Chapter 5: The Grand Opening

The next two weeks moved by quickly Brock kept trying to annoy Ash and Misty's relationship, and they got all of their stuff moved in to Ash's living quarters in the bottom of the gym and today was the grand opening so all of their friends would be there.

"Oh my goodness Ash." Misty said excitedly as she got up cheerily

"Todays the day the day your gym opens, the day you achieve your goal, today your Pokémon journey will be complete aren't you excited." She said looking to her boyfriend seeing him covering his mouth with his hand his face green.

"I know I should be but now I just feel sick to my stomach." Ash said woozily

"Oh come on don't be nervous you've saved the world what's to be nervous about." Misty said hugging him from behind

"I don't know it's just that, so many obstacles have been thrown in my way, in our way it's just hard to believe we've come this far." Ash said

"I know but we've fought through them together." Misty said in return then kissing him

"Now get up you've got a long day ahead of you." She said starting to get dressed

Ash and Misty walked out of Ash's room together to find everybody in the living room waiting for them.




Dawn and May


And Lance

And then Misty joined the group leaving Ash

"Congratulations Ash." They all said in unison

"Thanks everybody." Ash returned

"Well what are we waiting for, we've got press here and were ready to open your gym we don't have all the time in the world you know." Lance yelled jokingly, happy for his successor.

"Yeah let's go." he said as he walked outside to see a crowd in front of his gym.

He walked in front of the doors to see a podium and a microphone so he began to talk

"Hello everybody as you know I'm Ash Ketchum, I have worked every day since I was ten years old to get to the point where I am today, I am your new Pokémon master and will defend that title here at this gym at all costs, but before that gym is opened I would like to thank everybody who believed in me, and helped me along the way and thank everybody who didn't so I could prove them wrong, so lets open this gym Lance." He said to the dragon trainer as he went up tore down the ribbon in front of the gym as Lance said

"In the name of the elite four and the indigo league I hereby recognize this gym as the official Master Gym of the indigo league." he said shaking Ash's hand

Thirty minutes later everyone was in the backyard Ash's new home and work celebrating the only way Ash knew how with a Barbeque Brock was working by himself on the massive grill

He was walking with his girlfriend eating talking having a great time when

"Prepare for trouble."

"Make it Double."

"To protect the world from devastation."

"To unite all peoples within our nation to denounce the evils of truth and love."

"To extend our reach to the stars above."



"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light surrender now or prepare to fight."

"Meowth that's right."

Everybody looked at the giant Meowth zeppelin that was flying in the air.

"Hey team rocket was your plan just to come in and steal Pokémon at a gathering that literally the top five greatest Pokémon trainers IN THE WORLD and their friends are attending?" Misty mockingly asked as multiple Gyrados, Dragonite, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu and many more suddenly spawned from their trainers

Jesse immediately rambled into the microphone looking down at all the angry Pokémon and trainers

"uuuhhhh no no we are here to uuuuhhh here to congratulate you twerps." She said nervously

"And we know it would be useless to try and steal from a Pokémon master now so we'll just leave you guys alone." She added

"Well thanks team rocket that really means a lot." Ash said fakely as team rocket exhaled

"So since you aren't after Pikachu anymore we should show you why." Ash added

"Huh" Team rocket said

"EVERYBODY ATTACK" Ash yelled as many attacks destroyed team rockets aircraft and sent them flying away

The rest of the celebration went fine and everyone was leaving

"Well goodbye guys." Brock said with his stuff packed

"Man Brock I just realized that with you gone and me out of my mom's house I'll have to rely on Misty's food." Ash said mocking his girlfriend

"Yeah brock and now that you'll be leaving I'll have to go back to hitting Ash with my mallet." She returned

"Hey, Hey it's your first day living in your own house don't start domestic violence just yet misty." Brock said

"Ash I've gotta say you've come a long way, you're Pokémon journey is over but the journey of your life has just begun, I'll see you guys." he said leaving

Ash's mother walked up to him teary eyed, "well you're an adult now out of my house on your own, well not completely alone, but oh I'm so proud of you." she said hugging him.

"Mom you don't have to be sad I'm right down the street plus I've got Misty to take care of me." He said looking at his girlfriend standing next to him

"I know I shouldn't be upset but just knowing that the house you grew up in isn't what you call home anymore it'll get taking used to." She said walking out of her son's home

"Hey you two aren't alone yet." A voice said as Ash turned around to see May carrying an almost asleep Dawn in her arms

"You said we could stay the night, and Dawn isn't gonna be able to walk to our room tonight let alone to johhto." May said

"We'll I am countin down the minutes." Misty said jokingly

"Shall we go to bed as well?" Ash said in a mock accent

"The first night in our new home I can't wait." Misty said as they walked hand in hand to their room as the started to go through the nightly ritual of kissing and clothing removal until Ash was only in his boxers and Misty only in her shirt and panties until-

"Aaaaaaaahhhh" Dawn moaned from across the house across the house no doubt the result of the other couples nightly ritual.

Then Ash tore off Mistys panties and without warning dove his face into Misty's sex.

And got Misty to moan even louder across the house

UUUUUUUUHhhhhh she moaned at her boyfriend surprise move

He then completely stopped and waited…

"Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" came Dawns increasingly loud moan

It was on

Ash dove right back into Misty and began to furiously lick her clit

Misty knew what Ash was doing and trying to silence her noise but just couldn't

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH MY GOD YOU EGO MANIAC." She yelled/moaned at her boyfriend's antics

She than gasped as Ash completely stopped and waited until…

they heard Dawns resistant moans again

"Aaah Aaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"

Apparently she didn't want to partake in feeding the egos of Ash and May either

But it was futile

Each couple moaned the harder they fucked, and the harder they fucked the more they moaned, causing the other person to get there partner to want to moan louder

They knew how competitive both May and Ash where so both Dawn and May knew that this ridiculous competition wouldn't end soon

Ash heard Dawns moans now almost screams so what he did next was rather creative

He bent Misty over his bed, she now not even caring about this competition as they heard Dawns moans in the background as Ash motioned for Misty to spread her cheeks as he shoved two curved fingers into her opening and one into her second hole as he then basically devoured her pussy and was met with constant screams and moans for him not to stop

May must have come up with something equally as creative because the same moans were heard from Dawn across the house

It was now not a competition over who was the loudest but who could hold out the longest but it was a tie as two final yells where heard across the house and Misty unleashed across his face

"oh come on Mist you couldn't have held out for a little longer we almost one." Ash complained wiping his face of Mistys juices

Misty then squeezed his cheeks so he couldn't talk "Shut Up you little perv." She said as she reached for a box under the bed

"Misty what is th-" Ash was cut off as Misty forcibly shoved her panties in his mouth "It's time for yours." She said angrily and lustfully as she pulled out of the box, a pink vibrator turned it on high then before Ash could wriggle out of bed she flipped him over and shoved it where no man wants something shoved then in the same motion flipped him on his back and began to very roughly jerk him off.

You could hear muffled grunts of both pain and pleasure also across the house hear the smacks of a belt meet bare skin and then begs of mercy from May

"Dawn no I'm so sorry I lost control of myself I'll never do it again


"OWW." Cried may

Even though the pain was all in good fun he knew it was going to be a long night as he released onto Mistys hand but then realized she wasn't stopping

End of Chapter 5