Our Life Together

Chapter One: The Journey Home

Here we begin our journey as our heroes Ash and Misty old friends and new lovers walk hand in hand from Cerulean city towards Pallet town.

Ash and Misty had been walking for a little over an our now, both of them surprised that they weren't getting lost because they weren't even looking at the path, they where to busy gazing into each other's eyes not a word had been spoken between them since they started their trek towards home when suddenly Ash stopped in the middle of the road.

Misty, used to walking almost stumbled off her feet but kept her balance.

"Ha ha." Ash chuckled at her momentary clumsiness.

"Ash what's the big idea why'd you stop." Misty asked

"I've got an idea." Ash said.

"We should have Brock join us then; it'll be just like old times." Ash said excitedly

"Oh I don't know if it'll ever be just like old times." Misty said matter of factly as she put her hand on Ashes cheek, turned his head towards hers and closed the distance between them with a deep kiss.

"You think we should tell him about us?" Ash asked breaking the kiss but keeping Misty's hand tightly gripped next to his chest.

"I don't know; let's see how long it takes him to figure it out." Misty exclaimed

"Ha ha." Ash chuckled

"No matter how much things change its still always fun to mess with Brock." Misty said as they started down the path again still hand in hand.

"But before that we might want to call and tell him we're coming." Ash said resuming his walk.

"Ok fair enough." Misty responded reaching for her phone but not finding it.

"Hey where is my- Oh I threw it in a pond didn't I." Misty said regretting her bold action earlier.

"Ha Ha" Ash laughed in response.

"I'll order you a new one off Pokébay (sorry I thought of that and I had to put that in there.) when we get to Pallet but you can use mine for now."Ash said as he offered her his phone

Misty took the phone her boyfriend offered and turned it on to see a screensaver of herself in a pink two piece posing on a beach.

"Oh my god Ash." Misty said slightly annoyed

"Hey don't blame me I missed you, and it was nice having a beautiful girl to look at during my travels." Ash said as he started to hug her from behind. "I don't mind, if my old phone hadn't drowned you'd see a picture of you." Misty said as she dialed the number on the phone (in my story the cell phones aren't video phones so Brock can't see Ash hugging Misty that would be awkward.)

"Ssh." misty shushed as the phone rang

"Hey Ash what's up." Said Brocks voice at the other end of the line

"Actually it's me Misty I'm using Ash's phone." Misty corrected glad to hear the voice of her other best friend over the line.

"Oh my bad well what's up Misty?" Brock asked

"Well it's been shitty up until just recently." she said as she looked dreamily at Ash who was now standing in front of her swaying her free hand back and forth with one of his own

"But I don't have time to explain now. We were wondering if you'd like to go to Pallet with us for a little while."

"Definitely." Brock answered excitedly. "I'd love to see you two again, where are you now?"Brock asked excited for his friends' arrival.

"We're about halfway from Cerulean City." Misty stated

"Well I'll be ready by the time you get here see you." Brock said as he hung up

"Alright Ash lets go Brock will be waiting for us." Misty told Ash as he nodded took his hand in hers and walked towards Pewter city.

"Hey Ash?" Misty said giving back his phone

"Yes Misty." Ash responded

"If Brock's coming to pallet town with us he'll take the guest room in your house."

"Where am I gonna sleep?" She asked coyly already knowing the obvious answer to her question.

"I don't know." Ash answered playing along with Misty's game

"I guess you'll have to sleep with me." He said as they both blushed as they thought back to the night before a night that will probably remain the happiest of their lives.

Misty and Ash arrived in Pewter city half an hour from the phone call.

Ash walked up to the front door. Misty felt naked without the already familiar sensation of Ash holding her hand.

"Knock." "Knock." "Knock." Ash knocked and they waited for Brock to answer.

They didn't have to wait long because he answered the door within ten seconds

"FINALLY." Brock said as he looked at the two.

"Brock what are you talking about." Misty asked the fellow gym leader

"Oh come on." Brock mocked

"You two are finally together."

"Ha Ha very funny Brock." Misty said

"Come on that would never happen."Ash added trying to fool his friend

"All the proof I need you two are giving me." Brock stated.

"How so?" Asked the red head wondering where her tanned friend was going with this.

"Easy, normally when someone says that you two may be in a relationship you run about ten feet from each other and start arguing and yelling at each other, here you just brushed it off, and you two are standing exactly three point two inches closer two each other indicating that you don't want to be separated also your palms are slightly sweatier than usual because of extended hand holding and you have dirt scuffed up on your shoes showing that you where too busy looking in two each other's eyes while walking to look where you were going causing you to bump and trip over things in the path , it also took you around seven minutes longer to get to my house from the spot you where at when you called me which means you where slowed down by frequent kisses, tripping, and being slowed down by holding hands and-BLAAAAAAAM

Brock was cut off when the brunt of a mallet struck his dome

"Alright you caught us shutup."Misty commanded jokingly laying down her Mallot and Pulling Ash into a very very passionate kiss.

When they disconnected they looked down to see a very dumfounded Brock

"Well can we go now?" She asked talking Ash's hand in hers

"Yes ma'am." Brock said as he got up and walked with them not wanting another taste of Misty's mallet.

End of chapter 1