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Ch. 5

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Kazahaya exhaled deeply. Rikuo wasn't mad at him anymore, which was good at least. Still, the constant hanging out with Tsukiko was making him a tad jealous. Not that he'd ever admit it, to Rikuo or otherwise. Kazahaya then remembered the small scale that had "implanted" itself in his palm. He stared at it. Kakei had said that it was now his, so to speak, but he hadn't even had any visions yet.

He thought back to the day he woke up in his bed, when he could have sworn his body was last in the park.

Kazahaya eyes slid open. He was silent. A slight flick to the left and he saw Rikuo with his head in his hands. Odd. Why would he look like that? Kazahaya wondered. The last time he'd seen Rikuo, Rikuo had been furious with him. Enough to even kick him out. So, why now was he so…so…miserable looking?

He didn't have an answer to that question, but the change of personality in Rikuo made Kazahaya want to look just a second longer. A minute or so ticked by. Kazahaya felt numb. His body was weak, probably feverish too, and he was cold.

The thought made him shiver violently, which drew the attention of Rikuo. Luckily, Kazahaya had closed his eyes when he shivered. Perhaps Rikuo would think he had just woken up.

"Kazahaya?" Rikuo said with a concerned voice.

Kazahaya managed to tilt his head and blink at Rikuo.

Rikuo breathed a sigh of relief.

This was when Kazahaya noticed how terribly blurry Rikuo's face was. Now, that was strange. He must've been sicker than he thought. Figures, he thought annoyed.

Rikuo must have noticed because he was instantly checking Kazahaya's temperature.

"KAKEI!" He called out, alarmed.

Kakei was in the room in a flash.

"What? What hap—" he saw the state of the kid. "Oh no…"

Kakei was by his side momentarily. He located the pulse on Kazahaya's wrist, checked his temperature, and immediately put a washrag on Kazahaya's head.

"Kazahaya? Kazahaya? Can you hear me?"

Kazahaya furrowed his eyebrows. Hear? That sense seemed to slowly be fading away. He barely managed half a nod.

"Good, can you feel anything? See anything?"

Kazahaya shook his head twice.

"You can't see?"

"No," he croaked, his voice coming out as a whisper.

Kazahaya slowly came back to reality with a smile. Rikuo had reacted badly to him being so ill. Naturally, Kazahaya got better. When he did, though Rikuo seemed to hang out with nobody but Tsukiko.

Kazahaya swept, oblivious to everything around him. This included the strange men in dark suits walking to the store.


Rikuo smiled half-heartedly. His "date" with Tsukiko was going the same way all the others had: nowhere. If he was being honest, he was worried about Kazahaya, who had only just recovered the day before. But, he wasn't being honest. So he convinced himself that his time right now with Tsukiko was what he cared about most. It wasn't overly difficult to do, unfortunately.



"Where were you all this time?"

"...Well. I'm sure you know part of the answer, don't you?"

"Yes, but still, where were you? I looked everywhere!"

Tsukiko gave a guarded smile, "If you already know part of the answer you don't need to know the rest. Use your imagination."

Again. Going absolutely nowhere. Every time he asked, this was the same exact reply he got. Every time.

There was a faint chill in the air. The sun had set a couple of hours ago, after all. Rikuo and Tsukiko walked down the sidewalk together in silence. It was an awkward silence. Rikuo's mind began to drift, briefly.

He thought back to when he'd seen Tsukiko's face a week ago.

Rikuo ran as fast as he could through the park. Passing joggers, and the occasional biker, there was a slight crowd gathering in front of him. They were whispering.

Rikuo went up behind a man in a yellow shirt and tapped him on the shoulder.

The man spun around, startled. Upon seeing Rikuo he asked,

"What is it?"

"What's going on?"

"Some kid was lying on the ground near a bench. A park keeper found him and some beautiful lady told him that she knew the kid."

"How do you know?"

The man chuckled and jabbed a thumb at the crowd in front of him. "I WAS in front of these people."

Rikuo chuckled lightly too. Then, he thought back to what the man said. "Kid". That had to be Kazahaya. He pushed violently through the tiny crowd and, once past them, gaped.

The woman kneeling beside Kazahaya was strikingly familiar. He ran forward slightly.


The woman looked up.

Rikuo's blood ran cold, as he froze mid-step. Then a hope, that had long since been extinguished, rekindled. Rikuo took in the face and the hair and the clothes. She looked the same as she had before. Almost like she'd never left.

A sudden reminder of the worry he had for the boy collapsed brought back his previous desperation. He ran the rest of the way and knelt by Kazahaya.


Rikuo jerked his head to see Tsukiko, pointing. He followed the finger. When he located the object of her anxiety, his heart stopped. Or at least it felt like it had. His mouth went dry.

He'd seen Kakei and Saiga run out of the backroom in the store with panic on their faces. They were shouting at someone in the store.

Rikuo and Tsukiko shared a glance. They both ran down the sidewalk as fast as they could.

They were too late. Rikuo had seen Kazahaya being slung over a tall, bulky man's shoulder like a sack of rice.


It was no use: Kazahaya was unconscious. It was at that moment Rikuo saw a small trickle of blood run down the side of Kazahaya's face. Rikuo's rage kicked in and he ran faster.

He had just enough time to see Kazahaya being thrown into the backseat of a black van, and to see the van driving away in a puff of smoke, before he even got there.

Rikuo halted and fell to his knees. He lifted his fists to the air, and shook them. He let out an anguished cry.

Kazahaya was being taken from him again.


~Rewind to five minutes ago~

Kazahaya stood in front of the shelves near the window. He sighed. So little cleaning to do, so much time. Boredom. That's what he was. Bored. He'd probably dusted that particular shelf at least a dozen times already. Swept near it around three times.

Kazahaya's eye drifted over the magazines. He saw one he hadn't noticed before.

"Yippee," his eyes lit up, "something to do."

For whatever reason Kazahaya was starting to feel dizzy and slightly nauseated. The room swam as the scenery changed before his very eyes.

A door is shut with extra care and stealth. They do not want to be heard or seen. They have a mission to carry out, a mission that went against most morals…but this was a job and they all needed paydays. A man in a dark suit stuck to the shadows and crept up to the door.

Kazahaya furrowed his eyebrows. That door…looked exactly like the one the drugstore had. Kazahaya's eyes widened.

"Oh no."

The man entered the drugstore, took a sharp turn as soon as he was inside, and grabbed hold of the light-brown haired boy standing at the magazine rack.

Kazahaya inhaled a panicky breath.

It was him.

"Kudo-kun! Kudo-kun!" Kakei gently slapped the boy's cheeks. He'd found him moments ago on the ground, panting.

Kazahaya, still not totally "awake" yet, tried to tear away from Kakei's grip. But, in his weakened state…to no avail.

"K-Kakei…-san?" Kazahaya asked his body relaxing.

"Kudo-kun, what happened?!" Kakei demanded.

"I-I-I don't know…I saw…"

"What? What did you see, Kudo-kun?" Concern filled Kakei's voice.

Kazahaya gulped. "M-men. Three men in black suits…" Kazahaya's voice shook with fear, "They…they wanted to…"

"Tell me, Kudo-kun!" Kakei pleaded, alarmed.

"W-wanted to—to—k-kidnap…m-me…" Kazahaya shook harder.

"What?! Saiga, check outside! Now!"

Saiga complied.

"Did they succeed?"

Kazahaya's lip trembled. "M-mm hm." He managed.

Kakei cursed. "Don't move, I'll be right back!"

Kazahaya nodded. He stood up slowly, knees still shaking. Eventually he calmed down.

His back was turned away from the window. His front watching the door Kakei had disappeared behind. He didn't even hear the door open until violent hands grabbed him.

Kazahaya let out a blood-curdling scream.

Instantly, a rag was put over his mouth. A wretched smell filled his nostrils, and he fell unconscious.

The man in dark attire lifted the limp body over his shoulder, like a sack of rice, and ran out of the store in a hurry.

People were sure to have heard after all.

Saiga had come around the corner to see Kazahaya, but he was too late. By the time he'd reached where the car had been it was halfway down the street and Rikuo stood in its place.


Rikuo stood, hands clenched by his sides, face downcast, and teeth grinding.

"Saiga," he hissed.

"You don't need to tell me, boy."

Kakei stood in the doorway to the drugstore.

"I shouldn't have left him alone," he whispered guiltily, "I'm so sorry, Rikuo."


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