"Where the hell am I?" said a man named Akshay as he looked around in a dark room. He switched on the lights and saw six persons lying on the floor unconscious. He began searching the room for a clue as to why he was there. Suddenly a voice reached his ear," Who are you?" .He turned around and saw another man waking up. Slowly and gradually as the time passed, all the six of them woke up and started questioning each other about their identity, name, etc. The situation was messed up and no one knew what to do.

After some searching, another man named Rajesh found a tape which was hidden in a corner. Rajesh told everyone to be silent and to listen what the tape said. As he played the tape, a creepy voice said," Hello everyone, I want to play a game. There are six persons in the room and no one knows each other. Let's see who will tell the truth today and who will lie. Let me give you all a hint about you all. Amongst you, there are four prisoners whom were sent to jail without any cause and were framed falsely. Also there are two policemen who although knew that they were innocent, but framed them in the crime scene so that they could save their relative (close); when they were investigating the crime scene. Will the prisoners forgive the policemen or kill them for what they have done. Choice is yours and remember:
'Never believe what you see through your eye,
and never leave anyone if they die'.

With the tape, they found a key. Another person took the key and started opening the door. As he put they key in the keyhole, a gunshot fired through his eyes and he died. All started running back, as the blood gushed out from his body. After a minute, Akshay moved towards the door to see what was behind it. Actually, it was a mechanism that as the key will go into the keyhole, the gun attached to the door will shoot a bullet. Akshay warned them," The tape says not to believe what you see, so don't touch anything if you wish to live". Then all the five persons moved to another room. They found a chair on which another tape was kept. Akshay played the tape and it said," Glad to see rest of you to be alive. I have two news for you, one good and one bad. First bad, when I have told you all that not to leave anyone if they die, then why you broke the rule. As a punishment, I have released poisonous gas in this whole house which will slowly affect your nervous system and if you fail to reach the last door in time, you will be as good as dead. Secondly, if anyone dies and if you will leave them instead of tagging them along, I will increase the amount of poisonous gas. Well, good thing is that, you all have six hours to live".

Everyone started coughing as they bleed from nose. The gas has already started to affect their body. Akshay turned around to go take the corpse but the door has been locked through which they entered that room. Heated conversations started taking place and everyone started asking each other that whether they are prisoners or policeman. But none believed each other because all five of them were saying themselves a prisoner. Suddenly a man named Subhash found a key in the bathtub which probably was the key to the next room. But the only problem was, the water was reddish-brown and seemed like alcohol. Nobody dared to put his hand in it. But when Subhash started coughing and blood came through his mouth. He said," All are coward. You must pick up the key and complete the task or else we all will die". But when Subhash saw that still nobody is putting their hands in, he decided to take out they key by himself. He put his hands in the bathtub. Alcohol burned his whole skin and the bones were slightly visible. He cried and screamed but he picked up the key. Akshay took it and opened the door. Rajesh carried Subhash to another room as he became unconscious. In next room, there was a clock with countdown timer, a tape and four holes and the ground was covered with water. Subhash came into his consciousness and stood up. Another man named Hemant played the tape," Hello, Subhash, it's been a shame that you being the oldest one among these five, had to put your hands into that bathtub. Today's generation are so unkind to their elders. But not today, today you will be given an advantage. As you all can see, there are two wires in the ground. You all are given three minutes to find the key hidden in the water and to enter the hole, or else after three minutes, a current will pass through the wire and anyone standing in the water will be electrocuted. After three minutes, you all will be given one minute to enter the next room which would be unlocked after three minutes. The advantage given to Subhash is that he already has a key to one of the hole in his upper pocket".

Akshay tells them," Look, there is a camera above the ceiling. That means someone is watching us from the whole time". Subhash said, "We don't have much time. Clock is ticking". To which another man named Lalit replied, "What are you worried for? You already got one key. Does this mean you are responsible for our kidnap? Plus you are the oldest which means you must be that police officer. All became suspicious of Subhash and started beating him thinking that he is one of the police officer. Lalit snatched his key while other three found the key in the water. As all four of them entered into one hole each, leaving Subhash on the floor, after ten seconds, he was electrocuted until he died. After some time, the current went off and the door to the next room was unlocked. Akshay went out of the hole and started checking the pockets of Subhash. He found a picture which gave him a shock. He kept in his pocket and started looking up again. Rajesh said," Hurry! Only twenty seconds is left for the door to be shut. You must drag the body else it will not be good for us". Akshay started dragging the body but due to unavailability of time, he rushed through the door alone without taking the body of Subhash.

They entered the next room. In this room, there was a big oven. Akshay picked up the tape kept over the oven and played it, "Hello everyone. Are you happy that you killed a person, according to you, who was a policeman or are you sad that what's going to happen next? I have again two news for you. First bad, since you have left one more person's body in previous room, you all must pay for it as a result of which you all have just four hours to be alive. And the good news is that I have kept one syringe in the oven and whosoever gets it, will be saved from the gas". Lalit became excited and went into that oven. As he entered, oven's door got closed and fire lit up inside it. He started screaming but the door was already closed. At last, he reached up the syringe but got burnt and died. After 1 minute, the door opened and when Akshay went to pick up the body, he threw up and started crying and yelling, "We all have to like this. Now this is only our fate". He turned to the camera above and shouted, "Who the hell is at the other end? Tell me. Tell me your name and I will kill you and your family. Come outta here and show yourself if you are the only son of your father, you bloody loser".

Suddenly, the door to the next room opened. All three of them moved to the next room. A tape was kept on the floor. As Akshay bended to pick up the tape, the photograph fell from his pocket but he didn't notice it. He played the tape, "Congratulations, you have just killed a policeman. Surprised? Yes, Lalit was a policeman. He was the person who framed Rajesh into the crime scene of a murder of a boy who was killed by the brother of Lalit. As a result of which, Rajesh got sued and was behind the bars for four years. Now, in-front of you, there is a gun with two bullets. Make sure how to use it and on whom. And since you didn't pick up another body, you all got just two hours to be alive. Now, hurry up, you all got very less time to live and Akshay, yes I AM THE ONLY SON OF MY FATHER. Don't worry; you will get your reward very soon for saying that". Akshay got scared and worried. By the time, Rajesh picked up the photograph from the floor which was fallen from Akshay's pocket. Hemant looked at the camera and said," Cool, now since both the policemen are dead, only three innocent of us are left". As he sad this, he heard a shot from the gun. Rajesh shot Akshay. Hemant turned around and rushed towards Rajesh, thinking that Rajesh would kill him too since there were two bullets. In the confrontation, second bullet hit Rajesh and he died leaving Hemant to be the only one alive. Hemant saw one photograph lying on the floor. He picked it up and then realized the whole game.

Subhash, who was electrocuted, was actually a prisoner. He was not a policeman because the photograph which Akshay took out from his pocket was the photo of Subhash standing behind the bars. So, Akshay came to know that Subhash was not a policeman but what he didn't know was that, at the back of the photograph, it was written, "AKSHAY IS THE POLICEMAN". Next, in the oven's room, Lalit was killed. When the tape gave them congratulations that Lalit was a policeman, everyone, except Akshay, thought both the policemen (Subhash and Lalit) were dead. But only Akshay knew the reality that one policeman is still left because Subhash was not a policeman. When in the last room, Rajesh picked up that photo from the floor, he thought Akshay is a policeman who framed Subhash because Akshay's name was written at the back of the photo. So he shot one bullet at Akshay. Hemant turned around and misunderstood Rajesh and killed him with another bullet. Now it was confirmed that Subhash and Rajesh were prisoners and Lalit was a policeman. But who was the other policeman? Was it Hemant or Akshay?

Hemant moved to the last room and played the tape," hello, Detective Chief Superintendent Hemant Sinha, I congratulate you to be the only one to be alive. The work you did today was excellent. You acted throughout the whole game like an innocent prisoner. Sadly, detective inspector Lalit Desai couldn't make it because of his excitement. You must be surprised how I know that Lalit had framed Rajesh, right? Well, you see, I also know that you have framed Subhash and Akshay. But you don't have to worry since all the three prisoners are dead. Now it's your last game and you have half an hour left. The building will explode after thirty minutes. You must open the door to get out of the house. To open the door, you must need the code (lock was code covered). And codes are written at the back of the neck of each person. Since you didn't pick any of the body, you must drag them now into this room and then arrange the numbers in the code lock. Remember, not to cheat in the game or else this house will be yours tomb-house. I am watching".

Hemant started his work. He firstly dragged Akshay and Rajesh's body to the last room, then he went to the oven's room and took out Lalit's body which was almost burned. Then, he dragged Subhash and lastly, that unknown guy who was killed at the starting by the gun in the door. Hemant looked at the timer and only twenty minutes were left. He looked at the lock there were six numbers made on it separately. He must set the numbers in correct order to unlock it. So he started looking for the numbers at each person's neck. He turned Subhash's body and saw '4' written on the back of his neck. He entered '4'. Then '8' at Lalit's neck which was slightly visible he was burnt. And then he entered the rest of the numbers. Now, only one number was left to enter. Hemant yelled and cried as he couldn't his own number because he couldn't see at the back of his neck. He looked at the time and saw that only ten minutes were left. He shouted at the camera," what the hell am I supposed to do next? I can't see my own number. Now what? Should I take out my eyeball and look at the number, huh? Tell me you freaking bastard, how should I look at my number. Tell….."

As Hemant was busy in continuously at the camera, a voice came from his back," let me tell you your number". And as Hemant turned back to see who the person was, he got shot in his leg. Hemant fell down in pain and looked at the person. Among the five dead bodies, one of the dead person stood up and came close to Hemant. That person was the unknown guy, who got shot in the eye from the bullet in the door. "No, please don't kill me. I completed your game. Please set me free. Don't shoot me. Please", shout Hemant. The unknown person said," why would I kill you? I have not killed any of you. You all were responsible for your own death. I gave Subhash one key and a photo of him when he was in jail, so that he could be saved. But you all killed him. I told you not to believe what you see, but still, you didn't listen to me because of which Lalit got killed. When I have given you all four hours to live, syringe was not necessary. And I didn't say Rajesh to kill Akshay. I had written Akshay's name, falsely as a policeman, at the back of the photograph because it was his punishment. He should not have said about my father like that. And I didn't say you to kill Rajesh. If you had even one of the person alive with you, you could easily have seen each other's code and get out of this house. But you all are fools and game is not meant for fools. What you thought Detective? That I would let you destroy the life of innocent ones like Akshay and Subhash and many others. Today, you have proved that I am not the devil. In-fact, the devil is inside you all. Some people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you, not anymore. GAME OVER".

And as he said this, he entered the codes of the lock and opened the door. He moved out, leaving Hemant alone in the whole house. And as the clock ticked 00:00 minutes, whole house burnt into flames and fell down. By the time police arrived, the unknown person sat on his bike and went his way.