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T for nakedness – many apologies – they're both twenty in this.

You and I

Cilan and Iris were resting on a beach, alone. There was no one in sight. Ash wasn't there to bother them and there wasn't a random beach Lilipup. The tide was in and there weren't any riptides. It was a perfect time to go swimming… but in this case, skinny-dipping. No, they weren't going to do anything, just in case.

"Iris…" Cilan said in his suave, calm voice. "It's okay. It's just you and I."

"I know… but I feel exposed."

"We're both twenty… we can do whatever we want." He winked.

"You're right… there's no one else on this beach." Iris perked up. "But… I have one request, could you turn around?"

"Ohh… I see." He nodded and smiled. The green haired man turned around while Iris took her swimsuit off. She ran into the water; the murky water covered most of her body. "Now you do the same." Iris nodded and turned around while Cilan did the same thing.

The two sat and looked at each other with awkward silence. It was a good kind of silence. The two were admiring each other. Iris approached him closer, kissing him. The gym leader blushed and kissed her back. She flushed red.

"Oh my God… I can't believe I'm actually enjoying this moment!" Iris thought. "Cilan is adorable when he's naked! I think he feels exposed…"

"Iris. You're beautiful…"

"And you're handsome…."

The two thanked each other simultaneously.

A huge wave crashed into the two, causing them to wash to the shoreline. The two flushed a bright red, covering themselves with their hands.

"Ummm…. This is awkward…." Cilan uttered.

"I-I know…"

"You want to get your swimsuit back on?"

"Yeah, sure thing." Iris stood up and put her swimsuit back on. By the time she turned around, Cilan already had his on. She stared intensely into his eyes… She ran up to him and tackled him to the ground.

"Iris… I'm surpri-" He ended up with mouthful of tongue and lips. The two made out with each other until Ash arrived….

"AHHH!" Ash screamed and ran away.

Cilan and Iris laughed at him.

"What a kid."

"I know," Cilan agreed.

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