Chapter 1: The Beginning

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After everything that happen, after Metal Fight Beyblade 4D and the gang starting to grow up. Here are the ages of the people in my story:

Ginga: 18

Madoka: 18

Kyoya: 19

Hikaru: 18

Benkei: 21

Kenta: 16

Yu: 15

Tsubasa: 21

Everybody was hanging out at B-Pit for a reunion. Ginga and Kyoya was the last one to make it. Before they made it there, they decided to talk.

Ginga: You know it been a long time since they see us, they may be mad at us.

Kyoya: Well, we decided to leave; they don't need to know everything.

'Kyoya had a point' Ginga thought as they entered the B-Pit. Everybody was staring at them.

Before they entered: Everybody was shocked when Madoka told them that Ginga and Kyoya were coming.

"What! How did you even get in contact with them" Kenta asked. "I told you I don't know, they just emailed me saying that they will be here, but a little late" Madoka said. "And you never ask how you got the invite?" Benkei yelled. "Not really, I was just too surprised that they even got it" Madoka said. Hikaru came up to Madoka, "Do you know that it been 4 years since we them. You crushing on Ginga and don't even know that he even have a girlfriend" Hikaru teased. "Hey! Your crushing on Kyoya so don't even go there. We both have something to go against each other" Madoka said. Then the doors open and there were Ginga and Kyoya.

Present Time:

Everybody was staring at them. Some of them were in tears, especially Benkei. Then everybody hugged them. When Benkei came to hug, he knocked down everybody and they all landed on the ground.

"Wow, I just remember that Benkei can knocked us on the ground" Kenta said. "Sorry for interrupting this moment but can y'all GET OFF OF US" both Ginga and Kyoya yelled. Everybody then got off of them. Madoka helped Ginga up while Hikaru helped Kyoya help.

"Well, since we are here, TIME FOR CAKE" Yu yelled as he ran downstairs. Everybody else follow except for Ginga. Madoka notice he didn't follow and went back upstairs.

Madoka: What's wrong?

Ginga: Nothing, its jut that it been 4 years since we saw each other, but it feel like 10 years.

Madoka: Me too

Ginga: So, how was it? Like what happen exactly what happen over the years?

Madoka: Well, we didn't know you left till Hyoma told us. Then we didn't see you till you were on TV at a tournament, which was two years after you left. That's when we knew that you wasn't dead.

Ginga: Wait, you thought that I was dead?

Madoka: Yeah, we all did. I started to think that I will never see you again. It made us feel sad that we thought you were dead.

Then Madoka started to tear up, Ginga saw that and put his arm around her.

Ginga: I'm sorry that I didn't tell you. I wanted too, but then everyone would've told me to stay here and not leave. If I had to leave, then I couldn't tell you or even Kenta. Sorry for making you think that I was dead.

Madoka: Just promise me this, if you leave tell me, and then I will promise you that I won't tell anyone, not even Kenta.

Ginga: Promise.

Then Ginga kiss Madoka on the cheek. Madoka blushed. Then she touch Ginga face and they kiss on the lips. Ginga broke the kiss and grab Madoka's hand. "Let's go downstairs" he said as Madoka nod. When they came downstairs Yu and Benkei was strapped in chairs with duct tape on their mouth.

"By the time we came down here, they immediately jumped at the food. So me and Tsubasa had to strapped them to the chair till you two came downstairs" Kyoya said calmly. "Yeah, and Benkei haven't lose weight, he gain weight" Tsubasa add on. "Can the tape get off of our mouths?" Benkei muffled. "Ginga and Madoka, are y'all ready to eat?" Hikaru asked as she put her elbow on Kyoya's shoulder. "Yea were ready" they answered. Hikaru nod as Tsubasa rip the tape off their mouth. They both screamed but they got a shut up suck it up from everybody. Then people got their food and sat down. Here how the order went: Ginga, Madoka, Kyoya, Hikaru, Tsubasa, Yu, Kenta and Benkei.

Benkei: I wanted to sit next to Kyoya

Hikaru: Too BAD!

Benkei: Madoka, can I sit by you?

Ginga: No!

Kyoya: Damn! You hate him or something?

Ginga: No, it's just the last time he sat by Madoka he leg was on the both of us.

Kenta: Ginga, can I sit by you?

Madoka: Sorry but no, that I don't want you over here it's just that you have to stay your distant from me after the food accident. You laughed and food was all over me.

Yu: (laughing) Oh yea, I remember Kenchi doing that. We all laugh then we all started to run away from Madoka.

Kyoya: 'Imaging Madoka cover with food) Yeah that will be funny.

After everyone was done eating people. Everybody started to talk.

Tsubasa: So you're saying that you have rooms for everyone to stay here?

Madoka: Yeah, you know you can stay here if you want. I don't really mind.

Everyone: Cool!

Hikaru: How about Truth or Dare?

Kyoya: Ok, Benkei, truth or dare?

Benkei: DARE!

Kyoya: I dare you to stay away from me until I say otherwise. I still remember you breathing down my neck.

Benkei: Ok, Kenta, truth or dare

Kenta: dare, I don't you with truth yet

Benkei: I dare you to sing and dance to Power Puff Girls Theme.

After Kenta was done singing, everybody started laughing.

Kenta: Okay, Yu truth or dare

Yu: Truth

Kenta: Okay, is it true that you can eat as much as Benkei?

Yu: Yes and No, no because I wouldn't shove myself with meat, it would of have been sweets and other types of candy.

Kyoya: Another reason why I don't trick or treat with him for Halloween. When he throw up, you don't want to be around him.

Ginga: I know, I been there. (Ginga and Kyoya fist bump)

Yu: Tsubasa truth or dare

Tsubasa: Truth, you're hyper and I learn not to say dare from when Ginga had to run around the block in his underwear saying I'm a pretty pony.

Ginga: Too many gay guys, too many guys (Ginga started to remember that day and it frightened him. Madoka rub his back)

Yu: Why are you such a downer like Yo-Yo?

Kyoya: Stop calling me Yo-Yo! Do I look like a toy? And I'm not a downer. It's just the stuff you do is too happy and preppy.

Ginga (muffled): To Hikaru you are. (Kyoya gave him a death glare)

Tsubasa: Well I'm not a downer, I just don't want to do they stuff that y'all do.

Ginga and Kyoya coughing: LIAR!

Tsubasa: Kyoya truth or dare?

Kyoya: Dare! But no gay stuff

Tsubasa: Fine, I dare you to kiss Hikaru

Both Hikaru and Kyoya blushed. They turned to each other and kiss. Everybody ooh except for Benkei and Tsubasa. They were gawking at them. Kyoya found two books and throw them both at them. Then he broke the kiss with Hikaru.

Tsubasa and Benkei: How did you do that?

Kyoya: Five words. The corner of my eye!

That made them look dumb.

Kyoya: Madoka truth or dare?

Madoka thought about it and answered: Truth

Kyoya: Is it true that you are in love with Ginga?

Madoka: Yes, it's true. (Then blushed)

Benkei and Yu: Oooo

Kyoya: How did you not know that? I only said that to make Benkei feel dumb twice.

Madoka: Hikaru truth or dare?

Hikaru: Dare

Madoka: I dare you to sit on Kyoya's lap until the end of the game

Hikaru blush and slid onto Kyoya's lap.

Hikaru: Ginga truth or dare?

Ginga: Dare

Hikaru: I dare you to kiss Madoka to end the game.

Ginga just shrugged and kiss Madoka. Then a couple of seconds later they broke the kiss. Yu yawned.

Yu: Okay time to go to bed. How is the bedroom arrangements going to be?

Benkei: Kyoya and me be roommates

Hikaru: No!

Ginga: Benkei, my best bet is to not choose Kyoya at all unless it's just us guys.

Kenta: Let me just sum this is up for all of our sakes. Ginga with Madoka, Kyoya with Hikaru, Tsubasa with Yu and me with Benkei. Does that sum it all up?

Ginga and Madoka left followed by Kyoya and Hikaru. Then three minutes later Tsubasa and Yu left followed by Kenta and Benkei. Then they all went to sleep to end the day.

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