A/N: Okay, so I have a fetish for PruAm and my Prussia and I were discussing things and thought that there wasn't enough love out there. So I wanted to write a fanfic with at least a bit of a plot to it –because I don't really care for PWP stories myself- and that's where this love child came from. Sorry guys, no USUK here. Don't read it if you don't like it! Haha!

Alfred was down on his luck. Recently he had become out of shape. He didn't know how it had happened. One week he was able to lift his brother up and the next he couldn't run for over a minute without passing out. He had become weak. His stamina was shot. This was horrible. He couldn't possibly make the football team like this. And on top of that, he couldn't get the recommendation from his P.E. teacher to save his life.

"Jones! Pick up the pace already, I'm falling asleep!" Speaking of the P.E. teacher, Alfred's was yelling for him now.

"Sorry Coach!" He called, panting. He had barely enough oxygen to even do that. He hadn't finished his mile yet. A majority of the kids were already done. Alfred scowled. He could do better than this! Why couldn't he? Why was he so tired?

Coach Beilschmit frowned, crossing his arms and glaring his creepy red eyes. Alfred found them weird. Albinos to him were weird. But the coach himself was scary not only because of his looks but his attitude. Usually he was a cool guy but when it came to this kind of thing he was a hardass. Alfred had seen him with the other teachers –messing with Mr. Edelstein and fooling around with Mr. Bonnefoy and Mr. Carriedo- but right now he was being mean.

The bell rang and the kids groaned. They still had to go change. Alfred was sweating like a pig as he moved to go join the others of the pack. He hadn't finished his lap. A hand fell on his shoulder. "What's up with you, Jones? You used to be able to do this." Coach Beilschmit said, frowning.

Alfred sighed, upset. It was really obvious, wasn't it? "I'm sorry, coach. I don't know what's up. I guess I'm out of shape."

"You're damn right you are!" Coach Beilschmit agreed. "You used to be my star athlete! Don't you still want to be on the football team?"

"Of course I do!" Alfred yelled a bit, annoyed that the fact he was failing was being pointed out. "I totally want to be!"

"You gotta try harder than that if you want to, kid." Alfred didn't understand why the coach called him kid. Coach Beilschmit himself couldn't be any more than twenty-five. The guy was fairly young. He had to be since Alfred knew his brother Ludwig was a senior. Alfred himself was just a junior.

"I know." He scowled. "I really want to get better."

The coach rolled the idea around in his head. "How about this: why don't I train you? You want to get better, after all. And I'm willing to help."

Alfred looked up at his coach. "Wow, really?" His eyes sparkled with hope, a smile spreading across his face. The coach blinked once at the sight before nodding.

"Why the hell not? Just meet me on the track after school. We'll stay for a couple of hours. I'll have water for us." Alfred fist-pumped, excited.

"Thanks, coach!" He cried and then ran into the locker room to change.

And that's how Alfred's training with Coach Beilschmit started. It was great in his opinion. He knew that the coach was renowned for training people well. Anybody he personally trained often excelled in sports. That's why the boys soccer team at the school was so great was because he was the coach. However Alfred also knew that the coach was rather strict. And he learnt that the hard way.

"Okay first things first." The coach said as Alfred sat down on the bleachers. "You are to address me as Gilbert or Coach after school hours. No teacher bullshit. I'm training you because I want to. Also, don't tell anybody about my cursing or anything. Technically I'm not allowed to do this Scheiße on school grounds without permission. But my vati doesn't give much of a damn as long as we don't destroy anything, got it?"

Alfred saluted. He felt like he was with a drill sergeant all of the sudden. "Okay, Gilbert!" Gilbert smirked at him.

"Great, then I want you to start doing push-ups. And don't stop until I tell you to."

That's how most of the sessions were. They didn't always meet up because of Gilbert also training the soccer team but the times they did Alfred was usually subjected to harsh and long training. It had gone well into the night before Alfred finally made it home –driven there of course by the coach himself because Alfred was way too tired and was often helped into the house and onto the couch. Alfred usually ran. And he ran for hours. Gilbert refused to let him stop except for once every hour for a water break. And sometimes even for a dinner break. They brought sandwiches and subs often with them as the times spent together began to get longer.

At first Alfred hated it. He hated being subjected to this shit. Often he wanted to give up but after a stern "You're a pussy" talk from Gilbert he became determined to keep going. And he was glad he did. His endurance began to slowly build. The running became easier for him. He learnt to pace himself so that he could actually go for an hour with only barely panting.

And on top of that he managed to get on the football team.

"That's great, kid." Gilbert stated after school when Alfred ran up to him and told him. "Just shows you're getting better."

"It's all thanks to you, Coach!" Alfred tackled the man into a hug, having always been a huggy person. Gilbert patted him on the back with a chuckle before shoving him away.

"Whatever. That doesn't mean we're stopping training." He warned him. "I'm not through with you yet. You're not where I want you to be." His red eyes sparkled darkly. Alfred was startled, wondering exactly what it was. What was that look in Gilbert's eyes? He didn't comprehend it.

"Sure. I don't mind." He shrugged.

"Wunderbar then change and get started. I want you stretched and on the ground before I even blink." Gilbert sat down to watch. Alfred did so, stripping off his school uniform vest, shirt, and jacket before placing them on the bleachers. He was used to this already. He stripped off his pants as well and put on the shorts he always exercised in. It didn't matter if he changed in the middle of the track because nobody was there anyway.

He realized though, as he felt eyes on him, that Gilbert was watching him. An unusual blush spread across his cheeks and confused him. He wondered why he was suddenly embarrassed. It wasn't like he was unused to changing in front of other guys. He had done so multiple times. But even so Gilbert was staring at his form. He felt flattered but also unnerved. "See something you like, Gilbert?" He joked, looking at his teacher.

Gilbert rolled his eyes. "Get more muscles and then we'll talk. You're still a scrawny Bengel" The Prussian –because he had made sure to let everyone know he was Prussian and not the 'boring' German- said, lulling his head back and sipping some beer from the flask he kept. Alfred knew it was beer from the strong alcoholic taste.

He was surprised. "You're gay, Coach?" He asked.

"I pitch for whichever team excites me." Gilbert shrugged. "You telling me you care?"

"Not really…" Alfred looked away to start stretching. He hid his blush. Admittedly he had found himself gazing at other boys' bodies as well. It wasn't like he had a problem with being gay.

After that incident Alfred felt weird. He found himself becoming more self-conscious around his teacher. He found Gilbert staring at him a lot, watching him change and move and stretch. He felt that he should be creeped out –Gilbert was a teacher after all and he was a student- but he couldn't bring himself to do so. He felt more flattered than anything and started to unconsciously respond to the staring: stretching a bit more than he needed to show off his muscles, dressing slower, returning Gilbert's gazes…all of that. And before he knew it, he realized he really liked the coach.

What he had previously found creepy about Gilbert he now found fascinating. He wondered what it would be like to touch the pale skin and to see the contrast between his own pale one. The red eyes now intrigued him, the burgundy orbs swirling with all kinds of hidden secrets. He wanted to touch him, he realized, and this made Alfred blush. He was being ridiculous after all.

He shook his head as he stepped under the spray of the school showers after he had finished his training for the day. The sun was just beginning to set when he had entered to change. He had to bring home his clothes to wash today. They were starting to stink. He closed his eyes and tilted his head up against the spray and sighed, taking some into his mouth to drink. He was tired. His muscles were a little sore and pulsed with pain. But that feeling was becoming his friend. He was used to it by this point.

Alfred jumped as he heard a door shut and he turned his head to see Gilbert walk in with just a towel on. Alfred's eyes explored the open torso for himself without his approval. It was pale like the rest of Gilbert, but even more so from the lack of light it received. Alfred could see a few pale scars on the chest and followed it down to the abdomen where he realized that Gilbert had more abs than he did. But yet his frame was skinny and small. He was shorter than Alfred by an inch or two. His eyes flowed all the way to the edge of the towel where he felt a faint bit of disappointment enter his system. He didn't even realize he had been staring until he heard the gruff chuckle of his coach. He met Gilbert's eyes. They were mirthful, the burgundy depths lit up with the grin on his face. Alfred flushed and looked away, embarrassed at having been caught checking him out.

"What'cha doing here, coach?" He asked, wiping his face off with his hands in an effort to wipe the blush off. He could always blame it on the heat.

Gilbert took off the towel and turned on another shower head, stepping into it. "Washing off like you. What is that illegal or something?" Alfred wondered if it was but couldn't even comprehend the question as his mind went into overdrive. Shit, Gilbert was right next to him completely naked. He wanted to look. He wanted to see all of his body. "Let me borrow your soap." He heard from far off and Alfred came back to his senses.

"What?" He asked, looking at Gilbert.

"Your soap." Gilbert pointed to it and raised an eyebrow, amused by Alfred's dazed appearance. "Let me use it."

"O-Oh, right." Alfred reached over to grab it and noticed his hand was trembling. Why was it trembling? He really had no reason to be so nervous. It was just his teacher. His incredibly handsome teacher but his teacher nonetheless! As he reached to grab the soap, it slipped from his hand and hit the floor. "Fuck!" He cursed.

Gilbert sighed. "I'll get it." He said and moved closer to Alfred to reach it. Alfred blushed and shook his head.

"No, I got it!" He leaned down to get it as well.

"Oi, watch your foot!"


"It's under your-" Alfred stepped on the soap and his leg slid out from underneath of him. "Verdammt!" Alfred felt his hand grabbed and he was yanked upright and against his coach. His eyes widened as their naked forms came together. Gilbert's eyelids were lowered. "Watch your feet, kid." He murmured, his voice huskier all of the sudden. Alfred felt a shiver run through his system and he was sure that Gilbert felt it too as he moved the two of them under the hot spray of the shower.

Alfred's breathing picked up. Gilbert's hair was darker –greyer now- under the weight of the water. The liquid ran down from his hair and the length of his neck. Alfred found himself watching it twist and turn over the curves of muscle and bone. Finally his sight was blocked as the liquid reached where their hips were connected. Alfred's head snapped up to look at his teacher as he felt the hand supporting him around the waist shift down a bit.

Gilbert gazed at him through half-lidded eyes and before Alfred could speak he found their lips together. His eyes widened in surprise at how roughly he was attacked, lips moving against his mouth and demanding a response. Alfred groaned at the rough kiss and wrapped his arms around Gilbert's neck, not unwilling enough to deny him as his mouth to move to match the needy tempo. His hand ran up into Gilbert's hair and gripped it as his mouth was opened and invaded. With a gasp he fell back and submitted, his tongue meeting Gilbert's in a hasty and passionate battle that he quickly lost.

Heat flooded his system as Alfred had to pull away for air. Gilbert kissed down his neck and nipped at his pulse. Alfred's arms tightened around his coach's neck. "Gilbert!" He whimpered, feeling his need pressed between them. He loved how it all felt. Gilbert groaned throatily against his neck, his hands coming down and groping Alfred's ass. The younger jumped and blushed, arching away from the hands. Gilbert chuckled and lifted his head to grin at him. Alfred distinctly felt like he had been caught by a predator.

"Seems like you're enjoying this, kid." He smirked. Alfred pulled Gilbert into another kiss that the other eagerly responded to and left Alfred once again breathless and panting and filled with lust.

"Fuck yeah, I am. It's…"

"Awesome, I know." Gilbert filled in a word and turned Alfred around and pulling them together so that Gilbert was pressed flush against the back of his student. Alfred could distinctly feel something poking him but was distracted as hands wrapped around to pinch his nipples. He cried out and leaned forward, using the wall for support. "Hm, so you like that." Gilbert said into his ear and twisted Alfred's nipples. Alfred moaned and arched towards the hands his head falling forward so he could look down. He could see those pale hands and feel the calluses as they released him to roam his chest. He wanted to turn around but when he tried, he was forced back around. "Do what I want you to, Al." Alfred trembled with need as one hand went lower on him. "Or else I'll have to leave you hanging. You don't want that, right?"

"No! Gilbert please, fuck!" Alfred cried. He was fully hard by this point. He wanted to be touched.

Gilbert bit his shoulder lightly. "Not today." He said as his hand wrapped around Alfred's length. Alfred gave a sob of pleasure as the rough hand moved against him. His head fell back against Gilbert's shoulder his arms coming back to wrap around his neck, thrusting into his hand desperately. Gilbert grunted as he stroked faster, grinding against him from behind as his free hand turned Alfred's head to kiss him. Alfred's eyes squeezed shut, his hips moving erratically into his hand as it squeezed. Their tongues once again found each other but Alfred had to pull away to cry out. He was close.

"F-Faster, Gilbert. Please, god, go faster." He begged. He wanted release so badly. He'd never done such a thing with someone else before. It felt amazing to him. But his climax was coming and as Gilbert responded to his request he couldn't hold it any longer and he screamed out his teacher's name as he came hard into his coach's hand.

He sighed in and fell limp against the man behind him, who supported his weight, numb with pleasure. He didn't get to stay that way long, however, as he was flipped and pressed against the wall and roughly kissed. "Don't just sit there, kid." Gilbert murmured against his lips. "Return the favor." He nodded towards his own erection. Alfred gasped at it and blushed. "Pfft, it's not like you haven't seen something like it. Kesesese!" He laughed.

"Sh-shut up!" Alfred said and got down on his knees. Gilbert's eyes widened, having not expected this but wasn't going to complain. Alfred wrapped his hand around the length and pressed his tongue against the head, tasting the saltiness of the precum and twisted his head to lick down first and then back up to engulf him.

Gilbert's head fell back and gripped the back of Alfred's head to lead him and moaning. "Fuck, Jones." He said. "Watch your teeth. Use your tongue more."

Alfred looked up at his teacher and pulled back so that he could talk. "Like this?" He ran his tongue from base to head, sucking the top a bit. Gilbert bucked.

"Ja, like that." His legs trembled from having to support himself and just wanting to thrust into the kid's mouth. Alfred was a bit amused that even now he was being taught and he followed the instructions, taking his teacher fully into his mouth –his gag reflex practically gone from the way he ate food- and was pleased when he heard the deep moan from Gilbert's mouth. He began to bob on it and felt Gilbert starting to thrust into his mouth so he was practically being mouth-fucked. After a short time Gilbert didn't last either and with a deep groan he came into Alfred's mouth, pulling his head so that he was all the way in and throwing his head back.

Alfred pulled away and coughed, spitting out most of it and wiped his mouth. Gilbert dropped knees and kissed him. "Not bad, kid." He said against his lips. "You need more practice, though." He reached up and turned off the shower heads. Alfred gazed at him and suddenly it hit him. He was here doing scandalous things with a teacher. With his teacher! This was all illegal. His hand came up to cover his mouth. Gilbert gazed at him as fear coursed through Alfred and the boy scrambled up.

"I-I need to go home!" He cried and grabbed his towel to dry off badly and get dressed.

"I'll take you home-" Gilbert tried to suggest but Alfred refused and ran out of the locker room, fully dressed. Gilbert fell back against the tile and kissed his hand that he used to jerk Alfred off with a sigh. "Verdammt. Du wirst mir gehören."

A/N: Decided to make this a two-parter. For my friend Heather. XD I hope you like it so far! Sorry for any translation errors.