LbN: Written for LimaDesigns on Tumblr.

"Please?" Quinn finished, then waited for the woman's answer.

Shelby patted the spot next to her on the piano bench. "You're not a train wreck, Quinn."

The girl wiped a few tears away and smiled. "Sweet of you. Wrong—but sweet."

"After a few weeks in the Troubletones, you'll realize that I'm never wrong," Shelby said.

"So…that's a yes?"

"On one condition…."

"Hi Quinn," Rachel said. "I like your hair."

"Thanks. I've grown kind of fond of pink over the past couple of months."

"Mr. Schue said you'd left New Directions for the Troubletones."

Quinn sighed. She'd been dreading this conversation. "It's true."


"Rachel…listen. You're the only one who treats me the way you always have. Everyone else…to all of them, I am a train wreck. The only way I can move forward is to remove myself a little bit. But you were right. I need glee. I need a positive outlet for all of this. I'm sorry."

"Don't be," Rachel said, smiling. "I…I can't pretend I'm not sad that you're defecting, but I'm glad you're moving on. I miss happy!Quinn."

Quinn smiled and, after a moment's hesitation, hugged the shorter girl. "I have to go. I'll…text you later or something." She walked down the hall, heart thumping a little faster. Trying not to grin like an idiot, she avoided Shelby's gaze as she entered the classroom.

"Told you she'd like it," Shelby said.