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So the idea for this kind of popped into my head while I was reading something that mentioned the White Knight Syndrome, which I am only somewhat familiar with, but it brought thoughts into my head of dependency and my brain jumped from that to Bella and Edward, so here we are. Enjoy, please. :)

"Bella, sweetheart, I don't want you seeing that boyfriend of yours. I looked him up yesterday and he's… he's no good for you. He's been in, in gangs and he's been involved in murders and drug dealing and he's not safe, Bella."

"He's a good person, Dad, really. I know he's not your ideal or anything, but he just needs a little help, that's all. And he'll get better." She clutched the phone a little tighter, pressing it against her head with her shoulder as she opened the fridge door to reach a carton of ice-cream.

"No, Bella, listen to me. Those kinds of people don't get better, you can help them all you want but they won't-"

"Sorry Dad, I have to go, someone's at the door!" Bella set her phone down with a relieved sigh, pushing in the drawer with her hip. Spoon in hand, she left the kitchen for the living room and plopped herself into the oversized arm chair, happily digging into her ice-cream. Edward would be home any minute, and they had plans to go out to dinner. After all, someone had to make sure he ate. He rarely did, and Bella couldn't understand him. Food was good, healthy. It wasn't good for Edward, this not-eating that he did, but he would get better now. She knew he would, because he had her to take care of him now. He wasn't alone anymore.

Glancing back down at now-empty carton of ice-cream, Bella frowned. She hadn't meant to eat the rest of it; she'd wanted to save some of it for Edward, she thought he would like it… If he ever came home. Usually he came home exactly at 5:30, and now it was 5:40 and he still wasn't here. She tried to ignore the panic settling into her stomach, the quickening thump-thump-thump of her heart, as she did her best to rationalize his behavior. He was just late, that was it. Just a bit of traffic on the freeway, a car accident or something along the way…

Oh God oh God oh God, Bella thought, her last thoughts frightening her beyond belief. What… What if Edward had been in a car accident, and that was why he wasn't home? But then, that was silly. He was a good driver, she knew that. But still…. It wouldn't hurt to check. She hurried into the kitchen, dumping the ice-cream in the trash as she almost slammed into the counter, grabbing her phone and almost dropping it. Clumsily, she flipped it open and began rapidly typing in his phone number, and held the phone to her ear. She clutched it like a lifeline, her heart still pounding as the blood rushed through her head and her ears and she could hardly hear the long, soothing ring of the phone as she waited for Edward to pick up.

But he never did. Oh God, what if something happened to him? Maybe he was... Maybe. Maybe he was in a car accident or at the hospital or dead, she didn't even know, and the phone dropped from her hands as she heard the front door rattle.

So, yeah. There's more to come if I ever write it, but I'm not sure how long that'll take, so... sorry?