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Harry lay awake in his room carefully not moving, so he wouldn't aggravate his injuries. It seemed that this was a daily ritual for Harry, for all summer long Uncle Vernon had been coming home and take out all his problems out on Harry leaving him badly beaten. Harry had a couple of broken ribs by now and a mild concussion.

Ron and Hermione hadn't sent any letters and no birthday present. Harry was beginning to worry if something had happened to them. Maybe they just didn't want to talk to Harry because he was such a problem child. The night Voldemort came back and Cedric dieing played over and over in his mind every night. That's the reason right there why Harry didn't complain he had gotten Cedric killed. He knew it there wasn't anything he could have done but he should have just taken the cup by himself then he would still be alive. Harry finally drifted off to sleep thinking about why he didn't just take the Cup.

The next morning wasn't any better because it was Saturday and Uncle Vernon was in a ragging mood. He particularly had it out for Harry and got out something Harry hadn't seen yet this summer. It was a long, skinny, sliver belt; Vernon hit Harry again and again many times until Harry was bleeding and bruised. Finally Harry was fed up and couldn't take anymore; his eyes flashed a violent green and Vernon was sent flying back against the wall. Harry ran as fast as he could with his injuries up to his room and slammed his door shut.

'What just happened to him?' Harry mused. He peered into the mirror, and the sight of his eyes was almost shocking. They were a florescent shade a green and glowing. Harry didn't know what to do should he write to Hermione, Ron, or Sirius? They probably wouldn't know what to do either, so he decided not to write anyone. But the question still remained on his mind. What just happened to him?

His eyes were still glowing even now when it was 10:00p.m, and now since it was pitch black his eyes shown like flashlights. All of the sudden there was a popping noise and two people appeared before him. A huge feeling of relief and embarrassment engulfed his entire body while he sat speechless in who just entered his room.


Albus was in his office when Minerva came bursting through his door. She was slightly out of breath and red in the face. Panting she barely managed to say, "Harry… in trouble… we must hurry… he… he…"

Albus interrupted her, "Minerva, please sit down and catch your breath. What is this your saying about Harry?"

Minerva sat in one of the over stuffed chairs and continued, "I was sitting down to tea when I received an unusual message, but this message wasn't sent by owl. Oh no, I got it through a flash of green light which sent the message 'Please help, I need someone HELP'. This message was sent by a very powerful source of magic, which very few possess. It's called "maître de soufflé" it means that the person who is calling for help will send a message to someone they trust." Minerva paused for a moment then continued, "Albus we must leave now Harry needs us!"

So Minerva and Albus Apparated using a special charm that allows him to leave the school grounds and went exactly to Harry.


Harry finally stumbled out a couple of words, "What are you doing here?"

Albus stepped forward and laid his hand on Harrys' shoulder, Harry winced with pain. Hoping no one noticed, but they had. "What's wrong Harry?" asked the headmaster.

"Oh, its nothing, really I am fine."

It was now Minerva who finally talked "Harry, you sent me a distress call there must be something wrong. And Harry your eyes are lighting up this whole room that isn't normal Harry please tell us what is wrong"

"Professor, I don't know what is wrong with my eyes, and I… I can't tell you what is wrong." Harry looked away in shame.

Albus could see through the neck hole of Dudleys' very oversized shirt that there were bruises and cuts all over Harrys back and chest. "Harry take off your shirt, please"

Harry was shocked by his request but did it anyway. Now topless the headmaster and McGonagall could see all of his injuries that were visible, but the worst was what they couldn't see. Minerva let out a small gasp, while Albus just frowned at the sight of Harrys torso.

"Harry, has your Uncle and Aunt done this to you?" Harry just nodded, "Harry you are going to have to come back to Hogwarts with us right this instant. I will tell your Uncle and Aunt, and we will be off. Minerva please help him pack we must get him to the Hospital Wing promptly."

McGonagall helped Harry pack and within 15 minuets they had packed, left and gotten to the castle. They had one of the house elves take Harry's stuff to his room and Harry went to the Hospital Wing to get treated. Many broken bones and cuts were mended, and then Harry was given a Dreamless Sleep potion.

Before Harry drifted off into sleep he weakly said to Minerva, who had stayed with him the entire time (on his request), "Thank you." Then he fell asleep

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