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Author's Note: AU fic. Not during Blackwater. Squint to see your desired ship.

I told myself that they would come, that they would come to save me. One by one, they fell. No one is coming now. Not for me. Only for the throne.

We have been made to kneel in the room. We are told that this is merciful; Stannis' men will rape and murder us over and over again. Everyone is crying.

I have almost died so many times, I feel like I am dead already. Anyone left to care thinks I am dead already. A guard lets the tip of the sword make contact with the floor.

King Tommen's bride knew she would never see me again in this life. She cried when she said goodbye. I told her everything would be fine; I was ready to die.

Highgarden must be lovely this time of year; it is lovely anytime of the year. It will become her prison, like King's Landing became mine; she will cease to see it lovely.

We dreamt of being Queens, us poor young fools. The tip of the sword is dragged along the floor; this will not be merciful.

They have breached the city walls. The Mad Queen sits on the Iron Throne. The Imp is in a dungeon cell. He promised he would get me out.

They claimed they would take me home. I told them no; home isn't there anymore. It burned and everyone is dead. I will wait for the dead to come for me, like those alive were suppose to come for me.

King Stannis will not kill me. He will kill Cersei and her sins, but he will not kill me. He will not be able to kill me, to hurt me, to rape me; I will already be dead.

They have already taken my hair, my youth, my health, my family, my home, my future. They took away everything that made me Lady Sansa of House Stark.

I stare at the ground as a crying woman tries to sings hymns to The Seven. I let go of all control of my body. I think of Lady coming to lead me back to Winterfell. I think of blossoms falling from the sky. I see my father at his execution with that look in his eyes.

When the screams begin, I run. I feel pain, but I run. I run, and run, and run. There are guards chasing me. I keep running.

I am finally free. I can finally choose the way the die. I will jump from a wall, a window, a ledge, anything, but I am lost in these halls I thought I knew so well.

Guards are running everywhere; the Stag has broken into the castle. I run towards the sound of a crash a men flooding into the Red Keep. Someone grabs my shoulder hard. I spin in an attempt to get away, to die my own way.

They let go when they lose their step. Part of me feels hot. Something is dripping from me. I keep running.

Screams are everywhere. People are running everywhere. My gut tells me where to go. I do not have to die anymore. They have come. Someone has finally come to save me. I have waited so long, and they are finally here.

Guards no longer chase me; the castle has fallen. There is still screaming, so much screaming. I smell blood. I am too scared to see if it is my own.

I slowly walk. I do not want to die. I take a step. It is not fair for me to die. I stop. The Lannister's cage has disappeared around me.

I do not cry. I do not weep. I do not pray. I breathe and blink. My heart beats.

They are there. The Stag is there. His men are there. Jon is there.

Cersei is in the throne room, my Lord.

Their armor is drenched in blood. Everything is drenched in blood. I am drenched in blood. They comes towards me, go past me. They came for the throne, not for me. Jon stays.

Jon is there. Jon is here.


Jon is here. It took him years, but he is here.


We are all that is left. We are here. Jon is here. I am here.


I am free. I am free. I am free.

Everything fades away. Everything will be fine.

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