Darcy moved slowly up to the roof of the lab, having already downed half a bottle of red wine she was in no rush. Besides she always felt sluggish on this particular day.

She pushed open the door to the roof and noticed someone else was sitting in here favorite deck chair. It was Loki, he was wearing his signature Midgardian outfit of a green shirt and black jeans. She stood next to the other chair, "mind if I join you?" Without looking at her he motioned for her to sit and she did. they sat in silence for awhile just staring at the night sky. Then he asked.

"Why does Midgard have a holiday to honor fathers?" He sounded half confused half angry.

"I don't know, probably invented by fathers." Loki let out a laugh. She had never heard him laugh, it reminded her of how her brother used to laugh when they were children. She was so lost in her own world she almost didn't here his question.

"What happened?" She knew exactly what he meant but didn't know if she was up to talking about it.

"What happened when?" She couldn't play dumb with him, he was the god of mischief for christ sake! "Oh you know... same old sob story. Parents get drunk, forget to use protection and a few weeks later they realize uh-oh! We may have a problem. And when it's finally your time to enter the world, daddy dearest decides he can't handle the responsibility." She was crying now, damn him for making her cry.

She stood and walked to the edge of the roof. She hated crying, especially in front of people she barely knew. She took a swig from the bottle she carried up with here... that's it Darcy, just like every other year. Drown your sadness in booze

Loki didn't mean to make her cry. He regretted asking the question.

He moved to the edge of the roof next to her. "I'm the bastard child of two frost giants. During the last great battle of the nine realms my father left me for dead in a temple. If it wasn't for Odin Allfather I would have perished." He laughed bitterly.

"Okay fine you win, but a least someone came to save you. Someone cared." She drank deeply from the bottle and hiccuped "No one ever cared for me." She looked at him with a teary smile "but hey at least you're a god, I'm a broke college student living on my wits in the middle of nowhere New Mexico." She titled the bottle back only to find it empty, she let it slip from her fingers and fall to the sidewalk below. It was good thing Jane had taken Thor to meet her parents. She would have flipped she had seen that.

"I think I'll sleep out here tonight."