A little one-shot from me too you. As an apology of not updating for ages, even though I'll update in next week! Hope you'll like it!

"Senpai... are you crying"?

"No... just sleep okay"?

Ever since he came into my life, it hasn't been the same. No more lonely nights, no more dinners without anybody joining me and I was never afraid of spending my sparetime alone after finishing my homework, I would just help him with his.

"Okay... but if there is something wrong, you can just t..tell me okay?"

I smiled lightly to myself, nuzzling my nose in his brown mop of hair.

"I know Ritsu".

Yes I was crying. Not because I was sad or hurt about anything.

I was crying because I finally had somebody in my life that actually cared about me, who actually loved me.

But a small part of me, also cried by the thought of him might leaving me someday...

… but that's just my own imagination.

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