An Alligator's Love Song

Chapter 4 Melody Decides.

On the next day, it was Melody's birthday.
She couldn't know if she wanted to be adopted or not.
So she decided to go to the dock to meet King Gator.

When she got there.
She sat on the dry land.
Melody then heard a splash.

It was King Gator.
He visited Melody again.
But the alligator king saw something.

"What's wrong my siren?" He asked.
He sat next to Melody, who was quiet.
She couldn't know what to do.

Melody then cried.
Gator was surprised by this.
So he picked up his lover, and hugged her.

"Tell me, don't worry." King Gator said, as he stroked his lover's hair.
Melody stopped crying. Looking at her giant lover.
She then rested her head on Gator's shoulders.

The girl then told him.
"If I get adopted, I won't ever see you again." She said sadly.
Gator heard this, then got sad.

He then put his lover on the ground.
While Gator got on all fours.
"Melody, Would you like to be adopted? Or go with me?" He asked

Melody thought.
Should she get adopted?
Or whould she stay with King Gator?

She hugged Gator's face.
"I want to stay with you." She told him.
But what if the Orphanage would try to find her?

A few footsteps were heard.
She turned around, and saw two adults.
One male, and one female.

"So this is your friend." The woman said.
Melody had her head down.
Gator didn't know what to do.

The two adults went toward them.
And the man looked at Gator.
King Gator growled at this stranger.

Melody looked at Gator.
Then petting him.
"It's alright. They're not bad." she told him.

The man petted his jaw.
"So, what's his name?" the woman asked.
Gator was shocked by this.

He didn't want to tell them his name.
"His name is King Gator." Melody told them.
The woman looked at him also.

"So you want Melody to stay with you?" She asked the alligator.
Gator saw that they overheard their conversation.
And the alligator king nodded.

"I'm sorry about this." King Gator apologized.
The Man and Woman looked at him.
"Melody talked about you. Said that you were the one who was teaching her how to sing." the woman said.

Gator looked at his lover.
"It seems that you two love each other." the man said.
King Gator nodded, nuzzling Melody.

"She is beautiful. Like a siren." The big lipped king told them.
The woman then took out a blanket, and gave it to Melody.
"If you want to stay with him. That's okay." She said.

The girl grabbed the blanket.
And thanked her two caretakers.
The man and woman went back to the Orphanage, lying that she had been adopted.

Then, Melody went onto Gator's back.
Swimming to his lair.
And the lair was still the same.

When they got into his room.
Melody put her blanket onto King gator's nest.
The Alligator king then nuzzled her.

"Thank you for staying my Siren." He said to her.
Melody gave a soft laugh to her giant lover.
"Can we take a swim please?" She asked.

King Gator nodded.
With both of them getting into the water.
And Melody held onto Gator's neck.

It was still soothing as ever.
But she couldn't know why she was still sad.
Gator saw this.

And he swam to see what was wrong.
"What is wrong Melody?" He asked his lover.
But she smiled at King Gator, and kissed his lips.

A little while later, she was at his room.
King Gator saw this.
So he sat on his belly next to her.

"Please tell me, what's wrong Melody?" Gator asked sadly.
Melody began laying on his side.
She couldn't tell him, but she was silently crying.

So Gator picked her up, and turned around to his back.
And Began to sing.

Come stop your crying.
And we'll be alright.
Just take my hand and we'll be alright.
I will protect from all around you.
I will be here don't you cry.
For one so small, you seem so strong.
My arms will hold you keep you safe and warm.
This bond between us can't be broken,
I will be here don't you cry.

Melody got off of Gator.
He told her that he had a special surprise.
King Gator held a seashell like crown.

And Gave it to melody.
She was a little happier.
And kissed her giant lover.

But what that they didn't know was that her feet was growing scales.

'Cos you'll be in my heart.
Yes you'll be in my heart.
From this day on now and forever more.

You'll be in my heart
No matter what they say.
You'll be in my heart.

Why can't they understand the way we feel.
They just don't trust what they can't explain.
How know your different
Deep inside us, we're not different at all.

Melody's feet were completely alligator-fide.
And soon her legs began to be getting scales too.
That Gator was starting to noticed.

And you'll be in my heart.
Yes you'll be in my heart.
From this day forward on now and forever more.

Don't listen to them, 'cos what do they know
We need each other, to have to hold.
They'll see in time, I know.

When Destiny calls you, you must be strong.
(You gotta be strong)
I may not be with you, but you got to hold on.
They'll see in time, I know.

Melody's legs were now an alligator's.
And soon, she was growing a tail, that she had to take off her pants.

That your there together 'cos

You'll be in my heart.
Believe me.
You'll be in my heart.
I'll be there from this day on,
Now and forever more.
Ohh You'll be in my heart
No matter what they say.
You'll be here in my heart.

Melody now had scales growing around her body.
Her shirt ripping from the transformation.
So Gator helped her take it off.

I'll be with you.
I'll be there for you always.
Always and Always.
Just look over your shoulders (X3)
I'll be there always.

Melody looked at her new body.
And she now had an alligator's head.
She looked into the waters.

She was still her size.
And her hair disappeared.
But she still had her brown eyes.

Melody couldn't know what to say.
"You're beautiful." King Gator said to his now alligator mate.
She looked up at the big lipped alligator.

The Alligator king went all fours to see the new alligator queen's look.
And Melody kissed his big lips.
Knowing that she'll be with her king for all time.

She may be small now.
But she will grow up to be his size some times.

And about a year, she was his size.
She also had Gator's babies.
About Four male baby alligators,
And three female baby alligators.

Her necklace gleamed in the moonlight.