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"WHAT?" Holly screams on the other end of the phone as I sit in the hallway of the E.R.

"I'll I know is that when I went into the hallway, there was a small puddle of blood on the ground, and it was Lorelei's so I ran her to the hospital, I don't even know if she's dead or not."I cradle my head in my palm. I tried my best to hold in the tears, but my voice still sounded shaky.

"I'm already in the car." I hear an engine start, "I'll be there soon." She hangs up the phone.

It was now just me, alone in this long, white and blue hallway that was the hospital. It was very quiet, other than the few gurneys going by, or the heels of female nurses and doctors. I sat, leaning my head up against the wall. I was sitting on the floor. This was the closest place to Lorelei they would let me be at, so I sat here. And now I can only hope, and wait.

I shut my eyes tight, a few tears squeezing out. I know that I cared deeply about Lorelei, and I wanted her so badly. But my temptation was beaten by my thoughts. I knew that she was going to end up hurt in the end, literally.

"Excuses me, sir, she is unconscious, but you may see her now." A nurse steps out of the door next to me.

I open my eyes and spring up, "Ho-how is she?" my voice still shaky.

"Well, what ever happened to her, it made her stitches rip open, then made the wound larger." She looks down to a chart she held.

"Oh," was all I said. I walked into the room. I saw Lorelei hooked up to more machines imaginable, she had one of the things over her mouth to breath. Multiple needles poked into her. A big wrap of bandages was wrapped around her chest. I could see many bruises and cuts on her body.

"Peter! I'm her-oh my god…"Holly runs in, seeing the tragedy that Lorelei looked like, "Oh my god." Her hand covered her mouth.

I walked over to her bed. I saw no chair, so I sat on the floor again, leaning up against the wall. Tears begin to roll down my face. Holly sits next to me, her eyes beginning to water.

"She didn't look this bad last time…" Her mouth still covered by her hand. She turns to me, "Peter…"

"I know." I go into full sob. The tears streaming down my face, I make wallowing noises, "How could I like this happen? I said I would protect her! How could I be so insensitive?"

Her arm wraps around my shoulder and Holly leans her head on my shoulder, "Peter…this is horrifying…I haven't seen something so damn scary in my life…"

I looked to her, if this was the scariest thing she has ever seen, then how could she be Inferno Glow? "Holly, how did you know who I was?"

"Someone told me." she bluntly says.

I look at her, "Someone told you?" who in their right mind tell someone an important secret like mine?

She nods her head, "I was sent to keep an eye on you by my friend Mary Jane Watson, who said she knew you. She told me your situation, and sent me here." She lifts up her head, looking at me.

My head snaps at her. MJ sent her here, to watch over me. MJ…"How is she?" I ask, smiling a bit.

"Good, she's fine. She worries a lot about you. She felt very happy, and a bit jealous, about Lorelei." She smiles a bit.

"MJ sent you here…" I sigh, she didn't completely leave me, and she still worried.

"She also said she isn't going to come back. She feels very safe where she is…." Holly's face looking very depressed but still smiled, "She lives in Paris now."

"Wow, Paris. That is far away….but I guess that would keep her safe…" I drift off. She was never coming back. I look up, and remember I was here for Lorelei, my bottom lip begins to quiver, "They are all gone…"

"Peter, just because she's not conscious, doesn't mean she's dead." Her voice was sad, but still stern, "You still have that chance with her to make it work."

Maybe Holly was right. Maybe I could make it work, maybe we could be happy, and she could be safe, I could keep a better eye on here than I did Gwen.

"No…I can't…" I come back to reality, "She can't live in that danger…she has a whole promising life ahead of her."

"I'm not going to take this anymore." Holly stands up, "You and your "danger" shit is just too much for me…if you can't see that you are crazy about her and that you want her for your own…then I'm sorry, there's not much I can do." She shrugs and walks out the room.

The nurse soon walks back in here, "Are you a friend of Lorelei's?" she asks me, looking down to her chart.

"I guess so." I shrug. I couldn't cry around the nurse, stay strong, Parker.

"Did you know she doesn't have a place to live?" she looks up from her chat at me.

"I did." I nod my head.

"She lives on the streets and you do nothing about it?" The nurse walks out angrily.

Even the nurse is mad at me. Could I just do something right for a change?

I stand up, getting to the foot of Lorelei's bed; I looked down to the doctors chart. I didn't know much about how to read them, but I could get the gist, right? I picked it up, scanning the lines filled with info I didn't understand, I look to further down the paper to see the words "Condition of patient: Scarce"

I dropped the chart back onto where it was before. She was in scarce health? The nurse just said she was unconscious, but not in scarce health.

My phone began to ring; I take it out of my pocket. Aunt May was calling me.

"Hello?" I answer the phone.

"Peter? Where are you? You need to come home, it's almost 11. Are you out with Lorelei?" She questioned, all of a sudden, I start to tear up.

"In a way, Aunt May," my voice shook.

"Is everything alright, Peter? You don't sound very well in there." Her tone became worried.

I walked out of Lorelei's room, "I'm fine, Aunt May, I'll be home soon." I hang up the phone, trying to shove my tears back.

I get home and go straight up to my room, ignoring Aunt May's greeting. I got right into bed and turned off the light and went to sleep, trying to avoid Aunt May coming in and talking to me.

The next day at school, some police walked into my gym class.

"Students, we are looking for a Patricia Johnson." The police officer looks down at a sheet of paper.

The girl steps forward to the police, looking sweet and innocent as always, "That's me, Sir."

The man's face was stern as he whips out his hand cuffs, "Patricia Johnson, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of Lorelei Owens." He cuffs he hands to each other, the class staring, "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in the court of law." The police officer begins to walk away, reciting the rest of the Miranda warning.

So she was the one who did it. She was gone, but I wanted to kick the shit out of her right now. I kept inside, I will have to save it till later.

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