"Hello, Sanjay Mahajan. I want to play a game. You have taken each and every advantage of your post when you were Chief Minister, 10 years before. Being a chief minister, you have taken an oath that you will protect the state. But you ruined the people and showed what cheap person you are. Maybe that's why you are no longer the Chief Minister. I don't think you remember me because you have done so many crimes, that time, which you can never count. But today, I will take the revenge. Wait a minute, no, not me. Common people will take the revenge from you today because of what you have done to them. You, taking advantage of being Chief Minister, killed innocent people's family for your own sake, increased the gangs in the city, and robbed people. Maybe, today you will realize what you have done to them. But that realisation is of no use now. Common people will decide your fate today. Live or die, Sanjay", said a man wearing mask on the TV.

Sanjay's hands were tied with rope. He was standing in a machine. He couldn't move. Two big containers were there beside him on which 'SULFURIC ACID' was written. Sanjay shouted, "Where the hell am I? Please help somebody. Help me. Heellllppp….." Suddenly, a door opened and a man entered. He came near Sanjay and asked him," Nice to meet you again, Sanjay. It's such a long duration of 10 years, isn't it? You have grown from young to old, I have grown from child to man. Well, when I have last seen you, you were young, smart, shoulders apart and straight. But what happened today, Sanjay? Are you afraid"? Sanjay said," who the hell are you? I don't know you. Even, I haven't met you. Who are you?" The unknown person removed his mask and said," I am AVINASH, you bloody looser. Remember, me? Oh, why will you remember? Devil never remembers how much killings he has done. Similarly, there would have been so many Avinash whose life you have destroyed. But I am that Avinash whose father was murdered by you". Sanjay said," I don't remember you. You are mistaken or confused". Avinash sad," Oh! So now also you don't remember me and my family? O.K. I will give you a fast flashback of what you have done 10 years ago".

Avinash continued," I was 10 years old when all this happened. I thought our family is the happiest family in the world. I got my father, my mother and my brother whom I loved very much. But what I didn't know was that Dinesh; my father's friend had an affair with my mother. One day when my brother, Rahul and I were at home, Dinesh and my mother took my father to a lonely place and killed him. That day, one more person was there who burnt my dad in his car. Now, you remember anything, huh? That was you, Mr. Mahajan. That person was you. The whole thing was your plan. That day, after killing my father, my mom and Dinesh fled with my brother. But you came back to my house to kill me too. But, I hit on your head with my hockey stick and ran from there. From that day, I have been collecting information about all those who were involved in my father's death. And then I understood your plan. Dinesh was your brother. Dinesh didn't love Shweta, my mom because he already had wife. But he has to show live so that you and Dinesh could steal money from my dad. Then that day, you took the key of the bank from my father's neck and burnt him. Now here was your 'so-called' master plan.

Since you were Chief Minister, you bribed Detective Lalit and Detective Hemant. When the both were investigating my father's death scene, they put a bottle of wine near the car. So that, it looked like my dad was drinking and had an accident. You also bribed Inspector Saurabh and therefore no case of homicide was reported in police station. All the detectives and inspectors were corrupted in your department and I killed each and every one. I killed Detective Hemant and Lalit, I killed your brother, Dinesh. I killed Insp. Saurabh and all those army-men & police-men here in this city. No one's alive, my dear friend. I also killed my 'so-called' mom, Shweta & her daughter, Jyoti. I killed my brother, Rahul, too because he was also a detective. He never cared for my dad after Dinesh and Shweta took him to Singapore. He forgot his old family and thought Dinesh is his real father. Now all are dead. Except you, Mr. Mahajan. But today is your turn".

Sanjay said, "You can never kill me, Avinash. If you will kill me, police will send you to jail. You can't escape". To which Avinash said," no one knows about me, Mr. Mahajan. Everyone thinks that Rahul is the murderer. Do you know why? Because, I AND RAHUL ARE TWINS. In the camera, police thought that the person is Rahul and is the murderer. But that person was me. Since, Rahul is dead, everyone thinks murders are over. So, you see, I am very much safe". Sanjay got worried, he said," Don't get too happy. Police will see the file of Manoj and will know that he has two sons, one you and the other, Rahul". To which Avinash replied," oh! Really? Ok. Let me tell you one thing. The house, in which Rahul and all other policemen were there, which got burnt, the file was also inside it. That's why I told Rahul to steal the file and bring to me. Ha! Ha! Ha.

Sanjay got depressed. Avinash said," now, if your all queries have ended, let's start our game. The container in which you are standing contains water and behind you, there are 2 large containers of 'SULFURIC ACID'. Two tubes are connected from that sulphuric acid containers to your container in which you are standing. Now, I will start making a video of you and put it on internet on my new site . As many numbers of people will click on this video on to watch it, that many drops of sulphuric acid will begin to drop into your container. I mean, if 2,00,000 people will view the video, then 2,00,000 drops will be poured into your container, one by one. That's why I said let the people decide your fate today. The video will go live in 1 minute and please don't speak anything in the video, as I have muted the audio. Ha! Ha! Ha. Let the game begin".

At the other scene, we see conference meeting being held at President's house in New Delhi. President said," this case has gone into a very critical level. Half of the policeman and Detectives have died in New Delhi. That's why; we need more detectives who could work upon this case. So, I introduce you to Special Agent Rupesh and Special agent Laxman. From now on, these two agents will work on this case and I believe that murderer will be soon caught. The meeting is dismissed". Rupesh and Laxman went out of the President's house and started discussing this case that what to do. They started their investigation at third crime scene, i.e., at old theatre building where Rahul and all policemen died. Both went inside that building and saw many bodies lying in the house. All were policemen, army-men. They recognised Detective Rahul's body and got happy that now when he is dead, the murders will be over. Then they went in the basement of the building and found two bodies of two females (as we know, Shweta and Jyoti). Then they got out of the building and Detective Special Agent Laxman took out his phone to tell the President that the murderer is dead. As he was about to call, another call of her friend, Neha, came. She was in CID cyber-crime division.

Laxman answered the call," yes, Neha. Tell." Neha said," Come as quickly as you can to my office". Both the special agents arrived at Neha's office. She told them," I think that the murderer has begun his new game. This time the victim is Mr Sanjay Mahajan, who was Chief Minister, 10 years before. And this time, the murderer has put a video on to let the people see it". Detective Rupesh said," but how can this happen. The murderer, Detective Rahul, is already dead. We are just coming from the crime scene. Neha said," no. he must not be the murderer. See, for yourself. Mr Sanjay's body has already started to decompose slowly. The murderer has put a tube of sulphuric acid into his container and as many people will watch the video, the more early he will die. Therefore, since, 2500 people have already viewed the video, 2500 drops have fallen is his water container. Soon he'll bestanding in battery acid and all his skin will burn. There is also a clock in the room which tell us how many hours he has left to live". Detective Laxman said," have you tried to delete the video from "? Neha replied," yes, many times. But the murderer has put his video in a safe-like state. I mean it cannot be deleted. The murderer, sure, is a genius. But, who he is?" Detective Laxman said," don't worry. We will soon catch him. Just check the area in which Mr. Sanjay and murderer are there and find it on GPS through satellite. Call me, if you find anything. I am downstairs in my office, ok".

Both the special agents came downstairs and started thinking what to do next. At last, they decided to call a press conference at President's house and inform the public to stop viewing the video. So, they went to President and proposed this idea to him. He agreed. Few minutes later, all the press arrived there and conference started. President said," Hello, everyone. I am President of India. Many of you would know about a video which has become a rage all over the world. In this video, a murderer has captured our old Chief Minister, Mr. Sanjay Mahajan. We all thought that murderer is Detective Rahul, but since, his dead body has been already discovered. So, we can't say who the murderer is. Hence, I request to all you people to stop viewing the video. As, the more of you people will view the video, the sooner he will die. Therefore, you all will be the part of this murder. So, I request you all to close this video and those who haven't seen it, please don't open it. It's my personal request. Thank you". President told everyone that the meeting is dismissed. Neha called Detective Laxman to come at cyber-crime department.

Both detectives arrived at Neha's office. Neha told them that maybe she has found something. She told them that she couldn't find exact location of the house from the satellite but she has found out the area in which this murderer has captivated Mahajan. She then told them that the press conference have served a negative impact. This has increased the video popularity more. Now, more people knew about the video and were excited to see whether the news was true or fake. Hence, the total number of views on this video has reached to 5,00,000. Sanjay's skin flesh has started to torn down and blood came out from his body. He was shouting in pain. Neha told them to quickly go and catch the murderer as Sanjay Mahajan got only 1 hour and 15 minutes to live. The clock was ticking.

Both the special agents, with bomb squad and police-man went, to that area which Neha showed them on GPS. There were 4-5 houses in that isolated area. Police started searching for the murderer and Mr. Mahajan. They went to first house. No one was there. Then they went to second house, it was too empty. Then they went to third house. In third house, they tried to open the entrance door but it was locked. There was a TV kept near the door. Special agent Laxman played it," Hello, Special agent Laxman and Rupesh, nice to meet you. As you might know, I am inside this house, watching Mr. Sanjay Mahajan who is enjoying last moments of his life in a bath-tub full of SULFURIC ACID. Ha! Ha! Ha! Come and catch me. But remember, as soon as you step inside this house, I will trigger the bomb, which I have placed somewhere inside President's house. Its 1 o' clock now. Mr Mahajan has got 1 hour to live and I will blast the bomb in President's house at 1:45. So, you have two options. Either to send your bomb squad there to save the President or you can save Mr. Mahajan's life. But remember, if you will not be able to save Mahajan in 1 hour, you all be dead. Who will you save Detectives? Choice is yours. Live or Die".

Special agent Laxman thought that they still have 1 hour to save Mahajan. But president got only 45 minutes to live. Plus, they cannot enter the house if the bomb is not diffused or else, the murderer will trigger the bomb. So, they decided to first save the President. Hence, Laxman ordered his bomb squad to go to the President's house and destroy the bomb. When it's over, then Laxman, Rupesh and other police-men will go inside and save Mr. Mahajan. The bomb squad went to the President's house, as planned. They went to the President's room very carefully and told him neither to move nor to touch anything. They told him about the bomb that in 30 minutes, it will blast. They told him, to keep sitting where he was and let them find the bomb and diffuse it. The bomb squad started searching for the bomb but they couldn't find the bomb in 30 minutes. When they saw the clock, it was 1:45. They knew the bomb could go off any moment and they would be killed.

But nothing happened. It was 1:46 and the bomb has not blasted. It was a lie. Bomb squad called Laxman and told him," Sir, there was no bomb inside the President's house. It was all a lie. You can go now inside the house and catch the murderer". Laxman told everyone," there was no bomb. President is safe. We have to save Mr. Mahajan now. Only 15 minutes are left". Everyone went inside and entered into a big room. They saw a clock which showed 00:00 minutes left. There was a big container in which Mahajan's Skelton was there. A computer was also there in the room and a video was playing on . In the video, Mahajan was alive and still had 10 minutes to live. But the real clock in the real room was showing 0 minutes left and Mahajan was dead. A TV was kept there and automatically got played," Hello, Special Agents. You might have seen the video in the computer, which is kept in this room. In the video, Mahajan is alive but in real, he is dead. Actually, the video which I was showing on to the common people was not 'LIVE', in fact, it was recorded. When you reached here at 1:15, Mahajan was about to die in 5 minutes. You could have saved him but you lose the game. Now everyone will be dead. You all thought that the bomb was in President's house? No, it is here, in this house where are you standing. That's why I told the lie that bomb is in President's house. Now, you got no bomb squad to diffuse the bomb in this house. GAME OVER."

Whole house burnt down and everyone died. Avinash, remembering his dad, said," I love you Dad. Today my revenge is over".