An Alligator's Love Song

Chapter 1: A Sad Melody.


King Gator had a big lunch, and was now swimming!
It was a beautiful midday. And he couldn't care less.
He dived deep down in the New Orleans swamp.

And He jumped up, shouting happily.
The Alligator King made a huge splash!
"This is so great!" He called out to himself.

Meanwhile, somewhere at a lonely dock, a young girl about thirteen years old was sad.
She had dark brown hair, light brown eyes, a dark blue long sleeved shirt, navy blue shorts, and baby blue shoes.
Her name was Melody.

She lived in a nearby orphanage.
Every month, on the last day.
Couples go to the place, and find the child they could find.

This made Melody a bit scared.
Why? Mostly because She cannot get the notes right.
When it's a low note, she can't be heard.

And when she sings a high note.
The Windows break.
The Dock was the place where no one would hear her.

But not for today.
For a certain alligator would be coming near.
And she breathed a little to try and sing.

King Gator was resting in the shades of the trees.
It was then that he heard to him was a scream.
He was wondering who did that.

So he got up, and yawned.
The alligator king then went into the waters, to find the scream.
To which sounded like someone was screeching.

He was like a log, looking for the screeching.
The Alligator than found out the voice.
It was Melody.

King Gator felt sorry for this beautiful creature.
So he rose up, looking at the girl.
"Young lady...Are you okay?" He asked.

Melody was surprised!
An alligator was talking to her.
She knew alligators were dangerous!

What if this alligator wanted to eat her?
King Gator saw that she was scared, so he decided to go on the dry land and sat down.
Melody noticed that this alligator was sort of civilized.

She carefully walked towards the alligator.
And she saw him.
Melody couldn't believe she was near and Alligator.

The Alligator spoke again.
"I heard your voice. Is there something wrong?" He asked.
Melody sat right next to him, and told him her problem.

"you see, I cannot sing. And I think the people do not want me as their daughter." She told him.
King Gator noticed her dilemma.
He then got an Idea.

"How about this? I'll teach you how to sing." King Gator told her.
Melody looked at the Alligator.
She smiled a little. And looked at him.

King Gator smiled at the young girl.
Melody then hugged his big belly.
"Thank you!" She called out.

He then hugged the girl softly.
"By the way, I haven't gotten your name." The giant alligator said.
Melody giggled, "It's Melody." she told him.

King Gator then introduced himself.
"You can call me King Gator. But Gator would be fine." He said, using his tin can crown like a gentleman.
Melody wondered.

"Gator, I was wondering." She said.
The alligator king looked onto his new friend and student.
"What is it Melody?" He asked, what was she wondering?

"I cannot go far away from the orphanage, so... Can We meet here again tomorrow?"
Gator nodded.
"But not before you give me one small lesson first." she continued.

Gator looked on with determination.
"Let's start softly." he told her.
"Tell me, how do you sing low?" Gator asked.

"No one can hear me." Melody said in a shy tone.
Gator had a thoughtful look.
And he told her this.

"How about a little louder, Like this." He told her.
And he stood up, while Melody walked back a little.

"Let's make music together.
Let's make sweet harmony."

"How about that?" he told her.
Melody closed her eyes, tried to sing a low note.

"Let's make music together.
Let's make sweet harmony."

Melody looked embarrassed.
"Um, how was that Gator?" she asked him.
Gator looked at her.

"You almost got it. But it was like you were talking then singing." He said.
The girl held her head low.
The alligator didn't mean to hurt her feelings.

So he nuzzled her to get her spirits up.
"Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it." He told her.
Both King Gator and Melody smiled and she hugged his face.

"Thank you." she said.
King Gator laughed softly.
And he went into the water again.

But Melody forgot about something.
And went onto the dock again.
"Gator!" She called out.

The alligator king rose his head.
"Yes?" He asked, wondering what the girl wanted.

"Well, how do I know it's you tomorrow?" She asked.
The giant lipped alligator was lost in thought.

"How about this?" he asked, lifting his tail.
And splashed his tail against the waters, in the tune of 'Let's make music together'
The Tone deaf girl smiled.

"Thanks!" she called out.
She was waving at him as he was swimming on his backside, and waved also.
Melody then saw that the sun was setting.

And she went back to the orphanage.
And besides, it's supper time.

When Gator got back to his lair, he had some strange feeling.
What was it?
It's not hunger.