten and tried to cover himself up as did Grimmjow and Ulquiorra. Jade quickly turned to spare them more embarrassment while Szayel helped them out and got them covered up quickly, Aizen then looked at his tiny hands as he asked Szayel in an adorable toddler's voice "Szayel, what was that liquid that fell in the tub?"

Szayel sighed and then said "I found a way to temporarily return you to your original human forms. The liquid would have allowed you to take human form for about three hours in a day…but it was never meant to be mixed with water."

Aizen's eyes went wide at that and Jade asked "Szayel-san? Why are they like this then?"

"To be honest…I have no clue. It should have returned them to their true age even with the water unless there was something in the water…"

Jade blinked then realized in shock what had caused the reaction that had happened, "Szayel-san! Could a mixture of perfume and makeup in the water cause this reaction?"

"It is possible…"

One hour later…

Gin and Tousen were also turned into the small toddler forms and they sighed in relief after being examined again by Szayel, Szayel sighed as he told them that the toddler forms were temporary like it was meant to be but the time limit was extended by about half an hour. Aizen sighed and nodded as he and the others suddenly felt extremely tired and yawned, Szayel noticed as did Jade and she smiled softly as Szayel suggested they sleep in the infirmary for the night just in case something went wrong. Aizen and the others were too tired to argue so they climbed into the beds that they were placed in when Jade told them that she was going to get some sleep in her room…

Hour and half later…

Jade was sitting at the window when she heard her door creak open, she turned to find Gin standing there with Aizen. She stood and asked what was wrong as she knelt to their level, both of them looked embarrassed as they admitted to having nightmares and could no longer sleep. Jade smiled and gently told that if they wanted, they could sleep with her in her bed for now, both males had light blushes on their cheeks as she helped them onto the bed. Gin laid down on her right while Aizen laid on her left, Jade watched as Gin quickly zonked out on the pillow and then felt Aizen cuddling up to her as his eyes got heavy and he fell fast asleep. Jade smiled and then settled down as she tried to sleep for the first time in three days…

Aizen jerked awake from under the covers as he noticed he was a panther cub again, he heard the sound that woke him up and he crawled out of the covers to find Gin trying to wake up Jade who was having a really Bad dream. The fox cub looked worried sick as he tried again to wake her up, she then suddenly screamed as she sat up suddenly and was breathing quite hard. Gin let out a worried yip and nuzzled her hand as Jade noticed that the two of them were awake, she softly apologized for waking them as she trembled from the terror the dream had caused. They both looked at her in worried curiosity as she calmed herself down from the familiar nightmare; she noticed their concern and smiled as she softly told them that it was an old nightmare about her uncle and Aunt she had to live with for the longest time…