Thank-you all for your support on my One-Shot, I loved reading all your reviews! My friend, Lakec, had an idea for another chapter and completely wrote it all :D I loved it so, I decided to post it. But remember, I didn't write this. All this goes to Lakec, thanks so much again! U

After they got catapulted, they landed in the cold ocean water. Zoey was having trouble swimming for a while, but Mike helped her as they reach the dock at Playa De Losers.

After they've dried off, Zoey we for a walk outside to the edge of the dock. But Mike noticed that something was the matter with her, so he followed after her.

As he gets to the dock, he saw Zoey sitting at the edge with her legs tucked up and her head down. She even had a sad look her face.

"What's the matter, Zo?" Mike asked as he sat down beside her.

"Nothing," Zoey said, sounding like she was holding back tears.

"Come Zo, you can tell me," Mike said trying to comfort his girlfriend.

"Well... Alright," She said taking a deep breath.

She then looked into her boyfriends eyes and said "Do you really love me?"

Mike looked a little shocked for a moment, but he soon said "Of course I do, why wouldn't I?" he asked a little confused by this.

"Well, back on the island earlier today when I was Commando Zoey, I must've said some hurtful things to you," She said looking down again.

"Well, you only said 'Why would you remember someone like me?'," Mike said sounding a little sad.

"And what about after that?" Zoey said, again looking away hiding her tears.

"Well... I then said you loved me but... you just laughed and said you walk alone," Mike said sounding more depressed.

Zoey suddenly turned his way again and gave him a huge hug, crying and sniffing as she said "I'm so sorry Mike... (sniff) I didn't mean any of those things I said I was just so sad and angry when you left! (sniff) But when Chef made me fall into a crevasse and break the amulet you gave me, I got so angry with everything that's happened on the show, I decided to get my revenge and lost control of myself," She finished while she sniffed and cried a little.

Mike felt so sorry for Zoey, all he could do is hug her tightly and cry a little too. He then looked into her teary eyes and said "It's alright Zoey, it's going to okay know,"

Zoey looked up and said "I'm sorry for saying all those things... and for breaking the amulet. You must hate me now," She said closing her eyes and looking down again.

Mike, both sad and shocked for what she said, lifted her head and said "Zoey... I could never hate you! I love you... love you more than anything or anyone else. In fact, when Dawn told me you were in trouble, I came to help you as fast as I could!"

Zoey was shocked and surprised he came all that way to help her. It made her feel loved and safe to know Mike will always be there to help her.

Suddenly as Mike looked down for a second, Zoey kissed him passionately on the lips. Mike was surprised for a moment, but he then pulled her in closer, returning the kiss.

As they stopped, they looked into each other's eyes with happy smiles and tears on their faces.

"Thank you Mike, for everything... I missed you so much!" Zoey said emotionally.

"I missed you too Zoey!" Mike said.

Zoey then took her left hand into her pocket and pulled out the two halves of the amulet.
Mike took one of the pieces and joined it with the other in Zoey's hand. Zoey looked up at
Mike, smiling at him and the hugging him.

"I love you Mike!" said Zoey, smiling with happy tears in her eyes.

"I love you too Zoey!" Mike said returning the smile and wiping away her tears.

They then leaned in close to each other and kissed passionately on the lips while remaining in a lovely embrace. They stayed that way for half of the night. They never want to be away from each other again. And now... They won't have to!