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Chapter Twelve – Every Moment with You

Slowly, over the next couple of days, Jade nursed Kevin back to health. It was difficult; she had limited supplies, and she had to go without a drink so that she could use the water to bathe his wounds.

But she was learning that life was all about sacrifices, and Kevin had made it clear he would sacrifice himself for her, if it came to that, so she supposed she sort of owed him.

She liked Kevin. He was incredibly annoying – he never shut up, his jokes were absolutely crap, and his snoring almost made her wish they'd just killed her straight away – but she liked him.

"What happened, the other night? When they took you?" he asked her now.

They were both sitting on the bed they shared, feet tucked up underneath them, a plate of bread in the middle. They tore at it like animals.


He nodded. She hadn't wanted to talk about it the other night, and she still didn't, he supposed. He couldn't do anything about that; all he could do was try to protect her. When they'd come for her, in the night, he'd kicked one of them in the face, and he'd felt the stranger's blood on his own face, but then they'd beaten him back. Worse than before; they just got worse and worse, these people.

"They didn't hurt me," she said quietly.

"They didn't..." he found it hard to comprehend, "Rape you?"

"No. They said they didn't want that."

"What do they want?"

Jade gave a muffled sob, and he dropped his bread and reached out a hand to her, surprised. He'd cried when he'd first arrived, covered in blood, because he was so bewildered and depressed, but since then neither of them had allowed their emotions to get the better of them.

"There's no point crying," Jade had said, perfectly calmly, as she'd used the cloth the men had left by the toilet bucket to wipe the wounds on his head, "I know people who cry about all kinds of things – when their boyfriends dump them, when their favourite characters die on telly."

"Seems a bit daft now, doesn't it?"

"We have to stay strong," she'd told him, and he'd nodded his head, then winced because it hurt, and he'd known she was right. "They'll find us."

"It's alright, Jade," he said now.

"I'm sorry."

"You've got nothing to be sorry for." His throat felt tight, like he couldn't breathe. He wanted to cry, but he wasn't sure he could waste any liquid. He had to survive, for Jade; without him, she'd lose hope.

"If I hadn't come here– if I hadn't got kidnapped," she whispered, "You wouldn't have been taken as well. It's my fault."

"It's not," he wrapped his arm around her and held her close, "Listen to me; you've done so well, these past few days. You've been so brave. You can't give up now – hey, you know better than I do that they'll find us."

"I want to see my mum."

"I know. I know."

Kevin leant back against the cold wall. He looked at the girl, the way her fringe fell over her face, the way her eyes were damp. "I'll tell you a story, Jade. I've never told anyone this before. Only me and my mum know."

She managed a small smile, "I'm privileged."

"Exactly. When– when I was at school, I wasn't a popular guy. I bet you can imagine, geeky kind of guy, big glasses. I cheeked the teachers, so none of them liked me, but neither did the kids. I got beaten up quite a lot."

Jade nodded slowly. She looked away from him, so he couldn't see her reaction in the gloom, but he imagined she was thinking of her own experiences. Most kids were bullied at some point.

"I was walking my dog one day. He was a chocolate lab, called Lennie – he was a bit of a donut, so we called him Lennie after the guy from Of Mice and Men, not exactly bright, but he was adorable. He was my only friend, really."


"Anyway, we walked through the park, and there was a fight going on. I was about fifteen; I had that kind of macho thing going on, where I thought I could sort out everyone's problems, I was dreaming of being a copper one day, you know? I thought, how hard can it be?"

He hadn't talked about this since his mother had died; nobody knew. It had haunted his nightmares for over a decade. From the way Jade's body leant a little further into him, he thought she understood how big a deal it was for him to be sharing this with her.

"So I went across, I told them to stop fighting. One of them pulled out a knife and stabbed me, just there," he pressed a couple of fingers to his stomach. He could feel the ridge of the scars even now. "They stopped fighting, though; they ran away. I sorted that out, at least."

"Were you okay?"

"I was just lying there. It was the evening, so nobody was walking through the park; there was blood everywhere, but I couldn't scream, I was just lying there trying to stay awake, counting the stars."

"It's okay," she said quietly. She seemed to have stopped crying now; it was deadly silent, apart from Kevin's voice, which shook slightly.

"And Lennie lay next to me the entire time. It couldn't have been very long, but it felt like forever. I thought I was going to die on my own; I was so scared. Like you must have been, when they first took you. Like Janet, when she got stabbed, but I was just a little boy. I hadn't told my mum which teddy bear I wanted... which teddy I wanted burying with me."

"Kev," Jade whispered, the first time she'd called him that.


To be continued... eventually...

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