I've been really tryin', baby
Tryin' to hold back this feelin' for so long
And if you feel like I feel, baby
Then come on, oh, come on
Whoo, let's get it on
Ah, babe, let's get it on
Let's love, baby
Let's get it on, sugar
Let's get it on

We're all sensitive people
With so much to give
Understand me, sugar
Since we got to be
Let's live
I love you

Marvin Gaye:- Lets Get it On

The way he was gazing down into her eyes at that very moment in time...

Juliet could feel her panties dampen just from the smouldering stare and his hazel-green eyes darkening until they were almost an unrecognisable black color. God, she wanted him so much; wanted him to touch her, run his tongue over her and make her writhe on his bed until she hit the highest points of pleasure. Just thinking about it, about lying underneath him naked and completely exposed made her shiver with delight and anticipation. She was tired of waiting now, tired of not giving in to her baser urges. She'd spent years trying to quell them and push them down so she showed no emotion. But one quick glance at Shawn, at they way he moved or the way his tongue would flick out over his lips made her want to tear her clothes off and say 'to hell with it'!

They were speeding along the roads now, creeping ever closer towards Caesar's Palace and away from her soon-to-be-ex-husband who would be nursing his broken nose for the rest of the night. Juliet was secretly very proud of Shawn, even if he had lost control a little bit. He'd always been very calm and reserved. He didn't just go around punching people who didn't deserve it. The drunken man from the bar sprang to mind as a brilliant example. Sure, he'd been a pest at the time but he'd obviously been very drunk. Shawn had roughed him up a little to make him apologize, but once he had, Shawn made sure he was back inside before looking away. He was just that kind of guy.

This sexual tension that was bubbling between them had to boil over at some point. She wanted it to boil over; badly. Her attraction to him was sizzling now, especially after what he'd said to her. Watching how he'd defended her and how Jonathon's words had seemed to affect him. He cared about her and it showed. He really did and she cared about him right back. He would protect her and he'd proven it valiantly tonight.

It only made her want him all the more, just knowing that he wanted to be there for her. His lips looked deliciously soft as her gaze fell onto them and she heard his breath catch in his throat. This was getting serious now and they both knew it. Things had finally come to the tipping point and she was both nervous and yet completely sure that he was the right way to go. She couldn't be wrong about him. She wasn't wrong about him. She could feel it deep down that he was the right choice.

The man had one hell of a way with words as well. Telling her that she'd done enough for him by just being herself? What girl in all the world wouldn't want to hear that from the lips of a gorgeous man? Only the crazy ones, she mused. Well, she was many things, but she certainly wasn't crazy.

He was the one she wanted and no-one else. She wanted him to make love to her, to touch her like she wanted him to; intimately, arousing her while she did the same to him. She wanted to see him unravel under her fingers and hit every single pleasure point on his body.

She wanted to taste him; all of him. She felt her cheeks flush as she thought of that, knowing that she really wanted to try it on him. She longed to know what kind of lover he was. Was he slow and languid, setting a leisurely pace? Would he be possessive of her instead? Holding her to him and loving her as he pushed her into the bed? Would he let her take control? Make him crazy until he couldn't take it anymore? She shivered delightfully at the very thought of having him at her mercy.

Without any more thinking, her fingers wound around his tie tightly just like they had earlier, pulling him closer as she used it like a leash. At that point she really didn't mind how she got him closer as long as she did. Shawn's lips ghosted over hers and Juliet leaned in further, deepening the kiss to turn it into a slow passionate burn. They met open mouthed, tongue tangling immediately and Shawn groaned into her mouth. His fingers slipped to her waist, tightening and flexing with every stroke of her tongue against his. She trembled at the sheer intensity of it. The previous kisses they'd shared hadn't felt as serious as this one, nor as sexually charged.

She wanted him, wanted him, wanted him!

Her fingers threaded through his thick messy hair as she clutched his head to hers, whimpering and pleading under his kiss. "God Shawn," she murmured against him, her free arm winding around his neck as she practically pulled herself onto his lap. Shawn groaned in obvious agreement, using his grasp on her waist to help her move. Her knee slid between his legs and settled there as she knelt on the seat, his head tilted upwards so he could continue to kiss her deeply. She must have rubbed against his erection because he jumped a little when she moved her leg and she giggled softly. It didn't stop him from attacking her lips though.

Leaving his swollen lips alone for the time being, she moved to pay attention to his jaw as she placed butterfly kisses all over him.

"Jules," he began breathlessly as he tried to focus, his body tightening under her assault and his pants already feeling far too constricting for comfort. She moaned something unintelligible, her voice too soft to hear as her mouth ran a trail from his lips, along his jaw and onto his neck. She sucked heavily on the hot skin she found, giving him what would eventually develop into an obvious hickey. He groaned in enjoyment and let his head fall back against the seat, thumbs rubbing circles on her soft hips as he tried to find some semblance of what he'd been planning to say.

She moved to his Adam's apple, licking and biting teasingly until he was little more than a whimpering wreck under her, begging her for more.

Oh, how she wanted to give him more. She wanted to give him everything, all of herself; completely ready and willing. Pulling herself away from his scrumptious skin, she turned her head to the front of the car. Shawn looked at her exposed throat and leaned forwards, toying with her as he licked his own way over her heating skin. Juliet bit her lip and tried not to become too distracted. She wrapped an arm around the back of Shawn's head and held him against her as he repaid the favor for her. She somehow managed to press the button for the intercom. The drivers crackly voice asked what the problem was as Juliet tried to steady her breathing and Shawn's hands slipped down to cup her ass through her dress.

"C-Can you take us back to the hotel please? Thanks," she released the button without waiting for an answer, feeling the car slow and turn at the first set of traffic lights they came to. Shawn was panting and so was she as he looked up at her in confusion.

"But what about Caesar's Palace? I thought you wanted to go," he asked, fingers still caressing her thighs and her ass as she knelt on him. Juliet nuzzled her nose against him and he attempted to nip at her lips, missing when she pulled away at the last second with a playful grin. He pouted a bit and she stuck out her own bottom lip, letting him sweep his tongue across it sensually. She felt another rush of obvious arousal dampen her panties and let out a sighing moan. Shawn nudged her, still waiting for an answer.

"We have ages to see Caesar's Palace. Right now? I want you to take me back to your hotel room, Shawn Spencer and I want you to make love to me," she purred, wondering where all of this boldness was suddenly coming from. Oh well, she mentally shrugged. She should enjoy it while it lasted, along with enjoying the stunned and aroused look that had washed over his face. His eyes were darkening again and his breathing quickened as he lunged forward and captured her mouth again with another kiss. They were tangled together, limbs wrapped around other limbs and fingers in hair as Shawn murmured.

"Anything you want me to do Jules, I'll do it," he responded honestly, pecking light kisses over her cheeks and making her giggle. "Anywhere you want me to go I'll be there," he continued, hot mouth wandering and making her sigh under him. "Any time of the day or night, if you call I'll come." She trembled pleasurably as his fingers smoothed over the bottom of her thighs and his words purred into her ears. "Can I be honest with you tonight Jules? I don't want to hold back any more. I want to tell you everything I'm feeling, everything I want to do to you when you drive me crazy..." he asked, making her pulse quicken.

She wanted to hear it as well. He was forever the gentleman with her, never letting himself slip up too much. Hearing him want to lose control with her, to tell her his innermost fantasies made her hot. She wanted to hear it, longed for his perfect lips to utter deep, dark and thrilling sexual desires.

She nodded. "Tell me Shawn, tell me everything you want. Everything you're thinking," she begged softly, not caring now if anyone could hear or see them; namely the driver in the front. Thankfully, the black screen that separated them was almost soundproof as well, so he remained blissfully unaware of the aroused people in the back of his car. Much to their advantage. "I want you to let go tonight Shawn. I'm not going to judge you. You've been the perfect gentleman for three days and I think it's time you had a little fun. So come on Shawn, tell me what you're thinking about..." she murmured seductively, watching his resolve slowly crack and crumble.

"God Jules, I want you so badly," his face fell to her neck as she lifted her leg over his and full out straddled him on the seat. "Want to feel you underneath me while I make love to you, bury myself deep inside your heat until you're bucking and writhing and screaming against me," he groaned, his words having a profound affect on both of them.

The images he conjured in her head brought another rush of wetness to her center and she shivered with delight. His naked form pressing her into the cool sheets while his lips walked over her breasts, teasing her nipples as his agile fingers slid deeply inside of her. She needed to hear more as she felt her inner muscles contract with arousal at the thought of him in her. Shawn didn't know how to take her silence.

"Too much?" he asked nervously, worried that his big mouth had upset her.

She shook her head vigorously. "God no. Tell me more Shawn..." she whimpered, arms wrapping around his neck as she held his head against her. Shawn nuzzled her, relaxing more now that he knew she wasn't offended by the things he'd been thinking of all day. "I think I like it when you talk dirty to me," she admitted shyly, hoping he would continue. Shawn groaned loudly with happiness and pleasure.

"Jules, you have no idea how much I want you tonight. You've no clue how much that dress is affecting me. I want to carry you back to the hotel room and lay you down on the bed," he said, tongue flicking out over her heated skin as she waited for him to continue. Her hands were on his shoulders and her center was pressing against his erection intimately. "I'll undress you slowly, kissing every inch of you bit by bit. Want to hear you whimper when I run my tongue over your breasts, flicking your nipples before I suck on them."

Juliet didn't know it was possible to be this turned on just by talking. She let out a noise in the back of her throat, words failing her as her brain short circuited. Shawn wasn't holding out much better. This was certainly new to him. He'd never been any good at so called 'dirty talk' but Juliet seemed to be really enjoying it. She was so responsive to just his voice he wondered how she would be when he touched her.

He was enjoying it too though.

He loved her reactions when he told her what he wanted to do to her, loved how accepting she was of him. He wanted her, deeply, passionately and for as long as she would have him. "I'll play with your body for hours Jules, keeping you on the edge until you're calling my name so loudly that everyone in the hotel can hear it. I want you Jules, only you for as long as you'll let me be yours."

There, he'd said it.

He'd lain himself out there in the hopes she would respond with a similar sentiment. He didn't lay his feelings bare often, but as usual, his girl didn't let him down at all. "Want you so much Shawn. I can't get enough of you Spencer, you're like a drug to me. I don't want to let you go. I don't think I could..." she replied, honesty lacing her voice as they stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, before Shawn pulled her in for a dangerously deep kiss. Juliet fell into it with a passion.

Pulling back, Shawn went back to whispering all of the things he wanted to do into her ear to drive her wild. "I'll be on top of you, running my tongue over your gorgeous stomach and then down to where you want me the most. Pushing your legs apart and licking, long and slow over your center before circling your clit and giving you the release you're moaning for. I've never wanted anyone the way I want you Juliet," he held her against him as she kissed him, their bodies beginning to move together as fingers roamed.

Juliet's hips were moving off of their own accord, her center rubbing over his erection and causing a delicious feeling of friction for both of them.

Shawn was shuddering against her, his cock hard and swollen in his pants, desperate to feel her around him. He needed to get her back to his hotel room, wanted to take care of her like she'd never felt before. He wanted her to scream his name, to writhe on top of him as all of her inhibitions were thrown out of the window. Juliet's thoughts were very similar to his by now. She wished the driver would step on it so they could get back to their private little world and be together. She wanted him to make her his, to erase her past and all of her bad memories from her old life. Tonight, they were sealing the deal.

As they felt the car roll to a stop, they realized they were back at the hotel. Juliet reluctantly removed herself from Shawn's lap, eyeing the obvious bulge in his pants when she sat back in her seat. They tried to catch their breath, but a look from either one of them was enough to raise the temperature inside all over again. Shawn got out first, taking her hand and helping her from the car.

She could hardly wait to get him upstairs, but he had to pay the driver first. He didn't even look at how much he gave the man and Shawn didn't even care, his eyes on Juliet the whole time. They waved the bemused driver off distractedly, almost running up the path and past the different doorman. He raised an eyebrow at their mussed hair and rumpled clothes, but they took little notice of anyone as they quick walked to the elevator. Once inside, Juliet was pressed against the cool metallic wall and her left leg hitched up over Shawn's hip.

He pressed his hardness against her center as they panted and whimpered against each other, desperate for whatever contact they could get just through their clothes and without indecent exposure. "Oh Shawn," Juliet huffed out, her eyes fluttering closed as his erection hit her clit through the thin layers that separated them. Pleasure shot through her like lightening and by now her panties were soaking. "Shawn..." she gasped, grabbing his hand. She guided his fingers under her dress and between her legs, ghosting along her thigh while Shawn groaned.

"You're so wet Jules, so ready for me," he rubbed the outside of her panties gently, teasingly as she smiled with pleasure. She ground her hips down and his fingers slipped between her lips a little, grazing her clit through the barrier of material. She let out a guttural moan at the feeling of having him touching her like that. The elevator dinged at their floor and they pulled apart like they had been burned. Thankfully, there was no-one else on the other side of the metal door and they stumbled in a mad rush towards Shawn's room. They fell through the door, Shawn flinging the card key onto the side table and tearing his suit jacket off, uncaring of where it landed.

Juliet kicked the door shut behind them, before she yanked Shawn towards the bedroom by his front of his shirt. They hardly made it into the room at all before Shawn had gripped her under her thighs and lifted her into his arms. He tossed her gently onto the bed and she bounced a little. He followed willingly, prowling over her body and capturing her lips in a searing kiss again. Hands roamed and the only sounds in the room were of their moans, whimpers and whispers of want and need.

"I want you so much Shawn," Juliet pleaded, too impatient to bother with unbuttoning his shirt. She gripped the sides separately and pulled it apart wide, sending buttons flying in all directions of the room and revealing his tanned chest to her hungry eyes. She raised her head and attacked him immediately, licking and biting his skin. Boldly, she flipped him over and he landed on his back, watching her straddle his crotch as she settled herself on him comfortably. Bending over him, she sucked and licked down his chest and back up again, curling her tongue around his hard nipple and causing him to buck upwards.

He grunted with pleasure, hands gripping her waist before he raised them and ran them over her shoulders, taking the thin spaghetti straps with him. Without them holding up the top of her dress, Shawn could easily push it down and reveal her naked breasts to his greedy eyes. He let out a long noise of appreciation when they bounced softly from their confines, all pale smooth skin and tight pink little nipples.

He pulled her down and she pushed her chest out for him, hovering over him as he strained upwards to pull the hard, tight peaks into his mouth. He sucked heavily on her breast, his eyes closing as he enjoyed her taste. Juliet shuddered and writhed at the suction around her sensitive nipple and Shawn's hands slipped up to push her breasts upwards, massaging and kneading them to draw them closer to his mouth. He groaned and loved her with his mouth until she pulled away, desperate to repay the pleasure he'd given her. "Jules, you're so beautiful baby, so hot..." he muttered, his tongue running over the underside of her breast while he rolled her opposite nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

He was completely shirtless by now and Juliet's deft fingers trailed over his bellybutton and down to his belt buckle. Shawn watched her as she undid it quickly, pulling down his zipper and popping the button slowly on his dress pants. She pulled the top apart, her hand slipping under and sliding under his boxers. Her fingers stroked the soft curls at the base of his cock as his breath hitched in his chest. He lifted his hips when she removed her hand, letting her pull his pants and boxers down and off of his legs.

His cock sprang to attention, hard and throbbing against his stomach. Juliet bit her lip as she stood at the end of the bed. Shawn lay totally exposed, naked and watching her eyes trail over his body, resting on his hard shaft. She inadvertently licked her lips, soft wet tongue peaking out and he pushed himself along the bed a little to sit up. "Jules, can I see you? All of you?" he breathed pleadingly and she realized that her dress was still bunched around her waist.

She shimmied a little and it slipped down, pooling at her feet. His cock twitched by itself, violently as her fingers hooked into the sides of her panties and she pulled them down her legs. They dangled from her forefinger and he raised an eyebrow. "Do I look okay?" she asked shyly and he growled in disbelief.

"Jules, sweetheart... Look at me. I'm laying here naked, hard and completely, completely wanting you. You're stunning, beautiful. A temptress," he purred as she crawled towards him over the bed. She kneeled between his legs, her hands stroking up and down his thighs, avoiding where he wanted her the most. She was about to lower her head when he stopped her. "Whoa Jules... You don't have to do that if you don't feel comfortable," he sat up a little more, hand stroking her hair and slowly taking the pins out of it. He placed them on the side table and her soft curls flowed free over her naked shoulders.

"I want to Shawn. I want to taste you on my tongue and feel you under my fingers," she reached a finger out and trailed it from the base of his cock to the very tip, circling around his slit. He was breathing heavily and as she leaned down, her tongue flicked out and caught the spongy head with a full sweep. He bucked, his cock probing at her closed lips. She looked up at him through her eye lashes and parted her lips, taking the head of his hardness into the hot wet cave of her mouth. He groaned headily, pleasure shooting through him.

Juliet sucked on him, her hand wrapped around the base and her free hand cupping his balls to make him lose what little control he had left. His hips rose and fell with each bob of her head as she swirled her tongue and pumped her fist over him. She pulled back a little bit, her hand pumping him further and higher, twisting in the middle of his shaft and curling over his head. He huffed and groaned, bucking and pleading with whispers of her name.

Her mouth was back on him and she was sucking harder this time, her hair tickling his thighs as his eyes screwed shut and he groaned. His hands were in his hair now and he could feel his orgasm building in his gut, trickling along his thighs and his balls tightened worryingly. His hips rose and fell continuously and he controlled the urge to piston upwards and force himself deeper into her mouth.

Instead, he gasped out. "Jules, stop baby, stop before I cum," he lifted her off of him, his gut and cock throbbing with the denial of his orgasm. "Wow Jules, just wow..." he gasped, letting her rest on his chest as he cuddled her. "Didn't want to cum yet gorgeous. Here, let me take care of you."

He flipped her over and she giggled, watching as his dick bobbed as he backed down along her body. He licked a line over her stomach, pressing open mouthed kisses wherever he could reach. He parted her thighs wider, her center on display for him as he kneeled between her legs. He muttered that she looked good enough to eat, before bending down and trailing kisses over the inside of her thighs. He inhaled, her sweet heady scent making him mad with desire. Juliet lifted her hips with help from his warm hands under her ass. His tongue stroked one slow, long line from her opening right up to her clit and a shiver of ecstacy ran through her body from her toes to her fingers.

"Oh wow..." she trembled, fingers immediately spearing through his hair. "More Shawn," she panted and he attacked her with his mouth, sucking on her clit roughly as his stubble rubbed her thighs. He hummed around the little bundle of nerves and she cried out, his name never more than a few gasps away from her lips. She bucked and arched, her hips rocking up and down against his wickedly skilled tongue. Shawn parted her lips further with his fingers, his tongue running down from tweaking her clit and pushing inside of her as he savoured her taste.

A rush of arousal hit his lips and taste buds as he moved his tongue in and out of her tight, wet walls and Juliet cried and whimpered at the feeling. Shawn's mouth was amazing and when he went back to lapping at her clit like he was a starving man, he slipped two of his thick fingers up inside of her. She huffed and screamed when he curled them towards himself, hitting the spongey spot that triggered a ball of pleasure to shake deep in her core. "Shawn, oh Shawn please- please!" she moaned, her hands pressing against her thighs and burying her fingers into his hair.

He pulled back a little. "Please what baby? Tell me what you want..." he teased, nipping and flicking in a seemingly endless pattern.

"Make me cum Shawn, please make me cum," she pleaded, her eyes closed as he looked up at her face, mouth open in an 'o' shape and her cheeks red with the building pressure in her stomach.

He did as she asked, his fingers pumping in and out even faster than before, not stopping as her moans became higher and closer together. He flattened his tongue against her throbbing clit and she keened, arching from the bed as her inner walls contracted around his fingers. She bucked and cried out and he loved the way his name sounded ripping from her lips like that.

When she had eventually relaxed back into the bed, trying to catch her breath, he lifted his head from her pussy with a sexy grin painted on his face. "You have no idea how good that was Jules. Want to taste?" he asked breathlessly and she nodded after a moments pause, holding her arms out and letting him fall over her. He kissed her deeply, making sure to let her taste herself on his tongue. She moaned, enjoying the tangy sweetness he provided.

"Want you now Shawn," she raised her legs and hooked them around his hips, as he hovered over her supporting himself on his forearms. He nuzzled her, sharing loving kisses. Juliet hadn't felt so loved or cared for in so long. He was so attentive of her, his hands exploring her body like she was so fragile and yet he made her feel like a sex goddess at the same time. Like she was some kind of temptress who had seduced him easily. She couldn't get enough and she wanted him in her. She wanted him to slide inside and make the night complete.

He was so close to her now, his cock nudging at her lips. "You're my girl Jules, I've never felt this way about anyone before. I can't help myself. You're so amazing," he stroked her face, cupping her cheek and kissing her sweetly. Juliet melted even more for him.

God, how she'd fallen for him. This gorgeous sexy hero of a man who had saved her from her old life. She wanted to be with him.

"Shawn, make love to me," she nuzzled him, forehead to forehead as they gazed at each other. They kissed softly as Shawn gripped the base of his cock and guided himself inside of her tight, wet heat. They moaned into each others mouths, breathing heavy at the immediate pleasure they felt. Juliet loved the feeling of him stretching her unused muscles and the mere thought that it was Shawn who was loving her at that moment made her want to cry with happiness.

He didn't stop pushing until he was buried right to the hilt inside of her and they stared at each other for a few moments, before laughing lightly. "You're inside me," she curled her hand around the back of his neck, smiling up at him. Squeezing her inner muscles around his shaft, they both moaned gently. "So big," she murmured and he hugged her to him, his arms holding her and her's curling around his back to pull him as close as possible. They didn't want to lose any contact at all. She tightened her legs around his waist, hiking them a little higher so he could hit her at a different angle.

Shawn pulled out a bit before sliding back inside of her, not being able to bear being away from her heat.

"You feel so good Jules, so, so good," he breathed, his eyes shut at said feeling of wet, scorching heat that was surrounding him. "You look beautiful when you've just cum," he whispered and she smiled shyly at him. "Glowing," he continued, finally pulling out and thrusting back in, setting a slow, hard rhythm that had them wavering on the edge in a matter of minutes.

They were thrusting against each other, gazes never leaving their faces. His eyes bore into hers as they panted and moaned, whispering quiet words of pleasure to each other, before Juliet gasped his name loudly and all bets were off. Shawn didn't care who heard them and he pumped into her with a force that was enough to move them both up the bed. He knocked his head against the head board and winced, causing them to slow down a little bit and giggle at how intense everything had become a few seconds before.

Juliet pushed at his chest to get him off of her and he looked at her in confusion, rolling away to lie on his back with his cock hard and wet with her arousal.

Juliet merely smiled at him, straddling his hips again and sinking down, impaling herself on his hard shaft. Shawn's hands found her waist as he helped her rise and fall off of him, watching as her beautiful breasts bounced softly with every movement. Her hands rested on his abdomen, before one slipped between her legs to find where they were joined. Shawn pressed his head back into the pillow when she fondled his balls again, groaning at the feeling that was making his stomach tight.

"Jules, you're going to be the death of me baby," he laughed as her bouncing slowed to a gentle rocking in his lap, her moaning relaxing as she slowed her ascent to orgasm. She grinned down at him, fingers still playing with him teasingly and every now and then brushing the base of his cock when she rose off of him.

Shawn had never known anything like her. She was mind blowing and she was all his. He felt his heart swell with emotion as he pulled her forward. She landed on his chest, her hips now doing all the work. Instead of rising up and down off of his cock, she was rocking back and forward, keeping him buried deep inside and yet causing friction enough to bring them both to orgasm.

She sped up her movements, her lips brushing over his with every forwards thrust and his hand slipping in between them to rub at her sensitive clit. Juliet felt her second orgasm of the night fast approaching and she clamped down on him, calling him name repeatedly. She was almost- almost- almost... There! "Sha-awn!" she cried, slamming down onto him to prolong her pleasure and while her muscles were contracting over his shaft, she felt him swell within her.

Riding the crest of her waves, she whimpered and writhed through her orgasm watching Shawn's look of ecstacy as he came along with her. He groaned her name, long and low and sensual as he stilled her hips and pumped upwards several more times. She felt his cum fill her, hot and wet and her fingers curled into the bed sheets at the feeling of it.

They lay together, her on top of him panting and moving gently together for the last lingering waves of orgasm until they were sated. Shawn reluctantly pulled out of her, bit by bit and she gasped at the loss, feeling their combined cum drip out of her opening and trickle down, dripping onto his cock. They were kissing again now, the feeling of something so intimate really sealing the deal and making the moment. His fingers brushed over her wet entrance gently, collecting their juices and he brought his fingers to his lips. She watched him as he sucked on one slowly and erotically, before offering her the other; his eyes never leaving hers.

It was shiny and wet, but she didn't hesitate, curling her tongue around the digit and sucking softly on it until it was all gone. It tasted tangy, sweet and salty all at the same time, but the most important part was- it tasted of them. She loved it and so did he. He smiled softly and she smiled back, her eyes closing as she rested her forehead on his. "Hi," she whispered against his lips.

"Hi," he murmured back, taking her bottom lip between his and sucking gently. When he released her, she cuddled into his chest, his strong arms wrapping around her as they relaxed into the bed.

"Shawn, can I ask you something? And I want you to be totally honest with me..." she said after a while, still lying on top of him. They had stretched out now though, legs tangled together and Juliet's cheek resting on his sweaty chest. They were both naturally exhausted from both the busy day and the love making, sated and completely content to just lay together.

"Anything you want gorgeous," he responded, pressing a kiss to the top of her head, his fingers drawing gentle circles on her naked back. She hummed happily at his name for her. She could get used to being called gorgeous all day long. But her question was now weighing on her mind and she focused.

"W-was I okay?" she asked softly, turning her head so that her chin was resting on him instead of her cheek. His eyebrows shot up and almost hit his hair line he was that surprised at her question. Juliet looked at him in concern, clearly honestly worried about it. He couldn't believe she would ask such a thing when he was lying there with his brains clearly turned to a manly goo because of her.

"Jules... why on earth would you ask that baby? You were amazing," he answered honestly, stroking her hair as he looked down at her. "You blew my mind."

She shrugged. "It just, I've only ever been with one guy and that was after I was married. He- He told me I wasn't very good," she trailed off, not looking Shawn in the eye as the rage he felt from earlier returned with a vengeance. Had Jonathon been there, Shawn wouldn't have stopped at just punching him in the face this time. "I just wanted it to be good for you. I wanted to make sure..."

"Jules, you're my dream woman. Just looking at you makes me happy and if it helps, you were phenomenal."

"So were you," she reached up to kiss the bottom of his chin, rubbing his hips with her fingers. "I think this means we can add sexually compatible to the list of things we have in common then," Juliet laughed and he joined her chuckling away and making them shake. It was a while again before anyone spoke, the pair just enjoying each others company and the sleepy feeling that was washing over them. Shawn however, was mulling a question over in his mind. It whirled around and around until eventually, he had to say something.

"Hey, can I ask you something this time Jules?" She nodded against him, clearly very sleepy. He felt guilty about interrupting her doze, but he needed to get it out in the open. "You don't have to decide right now or anything, I mean we can stay here for as long as you want. But I really need to get this out-" he rambled, never getting to the point and she giggled at him, a little more alert now.

"Spit it out, hot stuff. You're rambling again."

He laughed, shaking his head. "I was just wondering if you maybe wanted to come with me. You know, when I leave? Come back to Santa Barbara with me?" he went very still, waiting for her answer. Her mind began to race at a thousand miles a minute, whirling and weaving and making her a little dizzy. Go back to Santa Barbara with Shawn? Be with this wonderful, amazing, beautiful man? Go where he did and leave her old life behind? God, it sounded so amazing. So fantastic that she could hardly believe it was real.

Shawn was still waiting for her answer, terrified that he'd asked too much too soon of her. But he needn't have been worried about her decision. She beamed up at him, her smile lighting up the room. "Yes..."

"Yes?" he looked shocked, clearly not expecting to have such an easy time convincing her to leave. He felt a rush of elation, pumping both of his arms in victory while she laughed at him.

"Yes Shawn, of course I'll stay with you."

"Jules, I'm just going to put it out there and get this off my chest, because after you said yes to that I'm hoping this will be a step down in the 'enormous decision' pile..." he said, cuddling her to him as she curled around him, legs tangled with his and her lips trailing over his neck gently. It seemed to soothe him, much like he'd done for her earlier.

"How about when we get to Santa Barbara, I introduce you to my dad as my girlfriend?" he stroked a gentle line along the curve of her spine, holding her to him. She grinned into his neck and laughed, patting his chest.

Leaning up, she pressed a deep kiss to his lips, their tongues tangling and swirling together. "My boyfriend Shawn Spencer... I think I like the sound of that."

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