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It's the next day Saturday

"So are we going to tell everyone today? "Asked Davis nervously

"Yup" said Yolei there was a digidestined meeting later

"What do you want to eat? "Asked Davis "pancakes "said Yolei smiling

"Ok I'll make some "said Davis heading to the kitchen "you cook? "Asked Yolei surprised

"Yup when my parents are at work I got to make my own food "said Davis proud

Time skip 3:00 (digidestined meeting)

"Where are they "said Tai "yeah there 15 minutes late "said Matt

All the girls looked at each other thinking Yolei must have told Davis.

It didn't go unnoticed by Tai and the other guys.

Just before Tai was going to ask Davis and yolei came running up.

"Hey sorry were late "said Davis "yeah we had some stuff to do "said Yolei

"Stuff? "Asked Tk "yeah what stuff you two can't doing anything together without killing one another "said Cody

"You'd think "muttered Mimi but it was still louder enough for the others to hear

"What? "Asked Ken then all the girls and Davis were glaring at Mimi

"Nothing "said Mimi the guys were now really suspicious

"Ok let's get this meeting started" said Tai "ok and I have a surprise "said Izzy

"What "asked everyone "this "said Izzy as he opened his laptop and next thing there were there digimon standing there.













"This is amazing Izzy" said his girlfriend (Mimi)

"I know" said the computer genius

"Ok so what's new? "Asked Agumon

"Oh well Izzy and Mimi are dating and so are Tai and Sora and Tk and Kari "said Yolei

"Wow finally "said all the Digimon

"And one more thing "said Davis "what? "Asked the digimon and guys confused

"I have a girlfriend "said Davis "wow who's the lucky girl davish"asked Veemon

"Yolei" said Davis looking down all the guys and digimon looked at him in disbelief

"Yolei really "asked Hawkmon "yes "said Yolei in a small voice

"Were happy for you "said Kari "yeah totally "said Mimi

"You girls knew "asked the Guys "yes we did "said sora

"How long? "Asked Ken "six months "said Davis and Yolei

"Six months and you didn't tell us "said Cody hurt "we were just worried how you would take it "said Yolei

"Yeah and plus there's something else that happened by accident "said Davis

"What "asked Matt "I'm pregnant" said Yolei

"WHAT "said the digimon and guys

"Guys calm down "said Sora "you knew this to "asked Izzy "yes we were helping Yolei feel better about this "said Kari

It took 20 minutes but the guys finally calmed down.

"Ok so you're having a kid "asked Tai still in shock

"yes "said Yolei "have you told your parents "asked Joe "yes "said yolei looking down

"They were angry and said either I get rid of it or I leave so they kicked me out "said Yolei almost in tears

"Oh yolei "said Mimi "come here "said Sora all the girls were hugging Yolei as she cried

"Hey yolei were here for you "said Cody everyone nodded "where are you staying now? "Asked Kari

"She's staying with me "said Davis "oh well do your parents know? "Asked Joe "yes and there disappointed but supportive "said Davis

"that's good "said Tk "if it's a boy name it after me "said Tai smiling "sure "said Davis "no "said Yolei

"No sorry Tai" said Davis

/He's so whipped/All the guys thinking and smirking

"So how far are you? "Asked Joe "about two months "said Yolei

"Ok well have you seen a doctor? "Asked Joe "just one to confirm my pregnancy "said Yolei

"Ok well how about I make you a doctor appointment for next month with she's a great pregnancy doctor "said Joe "ok sounds good "said Yolei "yup" said Davis

It was after the meeting the digimon were staying with their partners

"listen Davis I'm only going to say this once if you hurt yolei or walk out on her I'll break as many bone in your body as I can "said Hawkmon serious

Davis gulped and Veemon looked scared

"I promise I wont"said Davis "I'm holding you to that "said Hawkmon

Then yolei came back she had to go to the bathroom in a restaurant

"Hey I'm back what I miss "asked Yolei "nothing "said Hawkmon

Davis and veemon nodded "ok"said Yolei

They were walking back to Davis's when they walked in there were two people yolei did not want to see.

"Mom, Dad"

What's Going To Happen Next?

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