Epilogue (The Sith)

Fury Class Imperial Interceptor
The Crystal Vanguard

I stood next to Malavai's coffin. The lid was closed, his body encased inside. I smoothed my hand over the wood, memories ripening my emotion.

"I regret nothing Malavai," I said quietly. "Not one moment of it. I suspect, no matter how much it hurt neither did you."

I dropped my hand and stepped back, reaching behind me to press the button. The belt drew the coffin through the chamber, and a second later shot it out into the cold, infinite beauty of space.

"May the force be with you Malavai," I whispered, watching him until the darkness had claimed him and I could no longer see. Lingering in my emotions a moment more, I finally drew them under control went back to the main hold of my ship.

No sooner had I gotten there then I felt it. It hit me so strongly my hand flew my heart, my other bracing me on the wall.

What? No. No.

"My Lord," Pierces urgent voice. "There's been some kind of attack," his voice carried his disbelief. "Both the Citadel on Dromund Kaas and the Jedi Temple on Tython have exploded."

The vicious hand of dread squeezed my heart, robbing me of my breath. "Find my family, General Pierce. Now."

Except despite my order I knew where they were. And I knew we were too late.

The End (for now)