Saturday, June 19th, 2010

"Are they… alive?" Natasha asked, turning her head to face the Doctor.

The Time Lord looked at the SHIELD agent, eyes burdened with age and experience that Clint, at the moment, was thankful he did not share. "That's a very good question, Natasha. One that I've been asking myself and others for a very long time."

Clint looked at the Doctor as he puzzled through his thought process aloud. "So they're… half-alive, then? How does that work exactly, robot aliens? Is there something inside them, powering them at the core? Or maybe they used to be alive—human, even—but they've been stripped of—" An almost indiscernible nod from the other man set the air heavy with silence again.

"And that's what they were doing at the apartment building." Her voice lacked volume, but was not soft enough to be considered a whisper. It was a breath of truth that the pair had come to silently, begging to be vocalized even though they all understood.

"Yes, and you destroyed that one. But there are others." The Doctor's weathered expression faded slightly, hinting at a devious, adventurous nature that Clint suspected often covered up the gravity with which he viewed the Cybermen. "Others that you cannot see. But I see them." He raised an eyebrow, regarding Natasha and Clint with a subtle air of…hope? "Are you sure you want to do this? After what you've seen." They both nodded in turn. The Time Lord's face finally broke into a grin. "Alright," he beamed, nodding his head to the side. "I hope you're fit. There's an awful lot of running involved." His smile faltered for a split second, something Clint noticed but did not mention.

"Okay, then, where do we begin?" Natasha checked her weapons. (The Doctor frowned as she handled the firearms. She didn't seem to pay attention. Clint took note.)

"Restaurant across from the fountain."

"They're set up at a restaurant?" Natasha repeated warily. It sounded ridiculous, but not impossible.

"Oh, nah. But I bet you and your boyfriend—" Clint didn't say anything this time, just rolled his eyes with a breath of protest "—are starving."

Natasha gave him a dismayed look but didn't protest. Clint had to admit that he was, in fact, very hungry, and wouldn't mind sitting down to eat something. "Alright, we'll eat first. But from what you've said, Doctor, this isn't a situation where we can sit around and let the problem fester."

The Doctor smirked, grabbed his coat and headed out the door of the TARDIS with an enthusiastic "Allons-y!"


Saturday, June 19th, 2010

The trio sat at the table and looked over their menus. Clint could feel a hint of anxiety growing in his stomach, though he wasn't sure if it was because the impossible task he recently took on or because he was sitting next to Natasha. Whatever the cause, he buried the feeling deep in the pit of his stomach and pondered over what to order.

The waitress approached the three of them and asked for their drink orders. None of them really wanted anything besides the water already sitting on their table, so no orders were taken. As the waitress turned to walk away, Natasha's eyebrows darted upwards. She called to the wait woman walking away. (She promptly turned around and approached them once again.) "Are you aware that you have rats in your workplace?" She asked authoritatively with the slightest hint of accusation below her words. The waitress looked around frantically before she leaned in and whispered, "They're not rats, ma'am," and scurried off to serve the other tables. Natasha turned to the Doctor, perplexed. "This isn't just some restaurant, is it." It was less of a question and more of a statement, for she already knew the answer. The Doctor shot the both of them a smug grin and adjusted his glasses. "No time to waste."


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