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Titaia looked around desperately. "I'm not fucking crazy, I just want to kill myself..." She mumbled to herself, when she looked at the title of the new 'school' she was attending. "Home for Help Academy" She read to herself, slapping her forehead. Damn her fucking parents for doing this shit. They have no fucking idea what they were doing, she only wanted—well, her thoughts were on the move, once again. She walked towards the building, and saw no one; it actually looked more like a prison that a stupid school building. As she approached it, she saw a boy sitting at a tree, smoking something, she couldn't tell. She started to approach him. She looked at him again, and could've sworn he was wearing… clown make-up.

The boy looked up at her, and smiled a friendly one. "Who're you, motherfucka?" He took another drag of his marijuana. It was confirmed that he was in fact wearing the make-up… how strange.

"I'm Titaia. I'm new here." She replied, waving away the smell of the drug.

"Gamzee motherfuckin' Makara." He replied, taking a drag again. "What're you motherfuckin' in for anyway, sis?"

Titaia tapped her chin in thought. Such a question was common here? "Suicidal." She replied, crossing her arms.

"Damn, that ain't cool, sis. You got lots of shit to look forward to. Life's full of miracles." Gamzee replied happily.

Unsure of whether he was high or not, Titaia dared to ask him a question. "What the fuck did you do to get here? Drug addiction?"

"Naw," Gamzee replied with the shake of his head "sometimes, I get motherfuckin' angry, and dangerous. But, I don't think it happens that often. But I guess you can say I like to smoke some dope."

"Really, now?" He didn't look so violent, he actually look pretty much at peace with himself and the world. But, then again, Gamzee could've been high.

The clown boy nodded his head, enforcing his statement from earlier. "I'm usually a motherfuckin' sweet guy."

"Yes…" Titaia replied, turning towards the doors of the school. "I'm going to go inside and get this shit over with."

Gamzee waved at her, as she walked through the doors.

A woman, who seemed to work at the academy, was standing in the middle of the hallway. How fucking odd…

"Hello, you must be Titaia." She greeted happily, squeezing her with a hug.

Shit. Yet, another happy bitch with a permanent smile on her face. How great can this day get? Titaia stayed still, refraining from choking the woman on her. "Yes, I am Titaia." She sighed.

"Worry no more!" The woman let go, and took a bow. "You will start to love life after a few days here!"

"Really?" Titaia asked sarcastically. "Great, I caaan't waaaait." She lagged on the 'A' sound of her words to express the sarcasm, but strangely, the woman didn't seem too affected by it. Titaia's hand was held, and she was pulled up the elevator to the sixth floor and through a few hallways to room 201.

"Alright, doll," the perky woman started, "this is your room."

Titaia was handed the key to the room, and saw that there was a resident in the room already. "Seriously? I'm sharing a room with someone?"

"Yes, of course!" The woman replied, gleefully. It was actually starting to get annoying. "We don't want you to be alone, so you get those nasty thoughts!"

"Yes…" Titaia sighed, walking in. "My fucking parents told me my shit was already here. So, it's in the closet?"

"Such nasty language! But, yes, your belongings are also here, they arrived a few hours before you did, thanks to your kind parents!" She giggled.

No paying attention to the perky woman in front of her, Titaia attempted to sneak a peek at the person she was to share a room with. It was a girl that appeared about sixteen, just like her, and had long black hair, and a bitch demeanor to her face. She was also bespeckled, and dressed like a punk. How fucking great.

The woman in front of Titaia finally caught her attention again by cooing "Vriska, dear, please meet Titaia, she'll be your roommate." She nearly floated with happiness. God, she's terrible.

Vriska stood up from her bed and walked over with a smile that seemed to smell of bullshit. "Heeeey." She exaggerated.

"Hi." Titaia replied, clearly uninterested of the idea.

"Well, I've got to go tend to things, so you two have fun~!" The woman cried, running out. Well, that's one problem solved.

Vriska laughed a great bitch laugh. "So, what're you in for?" She asked.

Titaia took a deep breath. "I'm suicidal." She replied as if it were an everyday thing. "And you? What're you doing here?"

Vriska laughed again, her voice leaking venom that would kill someone self-confidence. "Why would you want to kill yourself?" She asked.

"…" Titiaia replied, sitting on her brand new bed. She looked at her phone. It read eight o'clock in the morning. School hours start in fifteen minutes. Great. Fucking great.

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