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It was all dark and strong winds were blowing through the home. It was monsoon so heavy showers outside a little bit of thunder the abhirika bedroom everything was dark just the side table lamps were on.


Tarika was sitting in front of the dressing ,combing her hair and in the other corner abhi was trying to pull off his there was silence between finished with her combing and now she stared at abhi from the was trying to take his shirt out but due to the gun shot his arm was stiff and he could not bent it so he was facing problem and pain in doing so. He again tried but two hands caught his shirt from behind,it was tarika. He turned his face a little bit to look at her, her face was expression less. She slowly pulled off his shirt and put the new one in his shoulders and stood in front of him with the same face and she started to button his complete silence she did this and abhi kept on staring at she was done with buttons she put her hands down looked at abhi and moved near the patio door in the edge of room. She noticed the rain and she opened the door and sat on the edge of floor which was with shade and she started to play with rainwater. Abhi also came and sat on the other corner of door far from tarika. She looked at him and smiled,he smiled back coldly.

Tarika shook her feet so that her slippers left her feet and she felt the rain raising her bare legs up. Abhi followed her and did the same. The both played with the rain for sometime and now tarika moved a little bit close to abhi and he noticed her. He gathered all the courage and started.

Abhi: tari…ka…

Tarika: hmmm

Abhi ( he started straight away ) tarika im really sorry yeh jo kuch bhi hua meri wajah se hua mujhe tum par bharosa karna chahiye tha par pata nhn kyun. Mein kya karun tarika mujhe kuch samajh mein nhn araha mein tumse maafi mangane k kabil bhi nhn meine tumhe samajhne ki koshish hi nhn ki im sorry tarika plz mujhe maaf kar do

Tarika: ( she smiled at him and dragged her self a little bit more close to abhi now touching him and she touched his face with her hand.)

Sorry mat kaho Abhijeet meine tho tumhe kab ka maaf kar dia koi baat nhn..

Abhi: par tarika wo rocky ka gang tum tho janthi ho na uss ne daya par goli chalai thi iss liye mein kuch soch hi nhn paya….

Tarika: mein janthi hun iss liye tum ne mujh par bhi shak kia. Abhijeet mein janthi hun k daya tumhare liye sab se importanat hai mujh se bhi zyada or iss kliye im proud of you ke tum apne dost se itna pyaar karte ho…. Or hmmen daya ko thanx karna chahiye uss ne tumhe sach bataya… he is so sweet.

Abhi: ( taking her hand in his ) tarika agar tum meri jagah hoti tho aisa hi karti?

This question acted as a arrow in tarika's heart she left abhi's hand and looked down.

Abhi: bolo na tarika..

Tarika: ( faced him ) nhn mein aisa bilkul nhn karti… pocho gay nhn kyun?

Abhi: kyun?

Tarika: iss liye kyunk iss duniya mein tum hi mere liye sab se zyada important ho or koi bhi nhn mera koi best friend nhn hai sirf tum ho . tum tho meri jaan ho tho mein apni jaan par kese shak kar skti hun. (she looked at him with questioning eyes )

Abhi: (totally confused and stammered) tarika mein kya kahun…..

Tarika: kuch mat kaho..

Tarika cut him off and rested her head on his shoulder and he wrapped one arm around her.

Abhi: mein aj ke baad kabhi tum par shak nhn karun ga..

Tarika: I know….

Abhi smiled at her and kissed her forehead. They sat there for sometime observing the rain and reading eachothers feelings sitting close to eachother. Abhi wanted to change the scene unwrapped his arm around tarika and went inside tarika wondered what he is up to but she waited for him silently. He came back with a chocolate in his hand.

Tarika: mere liye ( happily )

Abhi: no..

Tarika's face split into two…

Abhi: hum dono kliye

He sat besides tarika and opened the chocolate. He took one piece..

Abhi: you want?

Tarika: ummm nhn tum hi kha lo ( she showed a little bit of attitude and turned a little to the other side

Abhi: ok

He started eating the chocolate with giving YUMM expression which made it impossible for tarika to resist she loved chocolates. She turned back and came close to abhi and was about to take one piece of chocolate when abhi drove it away from her.

Abhi: ahaan tum ne hi tho kaha tumhe nhn chahiye..

Tarika: lekin torra sa tho de dona

Abhi: hmmm… nhn

Tarika: kyun?

Abhi; wese hi bas…

Tarika: plz Abhijeet do na ( she pleaded like kids )

Abhi: achha tho phir meri ekk shartt hai

Tarika: wo kya?

Abhi: tumhe mujh se chocolate chinna pare ga .. but you cant use your hands.

Tarika: kya….ok…

Abhi: so lets start.

He took one piece of chocolate in his mouth and gave her a look 'Ab le kar dekhao'

Tarika: ohhh…

He leaned over him and snatched the piece of chocolate from his mouth easily with her teeth and she ate that with a triumphant look. Abhi smiled at her and put another piece in his mouth. He kept on doing so and tarika got the piece but every time he was putting smaller piece in his mouth which meant that tarika had to go really close to him to get the chocolate. Now it was the last piece and was just about 2 inch. Tarika came over him and very slowly got the piece leaving a bit of chocolate and her lipstick on his lips. She sat back on the floor as now she was on abhi with her excitement and they were again silent. Tarika walked into the yard in the rain and started enjoying the rain. She raised her hands up in the sky and walked on the wet grass. Drops of rain falling over her. Abhi was looking at her with great interest and now he walked towards her.

He came close to her and rolled his arms around her waist from behind and she was shocked at his sudden arrival. He was rubbing his face with her cheek and both swayed in the rain going forward and turned over to face abhi and she rolled her arms around his neck and he lightly holded her from the waist. They were totally lost into eachother. Their breathing was becoming erratic. Abhi came close to her cold face and kissed her cheek very slowly which he never did before. He looked at her

Abhi: tarika mujhe yaqeen nhn ho rha k tum ne mujhe itni jaldi maaf kardia mein…..

He was cut off by blocked his lips with hers so he was unable to speak. He was really shocked at her sudden kiss. She was kissing her passionately which she never did before . she was continuously kissing his lips like never before it seemed that she would never leave them and abhi kissed her back with the same passion. After some minutes they parted…

Tarika: ( panting ) ab tho yakeen ho gaya na…..( she tightened her grip on his neck) Abhijeet 'LETS FORGET EVERYTHING' ab hum dono ekk saath hain tho or kuch nhn chahiye

Abhi nodded on yes and holded her tightly from the waist and pulled her close to him and hugged her strongly and burrowed his head in her neck which disappeared in her was feeling really secured in his hug after a long time

Tarika unfolded her arms around his neck and went inside abhi followed her and closed the patio was standing near the mirror swaying her hands through her wet hair and settling them in front of her turned over and bumped into him he folded his arms around her waist tightly and pulled her close to him and she put her hands on his chest. he keenly observed her face and then quickly kissed her lips and again looked at her she was looking confused ,he smiled at her and took her in his arms and took her to the bed He rested her on the bed and slowly leaned over her and she fell back on the pillow. He turned off the side lamps. She was staring at him and he was at her .She touched his wet face with her hand and he got hold of her hand kissed it, she closed her eyes at his touch and turned her face to one side. Abhi looked at her and rolled one arm around her waist and entwined the other one with her hand. He kissed her neck and He turned her face towards his with his face and He felt her cheek with his lips and dragged them to hers he sealed her lips with his he kept on kissing them, teasing and leaving them again and again it seemed impossible for him to stop at the moment. He was playing with her lips over and over and finally after much game he rested his body over her and burrowed his head in her chest meeting with her steady rolled both arms around her turned over so she was on the was holding her tightly . He was trying to catch up the moment for ever but instead he strengthened his grip over her waist,this was what he could do. She raised her head and looked at him she touched his forehead and nose with his and both smiled at eachother . She rested her head on his chest and placed her hands over his chest. With a sigh of relief she closed her eyes and soon fell in sleep abhi kept on looking at her and he also was in deep sleep soon. Sweet breezes falling over them from the window.


Tarika'S eyes opened by chance and she realized where she was. Both of them were half turned over , She was facing abhi and he was in front of her lying on the bed their faces were just an inch apart , their noses were over eachother's. Abhi was in deep sleep but still he was holding her around the waist possessively, it seemed that he wanted to secure her for him.

Tarika smiled at him and thought in her mind: dekho abhi bhi mujhe aise pakrra hua hai jese wo kidnappers yahan se mujhe le jayen gay…

Abhi still in sleep, flipped over her and he was on top of tarika he again burrowed his head in her neck tarika was surprised at him but she did not reacted as he was sleeping. She ruffled his hair and rolled her hand around him and again slept with totally free mind and feeling her secured really close to Abhijeet.

Abhirika were one agaaaaaaaaain,emerged into eachother with their bodies, hearts,minds and souls. No confusion and clash between, the gap between them was slowly filling up by it self.


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