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That is the only thing that I see from trainers to pokemon alike. Everyone but my trainer. All because I had decided to evolve at night to become the Umbreon I am.

It is a completely different story when they see my twin sister. She had decided to evolve while the sun was up and had become an Espeon.

One glance at her lavender fur, everyone surrounds her, offering to give up their strongest, rarest pokemon.

Thankfully our trainer is never up to trading away any of her pokemon, but I can not help this feeling of envy.

Whenever there are other trainers they are always talking about how jealous they are of not having an Espeon like Taiyou. Its all I hear!

But at night as our trainer and Taiyou sleep, I hear my sister talking in her sleep. At first I try not to listen but I heard her whisper my name, so listening in wouldn't be too bad now would it?

As I listen to her speak it surprises me. Taiyou is talking about how she is jealous of me, Tsuki. In her sleep she says that she wants to be able to act like herself, not just the perfect Espeon everyone assumes she is, unlike me, how I be myself around everyone we meet.

It seems like no matter who you are. Weather you strike fear into people or memorize them at first glance, we are the same. Thinking about this I shall await for my trainer and sister to rise once morning comes and not let people's fear of me to over run me again.

As long as I have a loving trainer and sister I could not have a better life then I do now.

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