Haruhi held the envelope in her hand. This would tell her whether or not she would be the new scholarship student at Ouran Academy. Haruhi took a deep breath as she opened the envelope.

"Haruhi Fujioka, We at Ouran Academy regret to inform you that we will not be accepting you as the scholarship student. We thank you for applying and taking our test. Good luck to you in your future." Haruhi sighed and gasped when she saw tears land on the paper in her hands. She reached up and wiped her tears before crumpling up the paper and throwing it away. 'Stupid Ouran. Who needs those damn rich bastards anyway.' She thought angrily to herself. She walked up the stairs to her apartment and opened the door only to be pulled into a tight hug by her father.

"So, what did the letter say? Is my smart daughter a new student in Ouran or not?" Haruhi shook her head and Ryoji (Ranka) Fujioka looked completely dejected. He called the bakery and told them to change the writing on the cake from 'Congratulations Haruhi' to 'Better luck next time Sweetie.' Ranka came back to the living room only to see Haruhi in front of the memorial of Kotoko Fujioka.

"Sorry mom," Haruhi whispered, "looks like I won't get to go to that school I was telling you about. I know they're all a bunch of rich bastards but, I was looking forward to going to one of the top schools. Maybe I could try for Lobelia, like you." 'That's it! I'll apply to go to St. Lobelia girl's Academy.' Haruhi yelled at her father that she would be right back as she ran out the door and towards Lobelia. 'Wait, I don't know where the hell I'm going.' She looked up and saw the bakery she liked. 'I'll ask them if they know' She opened the door and bumped into what felt like a solid wall. She looked up into dark eyes. He was really tall with black hair and a small blonde child on his shoulders.

"I am so sorry." She apologized without breathing. The little blonde boy hopped off the tall guy's shoulders and smiled at Haruhi.

"It's okay, just be careful next time." He said in a cute voice with a smile on his face.

"Mitskuni, we should get back before the club meeting starts." The little boy named Mitskuni looked up at the giant and smiled even bigger.

"Okay Takashi! I wanna get this cake there too." They started walking the direction Haruhi had originally been running in when an idea popped into Haruhi's head.

"Hey wait you two," They stopped and turned around. "Do you know where Lobelia's academy is?" The two looked at each other then back at Haruhi.

"Well, yeah," said Mitskuni, "but, why would you want to go there?" Haruhi thought back to the letter and sighed,

"Well, to be honest, it's because I didn't get accepted into Ouran. I wanted to try Lobelia so I'd be able to graduate from a top school and become a Lawyer like my mother." A limo pulled up and the driver opened the door greeting them with a bow. Takashi slid in and looked at Mitskuni.

"We could drop you off at Lobelia if you'd like." Mitskuni got in the limo and Haruhi nodded sliding in after him.

"So what's your name?" Takashi asked Haruhi. She looked around the small room in the limo and then looked at Takashi.

"Haruhi Fujioka." She said quietly.

"Well Haru-chan, it's sad that you didn't get accepted to Ouran. Takashi and I are students there." Mitskuni grabbed a bunny doll and held it out to Haruhi. "Wanna hold Usa-chan? He's great for making anyone feel better!" Haruhi looked at the doll and smiled.

"I suppose it is kind of cute." She grabbed the doll and held it close to her.

"Oh Haru-chan, you can call me Honey-sempai and you can call him Mori-sempai." 'Why would I call this kid sempai? Oh wait, didn't he say he was a student at Ouran?' Haruhi nodded.

"If you don't mind me asking, are you really in high school Honey-sempai?" He nodded.

"Me and Takashi both are third years." Haruhi felt her mouth drop a little. "What about you Haru-chan? What grade are you in?" Honey-sempai asked her happily.

"I'm going to be a first year. I was hoping to get into Ouran but that plan is ruined. I don't really want to go to an all girl's school but, it's one of the top schools. It will look good on an application when going to college or getting a job." Honey-sempai and Mori-sempai nodded in agreement. The limo stopped and the door on Haruhi's side was opened.

"Good luck Haru-chan!" Honey-sempai yelled happily. Haruhi got out, thanked the two and said goodbye. She was halfway to the door when she looked down and saw a little pink rabbit in her hands. 'Usa-chan? Why do I still have this doll?' She turned around to give it back but the limo was long gone. Haruhi gently laid the doll in the bushes while she went to fill out the application at Lobelia.

Mitskuni's POV

"Haru-chan's nice isn't she Takashi?" His cousin nodded and looked out the window. It was only a fifteen minute ride from Lobelia to Ouran and soon the limo was stopped and the door was held open for the two students. Takashi held Mitskuni on his shoulders as he walked up the stairs to the third music room. They opened the door to rose petals swirling out.

"You two are unusually late," Kyoya said without looking up from his notebook. "Where have you been?" Mitskuni jumped off his cousin's shoulders and put the cake on a table close by.

"We were helping some commoner girl get to Lobelia." Takashi said quietly.

"Why would some commoner girl want to go there?" Tamaki asked rushing up to his two sempais.

"Because she wasn't accepted into Ouran." Mitskuni said sadly. Kyoya looked up and pushed his glasses up.

"I assume you are speaking of Haruhi Fujioka?" Everyone looked at Kyoya.

"Yeah. How'd you know Kyo-chan?" Mitskuni asked while opening up his cake.

"I saw her application. She's quite an intelligent young lady. Her application said that she wished to become a lawyer like her deceased mother. I did some research on her. She will be a first year. Her father, Ryoji Fujioka or Ranka at his job, is a cross dresser. She lives in a small apartment not too far from here." Mitskuni made a face at Kyoya.

"It's not nice to look into someone's private life Kyo-chan." Kyoya merely shrugged and went back to writing in his notebook.

"Where's Usa-chan Mitskuni?" Mitskuni looked around and gasped as tears started to fill his eyes.


Haruhi walked out of Lobelia feeling confident about the test and smiled. She looked into the bushes and picked up the little pink bunny. 'I suppose I should return this to Honey-sempai.' She walked in the direction of Ouran and was there within thirty minutes. She walked in the front gate of Ouran and up to the front entrance. 'Where could they be?' She asked a lady at the office where Mitskuni was and the lady smiled while telling her to check the third music room. She went up the stairs that the lady had pointed to and turned the corner. She saw a sign above the door that read "3rd Music Room.' She opened the door as rose petals spiraled out the door.

"Haru-chan! You found Usa-chan!" Mitskuni spun Haruhi in a hug and then grabbed the bunny and hugged it tightly.

"Sorry Honey-sempai, I guess I forgot to put Usa-chan back when I got out of the limo." Haruhi jumped when a pair of twins wrapped their arms around her shoulders.

"So, you are the mysterious commoner girl," said the twin on her left, "that wants to go to Lobelia." Finished the twin on her right.

"Yeah, I want to go to Lobelia since I wasn't accepted here. Plus, my mom went to Lobelia so if I can't go here, I want to follow her. Now if you will excuse me, I must get home to cook dinner for my father. Sorry again Honey-sempai, and thanks for the ride to Lobelia." Haruhi said as she headed for the door. A tall blonde man stood in front of the door before Haruhi could open it.

"You can't leave it, you just got here. Sit and have some cake Haruhi!" He said way too loudly.

"No thanks." Haruhi mumbled and pushed the blonde guy out of her way.

"Kyoya she pushed me!" The blonde guy said as he retreated to a corner of the room.

"Well, Tamaki, she said she needed to get home." Tamaki looked back towards the door where the commoner girl was no longer standing. Haruhi ran down the stairs and out the door. 'What is wrong with those guys? There is no freaking way that kid is a third year and what is wrong with the twins? The only normal one in that group was the guy named Kyoya, and even he seemed scary!' She ran towards her apartment and stopped to catch her breath at the bottom of the stairs. She walked up the stairs and opened the door only to be wrapped in a hug by her father.

"Oh Haruhi, where were you? I was so worried!" Haruhi pushed her father off of her and walked to the kitchen with Ranka on her heels.

"I went to Lobelia and got a ride from some guys from Ouran. Then I accidentally took one of the guys doll so I went to Ouran to return it." Ranka pulled Haruhi close to him frantically.

"Oh my poor Haruhi being surrounded by a bunch of evil rich boys!"

"Dad, get off!" Haruhi yelled as she pushed her father off again. Haruhi finished making dinner and went to her room to do her homework. 'Here's hoping I don't have to see that weird group again. Once was more than enough' Haruhi thought as she finished up her homework and put it in her bag. She left her room and found her father had left for work and his dirty dishes left on the table. Haruhi sighed as she picked up the dishes and put them in the sink. As she went to turn on the hot water, she heard a knock. She opened the door to see Kyoya standing there.