There was a crash downstairs a loud scream made goose bumps rise on Clarys arms,

"Sweetie, if anything ever seems wrong, and I'm not with you, go into the closet and hide, and do not come out until I come and find you okay?"

"Okay Mommy"

Clary remembered the words her mom shared to her almost every week; she scurried to the closet clutching her sketch book with a death grip. She sat down on the floor and used her legs to push her farther into the dark closet.

There was loud noises coming from downstairs, she heard her mommy screaming. Luke shouted "Jocelyn"

Then the screaming stopped. It was replaced by grunting and a thud.

Her hands were shaking, goose bumps on her arms; silent tears ran down her cold cheeks. Everything was quiet after that, not even the slightest noise. She sat, for what felt like hours, fear and dread building inside her.

Mommy will be mad she thought, but couldn't stand to hide. Clary stood up, and slowly opened the closet door. She took tiny steps moving towards the stairs, she stopped before the staircase and peered down trying to look and see anything, she couldn't. She took the stairs slowly, her little hand gripping the railing as she leaned against the wall for support. When she got to the foot of the stairs she looked around and saw nothing. It was too quiet, everything around her was too perfect she walked everything was too clean and scary still. She remembered her mommy's words

"Clary you can't always trust your eyes to see, you have to look beyond that. Focus on reality not the fantasy"

Clary closer her eyes and concentrated when she opened her eyes everything was different, she wanted to close her eyes again and forget but she couldn't, she screamed. On the floor lay her mommy and Luke, and a man she did not know he had pale hair, his eyes were closed.

"Mommy?" she whispered "Mommy!" she cried

"Clary?" she snapped out of her daydream blinking. She looked towards who called her name. Mr. Mason Dam.

"The answer, Ms Fray" he asked with a smug look on his face.

Clary sighed she was so absorbed in her own mind she didn't even know what the lesson was on. She just shrugged.

"Pay attention or you'll fall behind Ms fray" he said, typical snarky hatred I see. She inwardly rolled her eyes. Why did he hate her? She turned in all the homework and aced all his tests. What else did he want? She sat there bored drumming her fingers over her textbook and ignoring all around her. The bell rang and she rose from her seat, grabbed her belongings and rushed out the door.

She went to her locker and threw her books in the locker only keeping what she needed for the night.

She pulled out her ear buds and plugged them into her mp3. Switched on some soft rock and continued walking towards the parking lot. She twirled her keys around as she walked. She saw her little green bug and smiled. She unlocked it and threw her bag in the back. She turned up the radio and the heater and headed out. She took her time driving today, until she looked at the clock, her shift started in ten minutes. She hit the gas. She started working at a little Café restaurant place called Taki's about a year ago for some spending money, not that she went many places, and to save for the car she was driving right now. She had to save for her own car, its not like she had anyone to pay for it otherwise. When she turned 18 she would finally get her inheritance and be able to move out on her own. Just a few more months she told herself.

She turned the corner and parked on her spot in front of the curb.

She walked in the side door and went to the employee room, Aka, the closet. She grabbed her apron and order booklet and headed out. And let the 5 hours begin she though.

Her work went by quickly, she looked at the clock and 3 hours had already passed. Everyone here was always friendly and happy with what they ordered. She swirled around taking orders to people and refilling cups. She went behind the counter and waited, and people watched. She saw a young couple probably 20s with a squirming baby girl. Clary's heart clenched looking at the love in their eyes. She remembered her mom and how much she loved Clary. No one had looked at her with so much love, well since she was 6, eleven years ago. She signed, dwelling on her past got her no where, Her mom and Luke were not coming back. she tore her Gaze away from the family, searching for something, anything to distract her. Her eyes swung left and they froze when she spotted a Boy with Golden hair slouched in a booth in the corner. She looked closer he was beaten to a pulp, His eyes were bruised, he had blood everywhere, But she didn't see any cuts on him. His golden hair matted with blood and sweat. How had no one noticed this when he walked in here? She walked over, and stood in front of his table,

"Are you alright?" she asked her eyes taking him in, underneath all the blood he was very attractive, he looked up at her. Whoa his eyes were a beautiful gold. Her eyes traveled up his body which looked toned and muscled under his tight black t-shirt.

"Like what you see?" he said with a smirk his hands fiddling with something silver

"You mean all the blood and bruises?" she asked

"You can see those?" he asked his eyes flickered around, his face looked shocked

"Well im not blind, so yes I can see that your beaten up" she said

"Actually your blind," he said with a matter of fact tone,

"I am not" she said with persistence "Your crazy, look if your all messed up like that you cant sit in here im sorry, your going to scare the customers"

"No ones complaining" He said his gaze level

"Im complaining, now please, leave" said Clary trying to make herself sound firm

He smirked, and she kept her gaze not backing down. He stood up slowly and made a show of it too. He walked carelessly to the door and left without a backwards glance. She sighed in relief. She looked into the booth, there was a little silver rectangle thing sitting there on the seat, she looked around and when she was satisfied no one was looking she grabbed it and examined it.

"Clary.." a loud voice boomed she slipped the thing in her pocket "Order Up"

"Coming" she said hurrying back to the kitchen.


Clary stood by her window looking out into the night, she saw the city streets, all the lights and the quiet town of sleeping people. It was almost midnight. She turned and walked around the house. Marge was now leaving for work and all the other orphans were fast asleep. She was the oldest one here. This has been home since she was 6 years old. And she hated it. And just like every other night since coming here it was time to go. Clary went to her closet and grabbed her backpack, she pulled on a hoodie and some black draw string sweat pants and her old tennis shoes. She opened her big window and hopped out into the night. When her feet hit the ground she was running. It made her feel free like nothing bad could ever catch her. She saw a dumpster in the alley blocking the path she pushed her legs harder picking up speed. She pushed and jumped using her hands to summersault over the dumpster in her path. She felt like she was flying. She kept running until she was in the park under the cover of the trees. She slowed her pace to go to her normal spot. She hung her bag on a branch sticking out from a tree. This spot was her favorite practice spot. The trees formed a sort of circle and the dense leaves gave her cover. But when she looked up she could always see the night sky and stars. She sat down and slowed her breathing concentrating, and stretching. Her eyes flashed open, and she stood. She took a deep breath and began, her body swirling through the air, she kicked and flipped using trees to rebound herself, she pushed her body to move faster to be stronger, she used branches a flew through the air landing like a cat, she continued defense workout, practicing punching until she was breathing heavily and exhausted

"Come on Clary, you have to push yourself if you want to be strong" said her mom

"I'm Trying" said little Clary

They did this every day, practiced. Her mom taught Clary to punch, kick, and defend herself since she was 3 years old. She sighed continued

Clary's mind came back and she continued her self defense. She had come out here to this spot, since the first day at the orphanage. She had gotten strong and fast. She pushed herself for another 20 minutes before she collapsed on the grass out of breath. She lay and looked up at the stars as her breathing slowed. Her mom always made her train and train to be stronger and be able to defend herself. And Clary never understood why. She was just a little kid. But once she lost her mom she began to understand. She pushed herself every night remembering her mom's wishes. She sighed and sat up; she grabbed her bag and pulled out her water. She took a bug drink and put it back. She pulled her hood up, slung her backpack over her shoulder and started running the familiar path back to the orphanage.

In the morning Clary was up by 6 to get ready for school and make breakfast for all the kids. She fried eggs and made toast. She layed it all out on the table and headed up to the bathroom to get ready. She showered quickly washing her hair, she dried off and wrapped a towel around herself and padded to her room. She walked to the dresser and pulled on her undergarments. She looked in her closet, she wanted to look nice today, she had a meeting with insurance to talk about her inheritance after school. She decided on her black jeans, she pulled them on and she looked for a shirt. She decided on one of her few nice shirts. Typically she wore her gamer tshirts but today she needed a change. Put on a stretchy black tank top, she pulled over a thin cream tank top with a rose designed on the front. She dug around for her short boots with the buckle on the side and put them on. She went back to the bathroom and tried to somewhat dry her wet curly orange hair. Her face looked pale, she grabbed some concealer and put some under her eyes and on her cheeks, she rarely wore it but oah well. She walked back to her room, grabbed her leather jacket and messenger bag, she sprayed a single puff of perfume and headed out the door.

She navigated her little bug around around the school parking lot until she spotted a stall in front, and rushed to get it a black truck swerved infront of her and took the spot. She slammed on her brakes to avoid crashing into them. She honked her horn in annoyance. All 4 doors opened on the shiny truck and jocks piled out.

"Snooze Ya loose " yelled one of the annoying jocks

She rolled her eyes and pushed the gas. She parked a few spots down and cut the engine. She grabbed her stuff and headed to class.


'Yoooo! Claaryy!" someone yelled. She turned around to see her best friend Simon half running to her where she stood at her locker. She laughed, his glasses were sliding down his nose and he was wearing a t-shirt that said "I hacked your mother"

"Hey Simon, What's up?" she asked

"Nothin, you look good, why?" he asked. She smacked him

"Ouch, what?" he asked his nose scrunching

She narrowed her eyes at him and raised one eyebrow.

His eyes looked up as he thought about why I hit him, then realization hit

"I mean not that you don't always look good…. Just today you look … Er.."

Clary cut him off and just laughed

"We hanging out tonight?" simon asked

"Sure, I have a meeting in a hour insurance, but after yea. 5 o'clock?" she asked

"Yeah perfect" he smiled and bumped her shoulder his way of saying goodbye

"see ya" said Clary laughing to herself, she could always count on Simon he was the best friend anyone could ask for.


She walked out from the insurance building earlier then she thought, it was barely 4 o'clock. It was a waste of gas to drive home for 20 minutes to just head back so she went to the coffee shop she would meet Simon at. She ordered a large coffee and a big blueberry muffin. She grabbed her order and sat at a small table in the corner by a window. She sipped her coffee and nibbled her muffin. She wasn't thinking of anything in particular just staring off into space.

"Why hello again stranger" said a voice coming from behind her she swung around to see who it was. There stood the blonde boy from work. His face no longer had bruises, of blood. But dam she wished it did he was too perfect it was unnerving. She crossed her arms.

"Ooh so friendly I see," he said with so much sarcasm it was practically dripping.

"do you need something?" she asked

"I simply noticed you sitting here alone for a while now and I wanted to see if you fancy company." He asked

"im waiting for someone" she said simply

" well then they are very late" he said smirking

"No, I'm early" she said

"Why hello Early its nice to meet you im Jace" he held out his hand as a greeting

She rolled her eyes and turned back to her table

"awh come on I gave you my name now whats yours?" he asked

"Clary." She said, then took a sip of coffee.

"Hmm" he mumbled

"Oah your still here?" said clary turning to him again and eying him

"I came to talk to you" he said sitting down in the chair across from her.

"I don't even know you" she said

"Well im here regardless" he said "I have to ask a question, who are your parents" he asked

"Excuse me" she asked looking at him angrily "You don't know me its not your business"

"its important" he said

"I don't have any" she practically whispered

He took a sharp breath. "last name?" he asked catiously

"Fair… Fairchild" She stuttered

His breath intake was more prominent this time

"I need you to come with me somewhere" he said his face serious

She simply looked at him like he was insane. I mean really why would she go with him. He's a complete stranger, sure he was being nice right now but she knew nothing about him.

"Please clary, I wont hurt you, this is important its about your family. I need you to trust me" he said his eyes serious

She didn't know why but she trusted him, and she felt like she needed to go.

"Ok" she said she felt she needed to trust him. They left the coffee shop together heading god knows where, she knew she should feel nervous but she felt capable that if something went wrong she could kick his ass.

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